The Daily Astro for July 31, 2012

The Daily Astro for July 31, 2012


The Moon remains in Capricorn today. The get-to-work energy of this moon combines well with a Venus/Saturn trine (Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn) that ushers in the day. This is a particularly nice aspect for artists, craftspeople, jewelry makers and designers as it helps us not only visualize something beautiful, but bring it to manifestation, and the Sun/Uranus trine encourages us to try our wildest ideas and look far and wide for inspiration (i.e. get out of your rut and try and look at things in a different way). As the day progresses we may get very serious about whatever it is we’re working on, and that includes relationships. The last four aspects of the day are all stress aspects, so we may find we’re interrupted by “family affairs” or demands from others. This just shows you where things need to be healed, so don’t be impatient, but try to work out any problems. By later tonight, we’re ready for some diversion or are looking to escape the daily routine–it’d be a good evening to crank up “Casablanca” on the DVD and watch Capricorn Humphrey Bogart in one of his best roles.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “Glass Blowers”.
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “a lady, elegantly dressed and bedecked with many jewels, standing before a mirror.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Deftness”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Reflection”.

Both of these symbols relate to our Venus/Saturn trine today and the idea of skilled craftsman ship. The Sabian Symbol emphasizes the skill, timing and precision required to make something beautiful come to life. The Kozminsky Symbol features a woman in elegant clothing festooned with jewelry, evoking an image of the luxe life, full of highly-styled clothing and elaborate adornments (again, using craft or skill to create something valuable or beautiful). Venus/Saturn aspects relate to lasting beauty, things that withstand the test of time, including long-term relationships and connections. The Kozminsky Symbol alludes to this–external beauty and trappings fade or go out of style, but true worth is found within (the mirror tells us this is something to “reflect upon” and is a metaphor for the soul).

Born on July 31:

Emperor Nijo of Japan, Maximilian II (German King/Emperor), Albrecht II of Saxon-Meisen, John Canton (physicist), J.K. Rowling (“Harry Potter”), Wesley Snipes, Ted Cassidy (“Lurch”/“The Addams Family” TV show), John Ericsson (inventor/shipbuilder-SS Monitor), Dean Cain (actor), Michael Bien (actor), Bill Berry (R.E.M./farmer), Milton Friedman (economist), Geraldine Chapman (actor), Curt Gowdy (sportscaster), S.S. Kresge (Kresge/Kmart founder), Jim Corr (The Corrs), Evonne Goolagong (tennis champ), Bob Welch (Fleetwood Mac), Sherry Lansing, Jean Debuffet (painter/sculptor), Irv Kupcinet (TV host), Primo Levi (chemist/writer), Whitney M. Young Jr. (civil rights leader), Ahmet Ertgun (CEO, Atlantic Records), Don Murray (actor), John R. West (Gary Lewis & the Playboys), Gary Lewis (Jerry Lewis’ son and the Gary Lewis of GL & the Playboys), Nico (Velvet Underground), William Bennett (US Secretary of Education), Lobo/Kent Lavoie (singer), Richard Griffiths (actor), Will Champion (Coldplay), Boniface Alexandre (acting president of Haiti, 2004-06), Mario Bava (Italian director/screenwriter/cinematographer), Peter Benenson (founded Amnesty International), Clotilde Reiss (French scholar arrested on espionage charges in Iran), M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold), Karl Greene (Herman’s Hermits), Leavell Degree (Whispers), Daniel Ash (Bauhaus), Hugh Mc Dowell (ELO), Norman Cook (Housemartins), Stanley Jordan (jazz guitarist), Minako Honda (singer), Elizabeth Wurtzel (writer), Ernie Dingo (actor), Ben Chaplin (actor), Mumtaz (Bollywood actress), Allan Clarke (British soccer champ), George Liberace (violinist, older brother of Liberace of piano-playing fame).

Tarot Enhancer/Antidote: Page of Pentacles/3 of Pentacles

“Building Blocks”. Two Pentacles cards today (earth cards, like Capricorn, the earth sign that the Moon is currently transiting), shift the focus to the material world, skills, crafts, and planning and executing projects. This reiterates today’s Venus/Saturn theme, with the added seriousness of that Capricorn Moon. Conditions are now right to get to work on whatever project you’ve been visualizing since eclipse season in May and June. It’s time to manifest! We’re able to move from absolute beginner to the beginning of mastery more easily now, as we focus our efforts and concentrate–just do the work!  We may also be offered more work based on what we’ve accomplished to date. Just remember to nurture your talents and don’t rush or take on more than you can reasonably accomplish–the next stage lies just ahead and will require discipline in order to achieve mastery.

 –Valerie Sylvester, July 31, 2012–

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