The Daily Astro for September 24, 2013




The Daily Astro for September 24, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester






The Moon bops into Gemini at 3:34 AM EDT. The Sun’s in Libra in a trine with that Gemini Moon (6:36 AM EDT), and with Mercury also in Libra, another air sign, the emphasis is on communications, messages and messengers, pleasant interactions with others You may find yourself acting as mediator or intermediary of some kind today.  You’ll definitely be doing two things at once! We may feel a little scattered early in the day, as we’re pulled in different directions trying to meet everyone’s needs or keep up with a non-stop stream of flowing information. There’s a Moon/Jupiter contact at 8:37 AM EDT and then the Moon squares Neptune at 9:53 AM EDT, so we can slide into overwhelm easily. Don’t promise more than you can deliver!  It’s like an overinflated balloon–eventually it’s going to pop. You may have to deal with people who aren’t clear about what they want or need or have unrealistic expectations.  Round and round we go….we love the pretty painted horses on the carousel but if you take too many rides in succession, we’re bound to get dizzy!


As noted yesterday, asteroid Juno goes direct at 4 degrees Aquarius today. Juno’s square Saturn in Scorpio, and relationship issues we’ve been ruminating about may explode outward.  (Venus is also square Mars, so issues related to sexuality, joint resources, and everything you’re trying to keep buried will be “outed”.)  What price are you paying in order to maintain your partnership/s? Is it worth it?  Remember the TV show called “Truth or Consequences?”  That’s what’s going on. It’s strip-it-to-the-foundation time. Is it solid, or do you have termites? Can it be repaired? The Sabian Symbol for 4 Aquarius is “A Hindu Healer” and one of the key principles is “realignment”.  Are you out of alignment with your core principles? If so, what do you need to get back on track?  This theme carries on through the evening, as a Moon/Pluto inconjunct at 9:17 PM EDT asks us to take a look at how we communicate our deepest needs and where we’re stuck or blocked due to past trauma that’s still haunting our emotional DNA.  Chiron is sextile Pluto, opening the path to healing. Unconventional methods work best now.  We may be able to finally get in touch with our pain rather than disassociating from the feelings. The Moon’s connections with Mercury at 8:27 PM EDT and with Saturn at 10:04 PM EDT gives a dose of  that “everybody’s talkin’ at me” vibe.  Discussing  difficult situations can bring  up feelings of remorse or sadness as we relive past problems. Don’t beat yourself up too much or get morose.


The last aspect of the day involves Mars and Jupiter at 10:52 PM EDT, providing a burst of energy and enthusiasm that restores the spirit.  Maybe your kid won a trophy or aced the spelling bee, or someone overcame a major hurdle and now has a more positive outlook.  Brainstorm and then make some plans for the future.  Exercise might also be a good outlet if you’re feeling particularly energetic.





Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “The light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh.”   

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A gold-covered book, on which is cut a Crux ansata crowned, floating in the misty air.  (Influence is the SUN. )

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “THRESHOLD.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “FORSEEING.” 

It’s a Magical Mystery Tour today!  The Kozminsky Symbol features a gold floating book with a crowned Crux ansata, (probably better known as the “ankh”). So we’re bringing in the energies of ancient Egypt here, and themes of reincarnation and eternal wisdom. Kozminsky says this symbol denotes “psychic understanding, peculiar knowledge and inspiration”. It also symbolizes the battle between spirit and matter, with the idea that spirit conquers all (the ankh is crowned).  The book relates to the knowledge of the ages, and calls to mind the idea of the Akashic records, where the history of our lives is stored on the astral plane (note that the book is floating in “the misty air”).  The Word handed down to us (the Moon’s in Gemini today!) Gold relates to the Sun, our essence, the core of who we are, the spirit that animates the flesh.

The Sabian Symbol also relates to the psychic transmission of arcane wisdom.  The light projected forward illuminates the path and the potential future.  The next stage in development. “Ascension.”  Appreciation for the sacrifices of those who came before us. A vision that can be carried into the future. The seeds of knowledge have been planted. The torch has been passed, the prophecy comes true. The situation is constantly evolving. Evolutionary growth and progression. Change occurs organically through growth. Reaching the highest level of development. Living the vision. On the down side, this symbol can relate to dissociated states, bizarre or superstitious thought patterns, being unable to shift or grow. Failing to understand or appreciate where you came from or denying the past.




Hierophant / 7 of Wands 


  “A test of faith”  



Our Symbols today are full of references to “keeping the faith” and the transmission of sacred systems from eons past. The Hierophant reflects this received wisdom, channeled from the source through intermediaries.  What’s your belief system and where does it come from?  The emphasis is on ancient teachings and those who teach. Mentors and spiritual guides fall under this heading. We may find that we’re being tested, prodded at the weak spots to see if we’ll come apart. The 7 of Wands is connected to Mars in Leo (its current position) and relates to warrior energy and courage. Are you willing to fight for your beliefs? Holy wars and holy warriors.  Conflicts that arise due to differences in religious or spiritual beliefs. It can indicate we’re being challenged about our beliefs or engaging in one-on-one battles or pairing off (Sun and Mercury in Libra– the Libra polarity is Aries, ruled by Mars, god of war).


Feeling the need to distance yourself from a mentor or teacher, or from your belief system. Internal struggle with what you’ve been taught to believe (accepted wisdom). Taking a risk, accepting a challenge.  You need to face something head-on. Being confronted with legal papers or edicts of some kind. Wrestling with doubt or developing a new philosophy. Realizing you have to change your position and it’s going to be a struggle. Eliminating the “middleman” and going it alone. Direct experience of the sacred.  Feeling under siege or pressured by the weight of your past. The need to prove yourself.


–September 24, 2013


  1. I really had to chuckle when I read, “You may have to deal with people who aren’t clear about what they want or need or have unrealistic expectations.” I received an email this morning from a client who fits that description very well.


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