The Daily Astro for October 3, 2013


The Daily Astro for October 3, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester





As I was preparing to write this (and had already chosen the image used for this post), I heard that a woman with a child in her car (!!!)  had attempted to drive over barricades near the White House and had refused to stop when confronted by security officers. She knocked over a Secret Service agent and was shot and killed, according to the latest news reports  My first thought was “that’s really bizarre”, and then of course, when I checked today’s aspects, not only are we dealing with the Sun in Libra popping into formation to activate the Cardinal T-Square I’ve been talking about for a while (the other “legs” are Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn), but Venus forms a sesquiquadrate aspect to Uranus as well.   When Uranus is in the driver’s seat, you never know what’s going to happen–unpredictability  reigns. Venus is currently in Scorpio, whose co-rulers are Mars and Pluto, and Uranus is in Aries, ruled by Mars. This is volatile enough, but hook that into the ongoing T-square and it suggests the possibility that women, distraught by intense feelings or personal grievances, may start “acting out” explosively the same way that has traditionally been the province of men.  And of course, since the Cardinal T-Square effects the entire world, it isn’t just women who will be acting out.  It just happens that today Venus was highlighted by the aspect to Uranus.  The shocking and strange may be the norm today. And it goes without saying, but of course I’ll say it: be careful on the roads, avoid road ragers and don’t be one yourself.  Don’t engage with people who seem irrational. You’re not going to be able to “talk sense” into them.  They’re being driven by another agenda.


I was thinking earlier today about what I was going to write and the phrase “tipping point” came to me. With the Sun in Libra, issues related to fairness, relationships,  justice and balance are highlighted.  Move too far in either direction and it’s easy to lose your equilibrium. The breakdowns we’re experiencing right now, which everyone seems to sense presage larger and more serious disruptions, are telling us that we need to reassess our priorities and get into “right relationship” with ourselves and with others. We do have to share this planet with all the other people, plants, animals and other organisms that are trying to exist here.


The day began with a burst of high spirits, as the Moon sextiles Jupiter at 1:58 AM EDT.  Since many people were probably asleep, this could just mean lots of dreams about major clean-ups in big, fancy houses. (Hey, the Moon’s in Virgo as the day starts–whatever floats your boat!)  The Sun opposite Uranus aspect clocks in at 10:12 AM EDT and clicks into the T-Square, as discussed, so all you Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn people get an extra zappy lightning strike today.  Yup, it’s frizzle-frazzle time!  It’s one of those days where the same-old/same-old is just intolerable. Rebellion’s in the air and everybody wants to do it “my way” (especially the Aries beings). Relationships can be tested today, especially if one party demands total freedom and the other one hopes to maintain the previous status quo.   It’s just “no go” for that status quo today, I’m afraid.  To incorporate this energy with less sizzle and splinter, try something new today –do something “uncharacteristic”. (I don’t mean go out and rob a bank–just shake it up a little). You have to pay a little tribute to the King & Queen of Mondo Bizarroland today, just as a little tribute to propitiate them.



As noted, the Venus/Uranus clash can mean that shaky pairings get even shakier if we lack self-awareness in our dealings with others.  You might find that some relationships suddenly end. And of course, given the outer planetary energies, we may also reconnect with people from the past who suddenly reappear and start in again as though there’s never been a time gap.  Past, present and future may seem to collide (which is kind of confusing, I know).


A period of dolefully dour behavior ensues as the Moon connects with Saturn at 2:25 PM EDT. Don’t be too hard on yourself and try to avoid negative types–they’re just looking for someone to offload their chores and problems on, anyway.   After Venus sextiles the Moon (whew, relief!)  at 2:57 PM EDT,  people are feeling chummy again–go have a nice late lunch or take a coffee break to catch up on gossip. The Moon’s Void until it enters Libra at 10:59 PM EDT, so take it easy, finish  whatever’s been piling up, but don’t start anything new; it won’t turn out the way you expect. The Void Moon, combined with those presto-chango Uranus aspects, pretty much guarantees that you can’t plan anything anyway,so take the hint.  There’s a New Moon on the way (8:35 PM EDT on Friday), so get ready, get set, but don’t “go” yet!





Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A professor peering over his glasses.”     

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   A crow with a large rat in its beak. ”  (Influence is: SATURN.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ SPECIALIZATION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “DEFIANCE.” 

Well, the Keyword for today’s Kozminsky Symbol (“defiance”) certainly fits today’s powerful Uranus aspects. There’s nothing more defiant than Uranus when it feels trapped or held back! The Kozminsky Symbol features a crow. Crows are intelligent, talkative, and regarded as sentinel figures, watchers in the dark. They also have associations with death and the underworld, emphasizing the “walker between worlds” connection. The crow in today’s Symbol has patiently worn down its (large) prey until it has defeated it. The influence is Saturn (patience, long-term strategies, wearing down an opponent, and even the color black can be associated with Saturn). Kozminsky says the crow is gifted with “patience and sagacity, understanding and diplomacy.”  Pay attention to all messages and messengers today. They may have made a long and arduous journey to get to you!  It’s important to listen to your inner voice. Don’t give up yet.

The Sabian Symbol relates to knowledge and intelligence, especially the process of learning. There’s a need to increase our skills and focus on a particular area in order to make progress. Then we can teach others what we’ve learned. What is it that  you really enjoy learning about? What are you obsessed with?  There’s your subject.  The more you learn, the more you grow.   Being rewarded for our knowledge or heralded for our well-thought out advice. This Symbol also is about about transmitting wisdom to future generations so that they will have the benefit of all that we’ve learned. Be a mentor or teacher to someone who desires to learn. (This is a “Big Brother/Big Sister” symbol.)  And–if you need advice yourself today, don’t be afraid to ask. Someone has the answer you seek!  On the down side, don’t be the type that peers down the nose at others. We’ve all had teachers who manage to make their students feel deficient or stupid. Avoid being a know-it-all type,especially when you know nothing about the subject at hand!




Queen of Cups / The Wheel 

OK, so here’s Madame Mysterioso spinning the Wheel of Fate.  Where’s it gonna end up?  You already know, don’t you?  Sudden changes arise from what’s long been percolating inside. The pattern’s already woven into the tapestry. Pay attention to your intuition and your dreams. The outer journey is a mirror of the inner journey. The womb of change. Rebirth, reincarnation, taking another spin, remake/remodel, beginnings and endings. The mystery of cycles. The guiding intelligence behind seemingly random events. Movement of the soul. Keeping your emotional center in the midst of huge change or disruption.  The Wheel reverberates to Jupiter, and with the Queen of Cups, it’s about Lady Luck, prophetic dreams, knowing what the future holds and spinning towards it, knowing that you, too, may already be a winner. 







–October 3, 2013

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