The Daily Astro for December 4, 2012


The Daily Astro for December 4, 2012

by Valerie Sylvester
It’s relatively quiet today in terms of number and type of planetary aspects. The Moon’s in a fixed fire sign, Leo, giving us stamina and creative “oomph”. The first aspect today was a Moon/Venus in Scorpio clash at 2:38 AM EST; our dreams may have been very colorful (technicolor drama, mystery and hair-raising action abound) but somewhat frustrating when we woke up to realize that we had to brush our teeth, feed the cat and get to work on schedule. The Moon squares Mercury at 5:08 PM EST, so it’d be best to get moving and finish all your important work by then, as this Moon/Mercury aspect ushers in a void-of-course-Moon period when it’s better to relax and involve yourself in “non-linear” activities. People might be inclined to speak before they think or say something that’s not exactly what they meant–communication can be a little fractured.

We also have outer planet Uranus, currently retrograde, moving towards its end run to direct motion on December 13.   As these turning periods are power/manifestation points for the planets, we may notice Uranian themes in the spotlight: revolutions, eruptions, weird weather, freedom fighting, computer/internet innovations and everything-old-is-new-again memes abound. Get ready for the unexpected, surprising and just plain bizarre! Tune in those antennae if you want to pick up the transmissions.


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A widow’s past brought to light .”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “An archer, with blood-stained dress, shooting at a stag.”
Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Rectification”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Provocation.”

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol, an archer shooting at a stag, relates to the Sun in Sagittarius. The idea of the archer with his/her eye on a desired goal at some distance is the essence of the searching nature of Sagittarius. This is a Symbol of seeking higher truth, no matter the ultimate cost.  We may encounter opposition, but move ever forward towards our desired end. There’s a prophetic element to the Sagittarian nature (Jupiter is its ruler, so we’re talking BIG revelations here) that can and should be developed and explored. Watch your dreams and “waking visions”. The keyword describes another Sagittarian talent–provocation. New ideas and concepts often challenge the status quo.

The Sabian Symbol brings in the Moon/Venus square and Uranus’ shaking through the skies from retrograde to direct. Here’s a woman with a romantic history (Venus in Scorpio always has a romantic history), which may be full of tragedy and a tinge of scandal. Something is revealed here and it could be shocking (Uranus!) or reveal a long-hidden secret (Scorpio), but whatever happened was necessary. This Symbol is also related to admitting mistakes and accepting consequences, and reaching out to others during a painful time. Revelations may lead to understand and forgiveness. The process helps us heal and become whole by releasing the toxins of the past.


Pope Julius II (patron of Michaelangelo), John Cotton (Puritan clergyman, Mass Bay Colony), Barbara of Portugal, Queen of Spain, Juliette Recamier (French socialite), Thomas Carlyle (essayist/historian), Frances Crabbe (feminist/founder of Anti-Vivisection Society), Samuel Butler (author), Crazy Horse (leader of Oglala Sioux tribe), Lillian Russell (singer/actor), Vasilly Kandinsky (abstract painter), Ranier Maria Rilke (poet), Aleksandar I Karadordjevic (King of Yugoslavia), Fung Yu-lan (Chinese philosopher), Emilio Medici (president of Brazil, 1969-74), Jimmy Jewel (British actor), Pappy Boyington (American pilot), Claude Renoir (French cinematographer), Deanna Durbin (actor), Russell Rogers (astronaut), Roh Tae Woo (president, South Korea, 1988-93), Horst Buchholz (actor), Victor French (actor), Robert Vesco (fugitive financier) Max Baer Jr. (actor, “Beverly Hillbillies”), Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon (musician), Gary Gilmore (murderer), Humberto Soles (director/writer), Chris Hillman (musician, Byrds, among others), Tony Woods (musician, The Pogues), Southside Johnny Lyon (Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes), Gary Rossington (musician, Lynyrd Skynyrd), Rob Smith (drummer, Kong), Alex de la Iglesia (Spanish film director), Master Ace (rapper), Ronald Sega (astronaut), Ursula Krechel (writer/poet), Bob Mosley (bass, Moby Grape), Larry Davis (blues singer and guitarist), Jay Z (rap/hip-hop musician), Jeff Bridges (actor), Tyra Banks (model/TV host), Marisa Tomei (actor), Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys drummer/vocalist, brother of Brian), Lila Mc Cann (country singer), Francisco Franco (military leader/dictator of Spain), Wink Martindale (TV game show host), George A. Hormel (founder, Hormel Food Corp, home of SPAM), Cassandra Wilson (jazz musician), Patricia Wettig (actor), Robert Adler (Zenith Co.; patented the remote control), Joseph Kabila (president of Congo), Jean-Pierre Darroussin (actor/director), Serguei Bubka (pole vaulter said to be “world’s best athlete”), Sonny Capone (son of Chicago mobster Al Capone), Adamski (dance music producer), John Lear (pilot, son of founder of Lear Jet. Corp.), Constantino Rocca (Italian golf champ), Paul Schaefer (founder of commune “Colonia Dignidad” in Chile), Stewart Mott (philanthropist), Sertab Erener (Turkish pop singer), E.J. Kahn, Jr. (writer, New York Magazine).



Wheel of Fortune/10 of Cups

The Wheel is associated with Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, and shows changes, fate, movement, losing and winning, being “up” and “down”, beginnings and endings. We’re where we’re meant to be on the Wheel of Fate, learning the lessons we came here to experience. The wheel has a center point of stillness, like a hurricane. Center yourself and get ready for the next turn. Sometimes it feels like a bolt from the blue (Uranus changing direction), but deep down we know whatever happened was vital to our journey. We’re taken where we need to go, we’re home again (10 of Cups). We’re learning to open the heart (Moon’s in Leo today) to unconditional love, to be at peace with those we’re deeply connected to, and look to the promise of a fulfilling future (the rainbow). It’s the shelter after the storm, the flowering of the soul’s energy.
–December 4, 2012



















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