The Daily Astro for September 25, 2013

sword girl

The Daily Astro for September 25, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester



‘m running late today, as it’s been one of those days with immutable deadlines. I’ve been rushing around trying to get things done, as there’s a great deal of time pressure.  I don’t exactly feel like doing what I have to do, but it has to be done because there will be repercussions if it doesn’t get finished on time. All this sounds like our pal Saturn, doesn’t it?   Saturn and the North Node are less than a minute away from each other today, in Scorpio.  This connection reminds me of the practice of “bundling”, where a suitor and his intended were allowed to share a bed together, but both were wrapped in blankets or cloth–and sometimes a wooden board was placed between them. This gave them a chance to get to know each other on long cold winter nights while discouraging excessive “experimentation”.  That’s what’s cooking right now. A merger of Intense desire and a feeling of “so close, yet so far” while being thwarted in the present. Patience will eventually be rewarded, if your intentions are honorable. We’re being asked to take a look at the most difficult thing in our lives, that thing we don’t really want to do (like my pile of paperwork), and get started. It’s important to let go of fear, cut the cords, and take that fateful step forward to face our fate (and the future).

The Moon remains in Gemini today, and the day starts a little awkwardly, with the Moon inconjunct Venus at 12:14 PM EDT. We’re not sure how to phrase things, or we can’t communicate our feelings and needs properly. Venus in Scorpio is square Mars in Leo, too, so maybe we’re trying too hard to be dashing and debonair when the other person would prefer we keep it all sub rosa or take it down a notch.  With Mercury parallel Neptune at 1:13 PM EDT we’re hearing some mighty pretty words  (Moon’s in Gemini, Sun’s in Libra) that paint lovely watercolor pictures in our mind, but we’re not so sure it isn’t too good to be true.  The Moon also connects with Jupiter at 2:42 PM EDT, then Mars at 3:23 PM EDT, a gung-ho/can-do combo if ever there was one. Even if we’re still confused, we’d rather jump up out of the chair and look for adventure rather than sit daydreaming the afternoon away.  This may also increase the chatter quotient considerably.

As the day ends, a Sun/Neptune inconjunct at 10:51 PM EDT gives us pause to ponder the ineffable. Some may have a crisis of faith or confidence; others may need to adjust the mask they wearing to face the public. Fantasy may collide with reality as people’s projections or assumptions don’t match the core essence. Something’s getting lost in translation.  Watch your boundaries; you may find you’re being “infiltrated” or someone’s taking advantage by playing on your sympathies.









Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “The dawn of a new day, everything changed.”   

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   A young girl striving to escape from the immaterial, but visible, cords which surround her; the more she struggles the more they increase.” 

 (Influence is VENUS. )

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “INNOVATION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “INVOLVING.” 

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol brings to mind the 8 of Swords in tarot. Here’s a girl bound by “immaterial, but visible” cords.  As in the 8 of Swords, she’s bound by her own thought patterns, unable to move because she’s holding herself back. Like the immaterial cords, others can often see what’s going on, but she’s so tangled up in her own web that she’s paralyzed. Kozminsky says this symbol shows someone who’s liable to be “drawn into psychic conditions from which escape is difficult”.  The more she fights, the more she tightens the cords. The solution is to stop struggling, quiet the mind, and calm the crazy-making thoughts and fears. With the Moon in Gemini, there can be a tendency to activate the “monkey mind”–round and round we go!  Listen carefully today to avoid being drawn into “sticky-trap” situations.  We had a cat who was fascinated by the movement of roaches in one of those glue traps–she reached her paw in to get at the roaches and got stuck to the box. She rushed around frantically, and all we heard was the slap-flap-slap of cardboard against the floor until we caught her and removed the box.

The Sabian Symbol is one of those “this is the first day of the rest of your life” images, which tie in with our North Node/Saturn connection. The North Node is  your growth path  in this lifetime. It’s about new directions, what you should move toward for optimum achievement and fulfillment. The South Node is more familiar; it’s the “been there, done that” Node, what you (col) lapse into as the path of least resistance. Doing the North Node is a little harder; it requires more effort (here’s where Saturn comes in and tells you to stop slacking and get to work). This symbol evokes all the positive energy of a new start, a new chance, an adventure. It’s related to progress, moving on, discovering opportunities and creative abilities. We feel renewed, full of excitement. Find a new way to use your resources. Fast footwork may be required–keep an eye out for new opportunities. The down side here is slogging along in the same old rut and failing to seize the day, fighting progress, or trying to hold back change. (Note:  Even if it worked in the past, our ongoing Uranus/Pluto square is rocking the foundations, so inertia isn’t an option anymore.)




5 of Pentacles / 10 of Pentacles 


“From the Ruins” 


Two Pentacles cards channel Earth energy, so we know we’re dealing with values, growth cycles, 2nd-house type issues (money, finances, what we hold on to, our core belief system, and oozing into our comfort zone.)  The 5 of Pentacles relates to loss of faith and a tendency to undervalue ourselves. With this card we come up against shortages, loss, shame, and feel worn out, depleted, or deprived in some way.  It’s about poverty and isolation on all levels and in all forms. We start to realize the many ways we’ve worked against our own interests. We may have valued the wrong things, or compared ourselves unfavorably to others. It’s time to move on.  Temporary losses or setbacks, if we pay attention, teach us what not to do next time. With the Ten of Pentacles, it shows we’ve learned from our mistakes. Or we’ve learned to accept assistance. This combination reminds me of a family business that almost collapsed at first, but eventually grew into a prosperous entity.


This combination can also indicate that help is available, if we ask. Others may want to invest in our projects. This combo can also indicate an inheritance just when you most need the money, or being helped by a wealthy benefactor. Achieving stability after a challenging time.  The rags to riches paradigm. Questioning the family ethos or values. Being the “black sheep” or the least successful member of a family. Internalizing shame and guilt that’s part of a family dynamic. A company that starts on a shoestring. Working as a freelancer or on commission and finding it difficult at first, but once established, the money rolls in. Making a virtue out of hardship, learning from a downturn in the economy so you’re ready to move forward in better times.




–September 25, 2013

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