The Daily Astro for November 30, 2012

The Daily Astro for November 30, 2012

by Valerie Sylvester
The Moon enters Cancer at 8:56 AM EST today. Since it also conjuncts Ceres, those of you who are gearing up for the holidays might find it’s a fine day to get cracking with that holiday baking, cooking, cleaning, decorating and whatever other preparations that need to be done to create a festive home.

The Moon’s aspects to Neptune, Mercury, Uranus and Saturn can make for some pyrotechnics on the emotional front that can blast  the icing right off your cake!  With Venus and Mercury also in aspect to Uranus, get set for your world to be rocked once or twice today; surprises abound. Maybe it’s time to change or eliminate some of the traditional ways of doing things–shake it up a little!  Clean out those cobwebs in the corners. And don’t get caught up in family dramas that seem to have been festering since the beginning of time; take a time out if you need to. People are more likely to dig in and be inflexible or defensive after 10:19 PM EST tonight. Needs for nurturing and protection are high, so get comfortable and burrow in for the night.


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A mother with her children on stairs.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A burning oil-well into which men are pouring quantities of water.”
Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: ”Education.”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Retaining.

Today’s Sabian Symbol echoes the Moon/Ceres in Cancer connection as it relates to nurturing, caring, and watching over the young or those who need assistance. Concern for others and a desire to assist in their development is a key concept here. The goal is to help them become self-sufficient while protecting them while they remain in their fledgling state. Patience and a talent for service are highlighted, and today we may find ourselves relaying our knowledge to others, or being in a situation to help those in need. The down side is in doing so much for others that they don’t learn to stand on their own or enabling negative behaviors or encouraging excessive dependency.  This Symbol can also relate to passing on the traditions and wisdom of the society or collective.

The Kozminsky Symbol brings in an element of the uncontrolled (that lively Uranus energy). It symbolizes a richness and understanding that wells up from deep sources in a very powerful way. However, refinement is necessary as the expression can be erratic. Water cools and quells the fire that is burning out of control (Uranus is now in Aries). There’s great potential gushing forth, but also a possibility of burnout if there isn’t some sort of control established over the thoughts and emotions that  consume us.


Christian VI (King of Denmark/Norway), Philip Sidney (Elizabeth poet/statesman), Andrea Doria (Genoese statesman/admiral), Kazimierz IV (King of Poland), Ferdinand I, “The Righteous”, King of Aragon and Sicily, Andres Bonifacio (leader or Philippine revolt against Spain, 1896), Prince Akishino of Japan, St. Gregory of Tours, Andres de Urdaneta (Spanish friar/explorer), Augusta of Saxe-Gotha (Princess of Wales), Marina, Princess of Greece/Denmark, Oliver Fisher Winchester (rifle maker), Mark Twain (writer, “Huckleberry Finn”, “Tom Sawyer”), Dick Clark ( businessperson and “American Bandstand” host), Mandy Patinkin (actor), Ben Stiller (actor), Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister during World War II), Billy Idol (musician), Kaley Cuoco (actor, “The Big Bang Theory”), Richard Crenna (actor), Jonathan Swift (writer/satirist, “Gulliver’s Travels”), Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (actor), Shuggie Otis (blues guitarist), David Mamet (playwright/director, “Speed The Plow”), Robert Guillaume (actor), Ridley Scott (director, “Blade Runner”), G. Gordon Liddy (Watergate conspirator/gadfly), Shirley Chisholm (first black US congresswoman; ran for President in 1972), Abbie Hoffman (Yippie/”Chicago 7″ member, disrupted 1968 Democratic Convention), Gordon Parks (directed “Shaft”), Ian Hecox (comedian), Gael Garcia Bernard (actor/director, “The Motorcycle Diaries”), Chris Weitz (director/producer, “About A Boy”), David Yates (director of the Harry Potter series of films), Cherie Currie (singer, The Runaways), J.J. Barnes (gospel singer), Leo Lyons (bass, Ten Years After), Jimmy Bowen (record producer, had hits with “Rat Pack” singers), Paul Stookey (1/3 of Peter, Paul & Mary singing group), Des’ree (R&B singer), George McArcle (bassist, Little River Band), Arthur Lee Washington (murderer; on FBI’s Most Wanted list), Roger Glover (bassist, Deep Purple), Rob Grill (bass, vocals, Grass Roots), Tom Hollander (actor, “Pirates of Caribbean” films), Olga Worrall (psychic healer/author), Magnus Carlsen (chess grandmaster), Cypher Zero (circus innovator), Jagadosh Chandra Bose (physicist; pioneering in radio and microwave optics), William Bouguereau (French academic painter), Willam Henry Gates Sr. (attorney/philanthropist and father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates), Marina Abramovic (Serbian performance artist), Dougie Poynter (bass/vocals, McFly), Stephen Dillane (actor), Mindy McCready (country music singer), Suzanne de Passee (CEO of TV production company dePassee Entertainment), Michel Giovannetti (guitarist, Superbus), Cheri Samba (Congolese painter), Margot Zermach (children’s book illustrator), Germaine Emilie Gres (French haute couture fashion designer), Joan Ganz Cooney (Executive of Children’s TV Workshop/”Sesame Stree”), Alan Sherman (song parodies, “Hello Muddah/Hello Faddah”), Virginia Mayo (actor, “White Heat”), Jacques Barzun (author), “Brownie” Mc Ghee (blues guitarist/singer), Clyfford Still (abstract painter), Jean Eustache (French filmmaker), Christian Bernard (mystic), June Pointer (singer, Pointer Sisters), John Ashton (guitarist, Psychedelic Furs), Ed Kemper (US serial killer).



3 of Pentacles/Ace of Swords

The time is NOW. We’re beginning to realize the power of our thoughts and mental constructs to create our reality. There’s something new ready to burst through, based on our talents and abilities or skills that have already been recognized and rewarded. There may be some conflict or problem here, and it’s likely to be a mental/psychological block.

Change is in the air (both the 3 and the Aces relate to changing situations/bringing on the new). Others may see us as creative, talented and inspiring. The Ace of Swords energy is similar to Uranus energy in that it can be disruptive and usher in an era of swift and sudden revolution.  We may collide with other’s estimations of us, but it’s time to cut through those illusions and realize our own strength. There’s power in our words and in the way we communicate. We’re starting to “get clear” and don’t have room to accept other people’s projections  any longer. We may look back and see that this period was when we finally “got it” and on some level our life was forever changed because of this realization. (Of course, at the time it may have just seemed chaotic or confusing).

–November 30, 2012



















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