The Daily Astro for August 23, 2012

The Daily Astro for August 23, 2012

The Moon’s still in Scorpio today, and it’s void-of-course after 3:54 AM EDT today until tomorrow at 6:50 AM EDT, so consider yourself in a slightly alternate universe today. The Moon/Venus trine at 5:34 AM EDT may have activated the dream patrol, which will be prowling around at the edges of our consciousness today. Mars enters Scorpio today at 11:24 AM EDT until October 6th. With the Moon and Mars both in Scorpio and the Sun in Virgo, it may be a good day to dust off the research skills and get to the bottom of things. Try to steer clear of obsession, though, and only use those powers for good! Nagging or tormenting others won’t get you what you want–it’ll just send people running in the opposite direction to avoid the onslaught. It’s a day when secrets can be revealed; a day we get to the essence of things. Other people’s “stuff” may be an issue, especially if we share finances or are in other ways closely entwined with another. Our primary relationships may need renewal or reinventing. There’s nothing superficial or half-hearted about Scorpio, and with one of its ruling planets (Mars) in its home sign, it’s operating on all cylinders. If there’s something you’ve wanted to finish but kept putting off because of the time and attention it requires, today’s the day for it. With the laser-like focus of the Virgo/Scorpio combo, it’ll seem more like a challenge than a chore, and a void-of- course period is always good for working on things you want to go away!

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A man’s head”.
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A traveling pilgrim leaning on his staff, which he holds in his left hand, addressing a small band of men and women.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Character”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Repaying”.

The Sabian Symbol for today calls to mind a large marble bust of a head, imposing and impressive. This Symbol relates to possessing integrity, good character, being ethical, and also having ambition, pride and the courage to live life to the full. The challenge is to maintain your ideals in the face of opposition and to not allow yourself to be corrupted, and to avoid vanity and pride. The determination and high energy level here is reflected in the entry of Mars (the action planet) into Scorpio. This combination can relate to leadership under pressure or to the idea of functioning in extreme circumstances or when we’re being “tested by fire”. The temptation to misuse the energy can be strong; if we’re becoming fixated or obsessed or using this power to manipulate or bully others, we’re definitely going in the wrong direction. The Kozminsky Symbol relates to the Sun in Virgo/Moon in Scorpio combination. Virgo at its highest is associated with the principle of universal service, and the Moon in Scorpio shows an intensity of emotion and the ability to connect with others on deep levels. The man in the Kozminsky Symbol has had some difficult experiences but has managed to make it through and use the information gained to teach or guide others. He is repaying others for the good they have done him, and is repaying his karma by passing along what he learns to those he meets along the way. It points to an intensity of focus (Mars in Scorpio) in order to connect with the essential truths we all are seeking.

Born on August 23:

Charles Martel (grandfather of Charlemagne), Eleftherios Venizalos (Premier of Greece), Louis XVI (King of France, guillotined), Ivan IV (Emperor, Russia), Houari Boumedienne (president of Algeria), Siti Hartinah Suharto (wife of President Suharto, Indonesia), Queen Noor of Jordan, Keith Moon (The Who), Willy Russell (playwright), Arnold Toynbee (economist/reformer), William Eckles (British radio pioneer), Malvina Reynolds (folk singer), Tex Williams (singer), Barbara Eden (actor), Marian Seldes (actor), Henry Lee Lucas (serial killer), Roger Avary (director/producer), Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), Cocinelle (transgender performer/actor), James Van Praagh (medium), Leslie van Houten (member of Manson Family killers), Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice), Shaun Rider (Happy Mondays), Rita Pavone (singer), Pete Wilson (former governor of California), Arthur Adamov (playwright/Theater of the Absurd), Chan-wook Park (filmmaker), Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt (mother of Gloria Vanderbilt/grandmother of Anderson Cooper), Charles Biederman (artist), Jeremy Lin (basketball player), Ephraim Kishon (author/screenwriter), Robert Mulligan (director/”To Kill A Mockingbird”), Marina Petrella (member of Red Brigade), Rick Springfield (musician), Fulvio Testi (poet), Jay Mohr (comedian/actor), Klaus-Dietrich Flade (cosmonaut), Bobby Gubby (bucks Fizz), Shelly Long (actor/”Cheers”), Rex Allen, Jr. (country music singer), Will Cuppy (writer), Edgar Lee Masters, (poet), Gene Kelly (dancer/actor), Bob Crosby (orchestra leader/Bing’s brother), Antonia Novello (14th U.S. Surgeon General), Wood Paul (singer), Bobby Diamond (actor/”Dobie Gillis”), Nelson De Mille (writer), Patricia Mc Bride (ballerina), Lee Majors (actor), Ronny Cox (actor), Rudy Lewis (Drifters), “Sonny” Jurgensen (NFL quarterback), Mark Russell (political satirist), Vera Miles (actress), River Phoenix (actor), Scott Caan (actor), Jimi Jamison (Survivor), Mark Hudson (The Hudson Brothers).

Today’s 2-Card Tarot Draw:

The Chariot/the Knight of Pentacles “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”.
Both figures here are shown with horses and are moving, so the theme today is to start something/get going. Both also feature the theme of controlled movement–that’s the second message of the day.  The Knight of Pentacles is the knight of service (tying into the Sun in Virgo theme–see above). The Chariot contains the themes of Mars in Scorpio–the ability to the harness power contained within, from our instincts and emotions, directed towards a larger goal. We then can use this intense energy in a positive, transformative way. Both cards point to a movement towards the mature use of our resources and abilities. Since both cards are activated, today is a good day to make positive strides towards our goals.

–Valerie Sylvester, August 23, 2012 —

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