The Daily Astro for November 29, 2012

The Daily Astro for November 29, 2012

by Valerie Sylvester
The Moon is still in Gemini and void of course. To quote the appropriately-named-for-a-Gemini-Moon band Talking Heads, “You’re talking a lot/but you’re not saying anything”. It’s one of those days when things could go slip-sliding away. We’re still processing yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse, in any case. Some of us may be going over the past and berating ourselves for what we did/didn’t do–the voice inside our head might be critical or guilt-laden.

The asteroid Ceres is at 0 degrees Cancer today. This is considered an astrological “power point”, so Ceres/Cancer issues may make the news. Issues related to food, nurturing, famine and food supplies or shortages, especially as related to children, may be  front-page topics today. At 5:33 PM EST, Venus sextiles Mars, then asteroid Juno hooks up with Chiron. “Venus and Mars are all right tonight”, indeed; this passionate pair adds a little sizzle and spark to our relationships. Juno/Chiron is a balm for those in committed relationships that have been under stress lately; this can open the door to healing through the power of love. Tonight’s Moon/Pluto aspect (8:00 PM EST) increases the intensity; just be careful not to project all your “scary stuff” on your partner!


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “Rocks and things forming therein.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ Draught horse pulling a load of chains up a hill, at the top of which is a great revolving wheel.”
Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: ”Composition.”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Oppression.”

Rocks, chains, heavy loads, being oppressed, general heaviness? Paging S-a-t-u-r-n!  Saturn’s in Scorpio now, and we’re all going to learn a thing or two about those karmic chains we are dragging around like Jacob Marley’s ghost in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. There’s also a hint of the Devil card here, with the image of being chained or restricted to a narrow path and not being able to see beyond the material world. It also points to our inability to set ourselves free from compulsions, addictions and whatever else weighs us down in order to move to the next cycle (that revolving wheel).

The Kozminsky Symbol features a Job-like workhorse doing its duty, pulling a heavy load on an uphill climb. There’s a definite path that needs to be followed in order to complete the task, and not much “wiggle room” available. The road is rocky.

We encounter even more rocks in today’s  Sabian Symbol, which is about establishing a foundation that we can rely on, something that supports us. Since it’s about formation, it relates to the process of creation and construction and also is associated with developing character and talents. The idea of “solid as a rock” applies here. It also relates to heritage, legacy, or the foundations of a family line, family business or dynasty. We start seeing the underlying patterns of life and figuring out where we fit in. The down side? Not acknowledging reality or being unable to “get it together” to make things coalesce into usable form.



Charles I of England, Bela IV (King of Hungary), Louis II (“The Stern”), of Upper Bavaria, Zhengtung (Emperor of China), Jemima Wilkinson (American preacher), Empress Dowager Cixi (Chinese ruler), Gaetano Donizetti (opera composer, “Lucia di Lammermoor), Howie Mandel (comedian/game-show host), Anna Faris (comedian/actor), Jon Knight (singer, New Kids on the Block), Don Cheadle (actor), Kim Delaney (actor), Vin Scully (L.A. Dodger baseball radio broadcaster for 50 seasons), Taisen Deshimaru (Zen teacher), Arlena Twigg (girl who was switched at birth with another baby), Ylenia Carrisi (Italian TV celebrity, Tyrone Power’s granddaughter; disappeared in New Orleans in 1994), rosemary West (British serial killer), Lucas Black (actor), Zouzou (model/actress, 60s icon, girlfriend of Brian Jones, Jack Nicholson, etc.), Bruno Huber (astrologer, Huber School of Astrology), Henri Fabre (aviator, inventor of the seaplane), John Ambrose Fleming (invented vacuum tube), Petra Kelly (founded German Green Party), Fransisio de Assis Pereira (Brazilian serial killer), “Zac” Sunderland (1st person under the age of 18 to sail solo around the world), Paul Simon (U.S. politician), Francis Brunand (comic writer, editor of Punch Magazine), Suzy Chaffee (ski racer/actor), Ann Dunham (President Barack Obama’s mother), Beji Caid el Sebsi (Prime Minister of Tunisia), Terry Glaze (singer, Pantera), Madeline L’Engle (writer, “A Wrinkle In Time”), Jacques Chirac (former French president), James Rosenquist (artist), Sue Miller (author), Ronnie Montrose (guitarist, Montrose), C.S. Lewis (writer, “Chronicles of Narnia”), Louisa May Alcott (writer, “Little Women”), Amos Bronson Alcott (educator/writer, father of Louisa May Alcott), Wendell Phillips (women’s suffrage/abolitionist reformer), Andrew McCarthy (actor from “Brat Pack” era), Tom Sizemore (actor). Cathy Moriarty (actor, “Raging Bull”), Gary Shandling (comedian/actor), Chuck Mangione (jazz trumpeter), Peter Bergman (member of Firesign Theater comedy troupe), Diane Ladd (actor, Laura Dern’s mother), John Mayall (blues musician), Busby Berkeley (inventive director, Hollywood dance musicials), Christian Doppler (Austrian physicist, “Doppler Effect” is named after him), Adam Clayton Powell Jr. (New York politician), Jackie Stallone (Sylvester Stallone’s mother), Ethan Coen (one of Coen Brothers filmmaking team), Alex Grey (artist), Rahm Emanuel (politician/Mayor of Chicago), Janet Napolitano (U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security), Barry Dondreau (guitarist, Boston), Felix Cavaliere (keyboardist, The Rascals), Dennis Doherty (musician, The Mamas & The Papas), David Reuben (author, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask”), Frank Reynolds (TV news anchorman), John Gary (singer), Pearl Primus (dancer), Herb Shriner (humorist/host, “Herb Shriner Show”), Billy Strayhorn (composer), Klaus E.J. Fuchs (German/British atomic physicist/spy), William Tubman (17th President of Liberia), Silvio Rodriguez (Cuban folksinger/poet).


Hermit/4 of Cups

Here’s Old Man Cronos (Saturn) popping up again, as discussed in the section on the Symbols, the one who endures. These cards hit us with a double dose of solitude. We need to take a a time out to go within, but the process is unsettling us.  This combo illustrates that uncomfortable period when we try to meditate and the first thing we hear is  the chattering mind. This combination can also illustrate someone who isolates him/herself due to disillusionment or boredom. The key is to get past those feelings and see what they have to teach us. When the Hermit shows up, wisdom is waiting, we just have to have the patience and maturity to access it. These two can also point to the entrance of a teacher or healer who can help us through a difficult period in our lives. However, we have to be willing to hear and accept what they have to say–and that applies to those nagging inner voices as well. With the 4 of Cups, there’s an element of not wanting to face matters, preferring to wallow in our discontent. Since the Hermit is related to Virgo and the 4 relates to foundations, building and solidity, all “earthy” matters, we’re being shown that we need to take a look at the structures that underlie our daily lives. Are we functioning well, or are things breaking down? If we’re sick of our daily rituals, maybe we need to establish new ones that are more fulfilling.

–November 29, 2012



















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