The Daily Astro for October 2, 2013


The Daily Astro for October 2, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester




The Moon’s in Virgo, still in its 4th quarter or “dark moon” phase quietly awaiting the New Moon on Friday.  Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, has slipped into the shadow zone (in Scorpio) in preparation for its journey into retrograde motion on October 21st.  So the energy is all “Sssh, please be quiet!” –the kind of admonishment you’d get from a stern librarian.  There’s a behind- the-scenes, background, research-y feel to the energy, plus an insistent drumbeat telling us it’s time to clean up our acts.  Saturn trines Chiron at 5:37 AM EDT–this is like two of your favorite teachers at a faculty lunch comparing philosophy/methodology. It’s tough to get an “A” in their classes, but well worth the effort. This combination also says that healing begins from within, and we need to take a look at the ways our unprocessed or unhealed emotional states are holding us back. Maybe it’s time to have a plan, write a syllabus for our future?

The Moon trines Pluto at 8:03 AM EDT, so it’s time to use those amazing powers of analysis and observation to push forward. This is a “solving mysteries” or “cracking the code” combo, but it’ll work best if your research has a constructive angle. The Moon opposite Chiron at 10:11 AM EDT continues the healing theme. Take a look at the little things that seem to hold you back or impede progress. What’s that tell you about what needs to change?  That’s the area to tackle right now, especially since the Moon/Saturn sextile at 10:14 AM EDT says we’re ready to get serious with structure.  There are some things we have to do for ourselves, so set aside some “alone time” to tackle those duties.  Pluto sextile the Moon’s Nodes tells us to download our “mission plan” for the future now. People you connect with now may be powerful allies, even if their intensity scares you a little at first.

The Moon’s inconjunct Uranus at 9:59 AM EDT, sending us into Wobbly World. Maybe we’re overwhelmed with too much input and feel like our circuits are fried, or else other people’s erratic behavior throws us off our game.  Try to see these interruptions as opportunities to look at things in a different way.  We don’t always need to adhere to a routine.  Pay attention to the little things, sure, but don’t forget about the larger goal.  A Mercury/Mars contraparallel at 12:09 AM EDT will certainly liven up conversations (maybe too much), but you probably won’t have to guess what people want, as this pair has an “in your face” quality.  If you’re still awake with enough energy to spare, remember to  “whistle while you work” as the Moon sextiles Jupiter at 1:59 AM EDT.  Pay attention to the little things, sure, but don’t forget about the larger goal. Or just collapse and enjoy uplifting but very detailed dreams!


Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters.”    

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   An old hermit, in a cave, grasping a crucifix. ”  (Influence is: SATURN.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ COMPETENCY.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “SOLITUDE.” 

Today’s a very Virgo/ Hermit (tarot card) day.  The Moon’s in Virgo, industriously making quite a few aspects, so that’s appropriate!  The Sabian Symbol relates to our skills and accessing them in order to navigate through difficult waters. Virgo is about honing and perfecting your skill set in order to achieve mastery in a certain area.   This sharpens the mind and purifies the body. Virgo relates to service. No task is too small, as it serves as part of a larger whole that keeps the clocks ticking and the world spinning. The Sabian Symbol shows someone passing through a crisis and emerging unscathed due to a combination of skill, endurance and a laser-sharp focus on the immediate concern–survival.  Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, is the fleet-footed god, nimble and quick, with the ability to perform mental gymnastics to figure out the proper course of action. This can indicate a difficult or threatening situation that pops up and must be dealt with immediately,with little margin for error. Here’s where the Virgo tendencies toward precision and perfection of effort come in handy.  The down side of this Symbol is “getting carried away”, being sloppy, not having a plan, taking foolish risks, depending on others to save you when you’ve gotten in over your head, and a lack of willpower or stamina.

The Kozminsky Symbol mirrors qualities of the Hermit card, the tarot card associated with Virgo. The hermit in a cave relates to spiritual service and devotion and the ability to live an ascetic life in order to eliminate distractions and purify the soul to its essence. The hermit’s life is solitary and difficult (he’s in cave), but he has isolated himself from the world in order to achieve a particular goal and will endure privation in order to do so.  The crucifix is a symbol of his faith and brings in the polarity with Pisces (losing yourself in a belief system, being hidden away in order to achieve spiritual goals, the idea of sacrifice or martyrdom in service to humanity). As Kozminsky says of this hermit: “…he directs his thoughts to the grand ideal which materializes as life advances, and this to him is happiness.”  Where do you “lose yourself/find yourself”  when you’re alone? Is there something you’d want to dedicate your life to?  What’s that “still small voice” saying right now?


Page of Swords  / Hermit 


It’s a double dose of Hermit energy today! As noted above, the Kozminsky Symbol of the day features a Hermit in a cave.  Today’s two cards relate to “getting the message”by adopting a new way of thinking. With Mercury in its shadow phase, we’re being told to think in a different way. Don’t expect to get answers if you ask the same old questions in the same old way. This combination tells us to be open to new sources of input and to go within for the information we need. Swords are air cards and relate to the mind and the mental process, so we may “hear words” in our head or feel as though we’re taking dictation from a higher source.  The maturation of wisdom, learning from experience. “Putting your money where your mouth is”–testing out your beliefs in the real world. These two cards can also indicate doing research or becoming immersed in a new spiritual process, one that involves meditation or any method of training thoughts and calming the mind. We may hear news of a new healing process that involves reprogramming the mind in order to help heal the body.  This pair can indicate a combination of space age ideas working with time-tested, established methods. (Maybe they’ll come up with some new ways to slow down the aging process?)  New schools for teaching and training the young (this reminds me of Buddhist monasteries).  Something long-buried is pulled from the earth or rediscovered.  A breath of fresh air sweeps through old religious beliefs. 



–October 2, 2013

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