The Daily Astro for June 5, 2012

Venus transits the Sun today.

Venus transits the Sun today.

The Daily Astro for June 5, 2012

Today’s big news is the transit of retrograde Venus across the face of the Sun. It’s often called “transit of Venus” or “passage of Venus”. It doesn’t occur very often, and since Venus is retrograde, it’s calling us to shine a light (Sun) on our sense of worth, and to begin to appreciate and love ourselves. We may hear some news about world leaders today. It’s also a day when we may be the recipient of a “blast from the past”, as people from long ago show up again in our lives. Think about your connections with others and your relationship to them–are you bending over backwards for people and not asserting yourself enough? As the Sun and Venus are both in Gemini, take a look at your self-talk, how to “speak to yourself”, and what you say. Is it harsh, or affirming? Creative activity, using our skills to create something beautiful, and making connections with others is emphasized. Since Venus is in stress aspect to Mars, the fly in this Venusian ointment can be that our needs clash with the desires of others. The Moon enters Capricorn at 8:31 AM EDT and forms stress aspects to Uranus and Pluto later in the day, so there may be an unexpected clash of wills or power struggles as people attempt to claim their turf or feel threatened by the needs and demands of others.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A woman suffragist haranguing. ”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A sword lying shattered before a cross of stone.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Indignation ”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Spiritual Victory ”.

This Symbol combination reflects today’s planetary activity quite well. The woman suffragist (Venus) is demanding respect and is aware of her rights and the fact that she has to fight for them (Venus/Mars clash) in order to progress and claim her own autonomy (Venus retrograde transiting the Sun). The fact that she’s fighting authority figures and trying to change “the way things are” relates to the Moon (also associated with women) in stress aspect to Uranus (the rebel, the game-changer) and Pluto (power structures, huge entities that control). The Kozminsky Symbol emphasizes that using force (Mars) may gain temporary results, but in the long run, the power of spiritual strength is what really counts (Neptune is currently in Pisces). The planet Venus, so active today, is considered to be exalted when in Pisces, as it expresses the power of unconditional, transformative and spirit-based love for all. As Venus transits the Sun today, let’s remember that the healing power of the sun, combined with the essence of love and concern for others that is at the heart of Venus’ attributes, is a mighty combination, and that we need to love ourselves before we can truly love others.

Born on June 5:

Elisabeth of Austria (Queen Consort of France), Bernardino Baldi (mathematician), Mustafa II, Sultan of Turkey, Thomas Chippendale (furniture maker), Adam Smith (“Wealth of Nations”), Ernest Augustus I or Hanover, Pat Garrett, James Connolly, Igor Stravinsky, John Maynard Keynes, William Boyd (a/k/a “Hoppalong Cassidy”), Federico Garcia Lorca, Dennis Gabor (inventor, holography), Anastasia Romanova (Russia), Alfred Kazin, Richard Scarry, Jacques Demy, Christy Brown, Katherine Helmond, Margaret Drabble, Fred Stone (Sly and the Family Stone), David Hare, Fuzzy Fuscaldo (Captain Beefheart), Laurie Anderson, Michael Monarch (Steppenwolf), Ronnie Dyson, Suze Orman, Tom Evans (Badfinger), Kathleen Kennedy, Richard Butler (Psychedelic Furs), Michael Winans, Chuck Klosterman, Teri Nunn (Berlin), Charles Dodge (electronic music), Don Reid (Statler Brothers), Margaret Rawlings, Alfred Uhl (composer), Ron Livingston, Mark Wahlberg, Kenny G, Brian McKnight, Jill Biden, Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), Bill Moyers, Ken Follett, Spalding Gray, Tony Richardson, Pu Songling.
Tarot Enhancer/Antidote: King of Cups/ 9 of Wands
“The Journey to the Center of the Self”. Now’s the time to get in touch with our feelings, our inner selves. It’s been a long journey, but we’re almost there. If you need to reach out for help from a counselor, advisor, or sympathetic friend, don’t hesitate. This combination really seems like “the old soul”, someone who’s been here many times and has accumulated a great deal of wisdom through experience and turmoil. This combination also means it’s time to take back parts of ourselves that have “gone missing”. The theme of loving and caring for ourselves noted in the Venus transit Sun information above is echoed here as well. It’s time to go deep within and take a look at how we treat ourselves, how we struggle internally. It’s time to get comfortable with who we are and to feel “at home” with ourselves, to find our own inner autonomy (King of Cups).

–Valerie Sylvester, June 5, 2012–

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