The Daily Astro for August 22, 2012

The Daily Astro for August 22, 2012


The Moon enters Scorpio at 3:54 AM EDT today and trines Neptune in Pisces soon after. This is all very watery, so we may feel like a “depth charge” has been activated; we’re thinking about serious matters or accessing deep-rooted fears, secrets or anything that’s been pushed underground.  Today’s a good day to explore all things “top secret,  mysterious and intense.

The Sun enters Virgo at 1:07 PM EDT,  so a adopting practical mindset with laser focus on details and patterns in order to get to the bottom of things is very helpful. The Moon then aspects Pluto, Chiron and Uranus, so healing is on today’s agenda, too.  It’s like we’ve found the magic lamp and called forth the genie–we might be shocked by what appears, but the trend is towards integration and understanding those parts of ourselves that have been “cut off” or locked away. Aiding in this effort is Mercury, forming a quintile triangle pattern with Pluto and Saturn. Quintiles emphasize uniqueness, special talents and expressing your own raw genius–often after some conflict and stress. These three planets together mean that we can use our mind to access our own inner superpowers (let that genie loose!).  It will take discipline and a willingness to confront all those mind and habit patterns that keep us stuck. Mercury sextile Jupiter aids us here, expanding our minds, helping us open up to the wild blue yonder.  One thing that may be true today: it’s the little things, the details, that hold the secret. Or as Bruce Springsteen once said, “from small things mama, big things one day come”.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “An unsealed letter”.
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A ship’s steward carrying a bowl of enchanting white lilies.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Confidence”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Voyaging”.

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol relates to the journey of the soul (white lilies traveling on a ship over the ocean); the water imagery brings in watery aspects today (Moon in Scorpio, Moon trine Neptune, Moon aspecting Pluto and Chiron), and the servant relates to the Sun entering Virgo–in this case the steward is the custodian or guardian of the soul on its journeys. And of course don’t forget the white lilies as symbols of rebirth or resurrection! This Symbol tells us to begin our journey of discovery in the spiritual realms. In the mundane field, the idea of someone who loves change and enjoys travel hints that we can all use a change of scenery from time to time, in order to meet new people and absorb new experiences. The Sabian Symbol focuses on integrity (the letter contains confidential information) and involves character issues:”doing the right thing”, being trustworthy. Be a person of integrity, someone others trust not to betray a confidence. The negative here, is, of course, betraying a confidence or revealing private matters. This echoes the Moon in Scorpio and its aspects today. The Moon in Scorpio can help us understand what’s going on under the surface, or help us discover secrets–but what do we do with this information? Discretion and a desire to be of service (the Sun entering Virgo), combined with the Mercury/Jupiter aspect, tells us to take the high road and use the information to help others who may be struggling or who need someone trustworthy to talk to.

Born on August 22:

Georges de Scudery (writer), Pope Leo XII, Virginia Clemm Poe (wife of Edgar Allan Poe), Josef Strauss (composer), Milan I, Kingn of Serbia, Jacques Lipchitz (cubist painter), Leni Riefenstahl (Nazi/filmmaker), Julius Epstein (screenwriter), James Hillier (co-discoverer of the electron), Mary Mc Grory (journalist), Bob Flannigan (Four Freshmen), Honor Blackman (actor), Marc Bohan (designer), Theori Vachliotis Aldredge (costume designer), Morton Dean (TV newscaster), Fred Milano (Dino and the Belmonts), E. Annie Proulx (writer), Diana Nyad (swimmer/1st to swim from Bahamas to Florida), Lewis “Scooter” Libby (former White House Chief of Staff), Peter Laughner (Pere Ubu), Ian Mitchell (Bay City Rollers), Vernon Reid (Living Color), Debbi Peterson (Bangles), Roland Orzabal (Tears for Fears), Juan Croucier (Ratt), Jay Ashton (Gene Loves Jezebel), James Debarge (Debarge), Paul Colman (Newsboys), Frank Marino (Rush), Ron Dante (vocalist/ “The Archies”), Dale Hawkins (“Suzy Q” writer0, Charles Fillmore (founder of Unity/New Thought Movement church), Jeff Stinco (Simple Plan), Karlheinz Stockhausen (composer), Rick Yune (actor), Donna Godchaux (Grateful Dead), Denis Papin (inventor of forerunner of steam engine), Bruno Pontecovio (high-energy physics), Gerald Carr (US astronaut), Malachi Favors (jazz bassist), Sophia Tolstoya (wife of writer Leo Tolstoy), GZA (rapper), Richard Robert Madden (doctor/abolitionist), Boris Shapiro (international bridge champ), Giada De Laurentiis (chef), Cindy Williams (actor/”Laverne & Shirley”), Ray Bradbury (writer), Kristen Wiig (comedian/actor), Tori Amos (singer/songwriter), Valerie Harper (actor/”The Mary Tyler Moore Show”), Howie Dorough (singer/Backstreet Boys), Carl Yastrezemski (baseball player), John Lee Hooker (blues guitarist), Claude Debussy (composer), Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), Dorothy Parker (poet/writer/screenwriter), Steve Kroft (journalist/ “60 Minutes”), Norman Schwartzkopf (US Army Commander/Persian Gulf War), Henri Cartier Bresson (photojournalist), Andrew Wilson (actor/other brother of Luke and Owen Wilson), Bill Parcells (NFL coach), Denton Arthur Cooley (pioneering heart transplant surgeon), Deng Xiaoping (party leader, China).

Today’s 2-Card Tarot Draw:
Six of Pentacles/King of Wands
This earth/fire combo seems to relate to today’s quintile triangle (see above). What are your special gifts? What can you do that no one else can, something that’s unique?  What can you contribute to the world? Put those gifts to use, find the best way to get a handle on things. Sometimes we take our gifts for granted, or assume they’re ‘nothing’ or that everyone can do what we do. This combination is telling us that’s not the case, that we do have something to offer, and if we’re given a great deal we need to figure out how to give back and complete the circle.
–Valerie Sylvester, August 22, 2012 —

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