The Daily Astro for July 24, 2012

The Daily Astro for July 24, 2012


The Moon’s in King Kitty Leo today, as is the Sun, but it’s not a let’s purr-and-be-happy, all’s well in the kingdom kind of day. It starts off at 6:41 AM EDT with a Moon/Saturn aspect (translation: buzzkill for all those fluffy little dreams we had while safe in slumberland; it’s like waking up,realizing we have to deal with reality once again and not finding the idea all that appealing). The Moon then squares Pluto and opposes Uranus, so here we have the Moon being besieged by two outer planet heavy hitters. In English, that means that things go “boom” emotionally–and we’re probably not going to like it because it’s going to challenge us at the deepest levels/rattle our comfortable cages, especially if we’re afraid of freedom.  We will better understand this later. Right now it’ll  just annoy us, especially since other aspects today, Jupiter square Chiron and the Moon conjunct Mars, are going to make us feel like all our buttons are being pushed simultaneously. It’s like that pizza delivery guy  trying to be let in the front door of an apartment building–the one who slams all the buzzers at once, hoping someone will “open sesame”. We might carry things too far or persist with actions that aren’t healthy or healing for us–there may be a need to scale back or reassess. Also, with the Sun aspect to Neptune, things might be a little cloudy or unclear; we may not be projecting what we think we are; reactions can be “off” on both sides. Resist the urge to push back out of hurt pride, it’s just not worth it today. Fortunately, the Moon also trines Jupiter and sextiles Mercury; Mercury also sextiles Jupiter, so we might be able to talk ourselves into (or out of) something interesting. Communication skills come in handy and may bring benefits. Since the Moon also forms a challenging aspect to Chiron, the feeling or force behind the words can work to help or heal–remember that the Moon is in Leo, so speak from the heart and choose your words carefully.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A woman having her hair bobbed .”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A huge human head. From the left eye emanates a ray of black vapour, from the right a ray of yellow, and from the centre of the forehead a ray of white .”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Decision ”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Leadership ”.

Both of today’s Symbols feature the head as a central theme. In the Kozminsky Symbol, the head relates to issues of rulership or leadership, both on the temporal and the spiritual levels (note the multi-colored rays flowing from both eyes and the forehead). In astrology, the head is related to the sign Aries, and Uranus currently tenants that sign, which leads us to the Sabian Symbol of a woman bobbing her hair. These days we probably don’t realize how shocking a declaration of freedom and autonomy that was, but back when bobbing became popular, during the late 20s (Uranus, planet of freedom/autonomy and breaking free, was also in Aries in the late 1920s–sense a theme here?), it was pretty shocking. “Bobbing”, or cutting short, is a perfect expression of Uranus in Aries (Uranus–sudden/cut/lop off and Aries–related to the head). It’s a declaration of freedom from the weight of the past and from societal expectations. Both Symbols tell us it’s time to assert our own independence and autonomy and take charge (the Moon’s in Leo today, after all!)

Born on July 24:

Victor Emmanuel I (King of Sardinia), Johannes van Capestrano (saint), Louise Ulrike (Queen of Sweden), Amelia Earhart, Zelda Fitzgerald, Alexandre Duman, robert Graves, Gus Van Sant, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Paquin, Elisabeth Moss, Lynda Carter (“Wonder Woman”), Kristen Chenoweth, Rose Byrne, Barry Bonds (baseball home run leader), Simon Bolivar, Alphonse Mucha, Ruth Buzzi, Nan Kempner (socialite), Zahwa Arafat (daughter of Yasser Arafat), Dan Hedaya, Alex Katz (artist), Bella Abzug, Giuseppe Di Stefano (operatic tenor), Frank Wedekind (playwright), John D. MacDonald (author), Emile Picard (mathematician), Ermanno Olmi (film director), Peter Yates (film director), Chris Sarandon (actor), E.F. Benson (novelist), Pam Tillis (country singer), Vugar Gashimov (chess champion), John Burdett (crime novelist), Robert Hays (actor), William “Junior” Campbell (Marmalade), Jim Armstrong (Them), Jim Mc Carthy (Yardbirds), Mike Maineri (jazz fusion vibraphonist), Pat Oliphant (cartoonist), William D. Ruckelshaus (head of Environmental Protection Agency, US), Oriana Fallaci (journalist), Chief Dan George (actor), Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. (architect/landscaper), William Gillette (actor), Bindi Irwin (daughter of Steve Irwin, naturalist adventurer), Michael Richard (“Kramer” on Seinfeld), Dhani Lennevald (A*Teens), Walt Bellamy (NBA Hall of Fame), Evan James Springsteen (Bruce’s son), Arissa Seagal (daughter of Kelly LeBrock and Steven Seagal), Julie Krone (1st woman to win Belmont races), Paul Geary (Extreme), Mick Karn (Japan), Robbie Gray (Modern English), Vladimir Borovikowsky (painter), William Poole (Bowery Boys gang member), Cootie Williams (trumpeter), Sante Kimes (murderous New York City con artist), Heinz Burt (Tornados), Doug Liman (film director), Stat Quo, rapper.

Enhancer/Antidote: The Emperor/Knight of Pentacles

“Laser Beam”. The Emperor brings in fire energy (Aries), the idea of rulership (Moon in Leo) and being comfortable in that position, while the earthy energy of the Knight of Pentacles grounds and focuses this energy and gets the job done in a measured, intelligent way. This combination of Aries/Virgo reminds me of a laser beam. The energy is preserved and concentrated very carefully so it can be of service at the maximum force level. There may be initial discomfort in the merging of the energies, but the end result is worth the adjustment required.
–Valerie Sylvester, July 24, 2012–

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