The Daily Astro for April 24, 2012

The Moon remains in Gemini today.

The Moon remains in Gemini today.



The Daily Astro for April 24, 2012

The Moon remains in Gemini today so we’re thinking about this and that– our minds are here, there and everywhere, (especially since the moon sextiles Mercury in Aries very early in the day–now there’s a combination that screams: “zooming mind”!)  but at some point today we’ll be ruminating about relationships.  Early in the day, there’s a Sun/Juno connection, so we may be puzzled about the dynamic tensions involved in our most important ties. As the Moon connects with Chiron, Pluto and finally Venus, we’ll see many variations on the theme of partnerships, connections and especially how we can heal ourselves and others through partnerships and connections–a Mercury/Chiron aspect emphasizes that we can develop the skills to heal our thoughts and use them as a conduit to self-development rather than giving control to the “chattering mind” that distracts and limits.    The Moon-Venus connection at 11:36 PM EDT can soften some of the rough edges; spend some time thinking about what (and who) you value and how to bring more beauty and gentleness into your life.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A widow at an open grave .”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “Two young men carrying huge bunches of large grapes on a pole between them, giving freely of the fruit to troops of children . ”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Reorientation ” and for the Kozminsky Symbol it’s “Benefaction ”.

Today’s Symbols both reflect the theme of today: “Relationships”. The widow at the grave site feels a sense of loss and a change of status through the death of her husband and is beginning a new journey to readjust and rediscover herself in light of the change in her relationship status–the way she defines herself, her routines and her relationships with others will be different now. This Sabian Symbol has a very Death card/Scorpio feel to it (the Sun is currently in Taurus, the opposite sign to Scorpio). In the Kozminsky Symbol, the young men carrying a grape harvest (think bounty/crops/fertility = Taurus) give the neighborhood kids a treat (the neighborhood/playful young kids = Gemini). Someday some of these kids may grow up to work in the fields, and the cycle continues, as mirrored by the open grave in the Sabian Symbol: there’s new growth, harvest, and then death, and we are connected to all phases of the cycle and must readjust accordingly at each stage. Incidentally, as today is the 24th, the number adds up to “6″, which is a number of service and being involved in relationships with others. The 6 is generally seen as nurturing, caring, supportive, a channel of peace and harmony (similar to the Moon/Venus aspect discussed in the astrology section, above).

Born on April 24:    
Anthony Trollope, William I of Orange, St. Vincent DePaul, Edmund Cartwright (inventor, power loom), Fournier (famous forger), Robert Penn Warren, Valri Voloshin (cosmonaut), Richard Sterban (Oak Ridge Boys), Jack Blades (Damn Yankees), Mumia Abu-Jamal, Boris Williams (The Cure), Rob Hyman (Hooters), Eric Balfour, Michael Parks, Alejandro Fernandez, Billy Gould (Faith No More), Carlos Beltran, Cindy Adams, Aiden Gillen, Patricia Bosworth, Brian Marshall (Creed), David J (Bauhaus), William Castle, Paul Ryder (Happy Mondays), Patty Schemel (Hole),
Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors), Michael O’Keefe, Djimon Hounsou, Captain Sensible, Eric Bogosian, Jean Paul Gaultier, Barbara Streisand, Doug Clifford (Creedence Clearwater Revival), Cedric the Entertainer, Jill Ireland, Shirley MacLaine, Michael J. Dady (developed NYC), Paula Yates, Glenn Cornick (Jethro Tull), Richard Daley (Chicago mayor), John Williams, Sue Grafton, Richard Donner, Stanley Kauffman, Jack E. Leonard, Willem DeKooning.
NOTE: It’s interesting to see how many of the musicians born on a “6” day are involved in bands –a group endeavor, where cooperation and maintaining relationships with others is a key factor.
Tarot Enhancer/Antidote: 10 of Cups/3 of Wands
This combination reminds me of “the fruit of partnerships”.  Healthy, loving relationships enable us to go on the journey to discover who we are. We feel supported in our home environment, which gives us the confidence to forge ahead in life. Proper nurturing creates a feeling of love and trust that stays with us no matter how far we roam and make us feel we can conquer any obstacles. This combo could also relate to “the family business”–maybe we work with relatives or with people who feel like relatives to us, or work from home.
–Valerie Sylvester, April 24, 2012–


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