The Daily Astro for May 1, 2013



The Daily Astro for May 1, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester 




“Pushin’ Too Hard”. That’s a Seeds song, but also my shortcut for describing today’s energies. We start the day with hangover from last night’s Mars/Saturn opposition. This opposition occurs in Taurus and Scorpio, fixed signs, so that adds some extra traction. If you don’t want to end up at the hospital IN traction, be careful. I have this aspect in my natal chart (though not in the same signs) and it can be a bitch to deal with. You’re blocked when you have the energy and want to move; when you’re exhausted and can’t budge, things open up. It always seems like something is in the way, blocking progress. You have to work on timing and learn how to direct your efforts with this aspect. (It’s nice for comedians, though—timing is all, in that field!)

Today’s a day where we may work so hard that we wear ourselves out either because we’re slamming our heads against the wall repeatedly, or else we give up due to excessive opposition. Since it’s in fixed signs, we’re probably being too adamant about something and need to give it a rest. This is exacerbated by the Moon square Mercury at 9:08 AM EDT, followed by the entry of the Moon into Aquarius at 9:20 AM EDT, and Mercury moving into Taurus at 10:37 AM EDT. You may be right, but stubborn adherence to your own ideology in the face of massive opposition isn’t going to work too well right now. Others may push right back. As noted above, the fixed sign influence (four planets in Taurus, the Moon in Aquarius, Saturn in Scorpio), lends itself to stubbornness and at times, inflexibility.  Use that detached Aquarius Moon energy (think Spock from Star Trek), to take a fresh look at any situation that you’re too partisan about.

The Sun trines Pluto at 12:32 PM EDT and with it a burning need to clear obstacles, cut through the crud, and solve problems. Since it’s in earth signs, look for practical solutions. You can power through the workload today if you dedicate all your efforts to the task. Just remember today’s theme, please, and don’t push yourself or others too hard right now. Flaunting your power or tromping on other people is a big no-no today. People may factionalize in order to defend friends or co-workers who they feel are being abused, thus shutting down all communication channels.

As the day winds down, it can spiral into confusion due to some Neptune aspects, or we may be easily distracted or feel misunderstood. The Moon squares Saturn at 10:52 PM EDT, adding a layer of icy gloom to the situation. The Moon also squares Mars at 12:16 PM EDT. This one-two punch takes us back to the Mars/Saturn aspect that began the day today. It’d be wise to postpone any major discussions to another day, as people may be touchy, defensive and emotionally detached this evening –and in a rather bitchy mood. It’s great if you want to get into a giant argument, but if you don’t, stay away from emotionally charged topics if at all possible. Most of us don’t want to close the day annoyed and frustrated!




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “ Window-shoppers .”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “Two diggers working on a mountain-slope unearth a large mass of glittering gold.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “ ACCORD.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “VISUALIZATION.”

Our Kozminsky Symbol splices together some of today’s aspects. The relentlessness of the diggers in spite of obstacles relates to the energy pattern of the Mars/Saturn opposition in fixed signs. The idea of gold buried beneath ties in to the Sun/Pluto trine (Pluto rules valuable things that are hidden or buried). This Symbol says that hard work and persistence will be rewarded, but we must be dedicated and highly focused.  There are times when we need to marshal all our efforts towards a single goal and must avoid distractions. It tells us to keep going even when we’re exhausted or not sure that what we’re doing is worth it.

This Symbol also relates to unearthing important material from the unconscious or opening the door to things we’ve buried deep in our psyche in order to evaluate and heal. Today’s a good day for hypnosis, deep massage, chiropractic or acupuncture sessions, past-life work, and therapy in general—anything that helps us push past the barriers and release what’s hidden.

The Sabian Symbol, as the Keyword notes, is all about visualization. Projecting into the future is an Aquarian specialty, and the Moon’s in Aquarius today. Window-shopping involves looking at things you might like to own and seeing yourself wearing those clothes or possessing that particular item (with all those planets in Taurus, we may see quite a few things we wish to acquire)!  Many times window-shopping is like a reconnaissance mission, where we scout around first before committing to an actual purchase.

This Symbol is about options and possibilities. We may be on the verge of “trying on” a new life and want to understand what it feels like. We’re looking at things from all angles, in a somewhat detached manner, before we “take it home” for good. It also relates to our options for self-expression and creativity. On the down side, it may mean that we’re indecisive, not really serious or willing to commit. Bringing in some of this evening’s aspects, it can signify that our self-image is poor or we’re looking at everything as an obstacle. Or we don’t feel we deserve to have what we’ve been visualizing. One of the problems with the Mars/Saturn opposition is we can sometimes stop ourselves before we’ve even begun; we give up prematurely. We project our fears onto others and assume they want to stop us or will disapprove, thus short-circuiting the entire enterprise.


 Page of Swords / 5 of Cups


“One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show.”   Here’s an Air card, the Page of Swords, showing mental activity, research, the beginning of interest in a subject and an openness to debate or discussion. There’s a playfulness here, and agility with the written or spoken word, but sometimes a lack of maturity or an inability to NOT say something when that’s the prudent course of action. We may be misunderstood (related to the Mercury/Neptune aspect today) or are intentionally/unintentionally deceptive or misleading.

The 5 of Cups  tells us that lies or betrayal have consequences. This can indicate hearing or reading bad news related to a death or a loss, or having to be the bearer of bad news (the Page of Swords in its messenger aspect). The 5 of Cups shows that we’ve lost something we had an emotional attachment to/had our eyes opened regarding a situation that we talked ourselves into or wanted to believe (Page of Swords).  It’s now time to accept the challenge of total honesty and rebuild relationships on a solid basis (not on fantasies or false promises). Pay as much attention to the undercurrents surrounding what people say as you do to their actual words. Sharpen your emotional intelligence skills. Don’t let one bad experience keep you stuck, fearful or resentful. Don’t let short-term losses derail your long-term plans.


–May 1, 2013

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