The Daily Astro for June 12, 2013





The Daily Astro for June 12, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester




The Moon’s in Leo today and has moved out of the Void-of-Course zone. Time to get creative, get fired up, and strut your stuff. A Moon/Jupiter parallel just after midnight last night brought in  an infusion of “can do” spirit. Give yourself some credit—it’ll increase your confidence, and that will in turn attract more positive people and lead to better results. Try to hang on to that feeling as the day progresses. There are some challenging aspects today, beginning with the Moon square Saturn at 11:41 AM EDT. The Moon and Saturn are in fixed signs, and fixed-sign squares can make you feel really “stuck”, ready to bolt  for the nearest exit. Don’t let the situation get you down or make you doubt your worth. Things can get a little muddled, especially as the Moon inconjuncts hazy Neptune at 11:44 AM EDT.  This combination can lead to abandoned projects and a general lack of focus. Do whatever helps you regain your edge. Redouble your efforts and put in the time, or you’ll find yourself far off course.

A Moon/Mars sextile at 6:44 PM EDT, followed by Venus square Uranus at 6:49 PM EDT shakes things up. This pair should be called the “traveling salesman” duo.  Venus/Uranus can also be the “Loving the Alien” aspect.  A dynamic, energetic type with a good line of patter drops into town, disrupts routine, charms the locals (especially the young women) and then takes off again. Everyone’s looking for something new and different right now. Rebellion is in the air. New and unusual connections form, or there are sudden changes in established relationships. People might be shocked by weird things their nearest and dearest throw themselves into/at.  This is the “I need more space” combo, or the “temporary insanity twins”, if you prefer. However, for situations where there’s no breathing room and people feel like they’re choking, there’s nothing like Uranus for busting the windows wide open and letting that fresh air rush in.

Watch your spending, too—the aftermath can be a bad case of buyer’s remorse on all fronts after the initial mania passes. Impulse control may be a problem. With Uranus involved, intense but not-so-permanent encounters occur. Later this evening, as the Moon inconjuncts Pluto (10:30 PM EDT), we’re required to make adjustments. What we want may not be what we really need, and we have to decide what price we’re willing to pay. There may be some uncomfortably intense interactions that force us to take a look at our motivations. Maybe the earlier aspects today let the genie out of the bottle and now we need to clarify why we made those wishes in the first place.



Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “A barn dance.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A heap of stones over which ivy s growing.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “GREGARIOUSNESS. ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “CLINGING. ”

Today’s Symbols head in different directions, but each one is a good depiction of one or more of today’s planetary aspects. The Kozminsky Symbol keys in on the Moon/Saturn square. This Symbol relates to relying on another or outside forces for security or using their strength or resources to enable yourself to grow. The keyword tells us that due to insecurity or a feeling that we can’t make it on our own, we may hold on too tight or be afraid to strike out on our own. If we lack confidence, we may hold ourselves back or remain in a situation for far too long (rocks = stability but they also don’t move very much).  It may be time to stop being a “clinging vine” and take steps toward independence-we may be too enmeshed with others or living someone else’s life.

The Sabian Symbol reflects the Moon in Leo sextile Mars and the Venus/Uranus aspect prominent today. A barn dance is a social activity that gives people the opportunity to show off, socialize with others, and make connections. Here’s where we display our fancy footwork in order to impress others (Leo Moon), or bump into people we ordinarily might not see (Venus/Uranus).  It’s something different, a special event that only occurs once in a while and can lead to chance encounters (Uranus). This Symbol relates to letting your hair down, having fun, celebration, being sociable, being part of a group, seeking attention, looking for excitement , and cooperating with others.

The down side of this Symbol: attention seeking behavior, a need for constant stimulation, leading a hectic life in order to avoid being alone, or depending on others to provide entertainment or diversion. (Notice that the negative pole of this Symbol ties in with the “clinging vine” attributes of today’s Kozminsky Symbol.)



The World / Page of Pentacles


“Full Circle”. The seeds of new beginnings are found in endings. Completing a cycle. We are where we need to be right now. Everything old is new again. Recycling, revamping old things for current use. Reincarnation, coming back again, the eternal return. Since The World is related to Saturn and the Page is a birth/earth card, it relates to the world of form and to manifestation.

Something new emerges, backed by years of experience or history. A new world is born from the remains of the old. Everything goes in cycles, everything makes sense when seen from a larger perspective. Unearthing the remains of an ancient culture and making new discoveries based on what we’ve found. Encoded patterns tell a story that we’re only beginning to understand. The first steps towards building a new world.

–June 12, 2013

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