The Daily Astro for June 10, 2013


The Daily Astro for June 10, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester


The Moon’s in Cancer today. If I had to sum up today in a couple of words, I’d go for “Mood Swings”.  The Moon rules Cancer, so normally things go all snuggly and comfy-cozy, but today doesn’t quite work out that way. The Moon, after starting the day in off with a let’s-cuddle-up-in-our-fuzzy-slippers conjunction to Venus at 6:28 AM EDT, runs into the outer planet tag team of Pluto (10:12 AM EDT) and then Uranus (12:34 PM EDT); freak-outs & freak shows ensue as we’re wrenched from our comfort zone and given a front-row seat for the latest performance of HysteriaLand.  Taking candy from a baby is another theme–you know how it feels when someone takes away something sweet you’re stuck to? Ouch.

With Mercury sticking a toe in the shadow zone before it goes retrograde later this month, and Chiron stationing before its own retrograde, we may feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume and velocity of messages that are zooming our way. This is the path to healing, as Mercury trines Chiron (6:48 AM EDT), followed by  Moon trine Chiron later in the day (4:18 PM EDT), but be aware that path will take you into some shadowy areas as you confront whatever’s been pushed aside, avoided or disavowed. With Mercury and Chiron talking to the Moon, we’re babbling forgotten languages, looking at ancient patterns being unearthed as past lives meld into present realities. There’s a great deal of “bleed through” flowing through our psyches.  Pay careful attention to any messages you receive–and don’t shoot the messenger!

With a stressful Sun/Saturn aspect at 5:01 PM EDT, plus the Moon going Void-of-Course at 5:15 PM EDT, we may try to block out whatever oozes up from the unconscious because it makes us tense, ashamed and/or fearful.  Confidence in ourselves may waver or we just feel worn out from the struggle. Defenses don’t hold. We may feel we’re never going to attain our goals right now. Other people may not understand what’s going on, so don’t expect a great deal of outside support even though now’s the time you most need it. Some things you just have to do for yourself.  As the day winds down, don’t push things. Relax, renew, and recover, as it’s one of those days where we may feel we’ve been jack-hammered by forces we have no control over.


Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “A cafeteria.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A drunken reveler holding a skull in his hands.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “SUPPLY.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “MENACE.”

The Moon’s in Cancer today, so I suppose it’s fitting that both of our Symbols relate to “appetites” in some way. The Sabian Symbol tells us that it’s all out there, waiting for us—all we have to do is choose what we want. The key is to take what you need and not get distracted through indecision or being dazzled by too many choices. This Symbol also relates to “finding your niche”. Like the compartments in a cafeteria tray, we all have our specific purpose and each contributes to the whole.  On the down side, this Symbol can mean indecisiveness, stalling, being overwhelmed by choice, or falling into “gluttonous” or wasteful behavior.

The Kozminsky Symbol is what happens when the Cancer Moon is strafed by aspects to outer planets and the Sun is challenged by Saturn. “Drowning your sorrows” or over-indulging to fill a void only postpones the ultimate confrontation with the issues that have led to all that avoidance behavior. Kozminsky says, “Let him transmute himself, and turn his thoughts to the real, fine and true”. (Transmute is a fine keyword for Pluto). Once we’re willing to accept the boundaries and learn our lessons, Saturn helps stabilize and ground our sensibilities so we can build a foundation for the future. We begin to realize we have only so much time to get things done, so we get serious.


2 of Cups / 10 of Swords

“Death of An Illusion”. A relationship (or our relationship to that relationship) has come to an end. Romantic illusions are dispelled. This combination brings to mind Nico singing “The End”:  “This is the end….beauuuuuuuutiful friend”.  We may find ourselves released from some form of romantic bondage. The debt is now paid and we can walk free. It’s about what we haven’t seen because our eyes have been clouded by fantasies. We finally wake up and realize it’s over. We may have dreams of partners or spouses who have passed on. This combo is like an X-ray into the soul of our past. It’s about what happened in the dark, and what needs to be released from the darkness. It’s an X-acto knife slicing into the heart of the matter.

We need to expand our definition of love. We’ve tried to reconcile but realize this is not possible. It can also mean “the honeymoon is over” and we have to make changes or give up something in order to live with another person harmoniously. In order to resolve an issue, something needs to be cut loose or let go.

 –June 10, 2013

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