The Daily Astro for April 5, 2013


Brownie Flash Mob



The Daily Astro for April 5, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester




I took yesterday off for my birthday, but I’m back to yak about this new day! Last night at 2:26 AM EDT the Moon (in Aquarius) trined Jupiter in Gemini, a fairly buoyant, forward-thinking combination that casts a happy aura and helps start the day with a positive, optimistic spirit. Our Moon aspects today are quite favorable, with the Moon sextile the Sun, Venus and Mars (all in Aries) from 8:11 AM EDT through 1:22 PM EDT.  After the last aspect, the Moon goes Void-of-Course until 9:00 AM EDT Saturday, so it’s a good idea to get moving early in the day, take a late lunch, and play catch-up in the afternoon. A Void-of-Course moon is like “Brownie Time” (see the Sabian Symbol information, below), a feeling of being “between worlds” where time is suspended and pushing to manifest specific goals doesn’t always work out the way we planned. Those nature spirits are quite mischievous!

All the Moon sextiles noted above help grease the social wheels and most will be in a sort of detached but energetic zone today and feeling open-minded, ready to hear new or unusual ideas. People are inclined to be friendly today. A lively, unemotional approach will work best, as people are open to cooperating if you bring something interesting to the table. It’s a good day for marketing and sales, if approached in a non-traditional way. Informal, impromptu meetings or gatherings are the way to go, as plans can change suddenly. This combination reminds me of the “flash mobs” that gather for a particular purpose, strike their pose, then disperse as suddenly as they have formed.  That sums up today’s dynamic.

The asteroid Ceres entered Cancer yesterday when I was out celebrating my birthday, so I’d like to note here that this will no doubt bring an increased emphasis on nurturing and caring for others. The news may be full of stories about food sources and supplies, housing, the homeless, and dealing with people’s basic needs. We may feel a need to shore up our resources and improve conditions in and around our homes or “home bases”. Later today (4:25 PM EDT), Venus connects with Ceres, and that aspect, combined with Venus’ tie to the North Node, may give us important insights into our relationships. We may need to adjust our parameters, especially in our relationships with women. We may also attract someone into our life who teaches us valuable lessons about relationships. We may not “get it” at first; things may not flow smoothly right away.  Mercury is trine the North Node, so it’s all a learning experience. Don’t shoot the messenger.  Pay attention. It’s like a puzzle—the pieces do fit together, but it may take some time to work it out to get the full picture.



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun:  “ Brownies dancing in the setting sun.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “Wild flowers growing amidst the corn in a sunlit field.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “INVIGORATION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “ABUNDANCE.”


The key concept that underlies both of today’s Symbols is “WILD/NATURAL”. In the Kozminsky Symbol, wildflowers pop up between the rows of corn. Someone planted the corn in an orderly way, and it will be methodically harvested and stored. Nobody planted the wildflowers, and they don’t have a “purpose”, they just show up and brighten the landscape with a riot of vivid colors. They’re there because they’re there! This Symbol relates to freedom and simplicity, plus the unique ability to thrive under any conditions.  It ties in with today’s aspects between the Moon in Aquarius and the cluster of planets in Aries. Since they haven’t been cultivated, wildflowers are often “happy accidents” in size and color—each one is unique (an Aquarius keyword). Wanderers who aren’t confined to one place like the cultivated corn, they’re explorers, and every spring they show up in new territories (the Aries spirit of adventure).

With Ceres in Cancer, of course when I see the word “Brownies” I think of baked goods, but it would be a little strange to see those little squares dancing in the setting sun.  (And if that’s what you’re seeing there was probably something interesting in those brownies!) No, this Symbol relates to nature spirits who show up at that “in-between worlds” time just before day turns to evening. Brownies and wildflowers both thrive in the middle zone, those uncharted territories that people sometimes overlook.  One of the themes today:  take some time to really notice what’s going on underneath or hidden the everyday world. There’s a lot happening under the surface.

The Sabian Symbol also relates to cycles, beginnings and endings (the day ends, a new one begins). Both Symbols take place outside, and remind us of the need to stay connected to the cycles of nature. Both of these Symbols point to the importance of being adaptable and  to let loose and “go with the flow”. Brownies are dancing creatures, young spirits who appear for a brief time; wildflowers sprout randomly.  Remember to take advantage of those moments of joy that spring forth spontaneously. Accept that change is a constant, don’t cling to the past.

Both Symbols ask us to release that inner “wild child” and join the dance of life. Take some time to enjoy being alive; don’t get frozen in place by “shoulds”.  Today’s a good day to try natural healing methods, as both of these Symbols connect to the wisdom and energy channeled through the earth.



10 of Swords / 9 of Pentacles


“Peace”. This combination relates to “Brownie time” (see above), that magical period just as the sun sets. It also reminds me of the process of reincarnation. The 10 of Swords often relates to sleep, dreams, or that which occurs at night, and the process of releasing the past. Like the Brownies, it exists in its own time, it’s what most don’t see unless they know where (and how) to look.   The 10 of Swords is the last gasp, the point where the soul leaves the body, the dark before the dawn.

The 9 of Pentacles is the new home. After coming to terms with the past, as painful as it may have been, it’s over. We are now at peace, at home in our own skin. We remain calm no matter what happens as it’s all about about inner balance—what others want or say does not sway us. Like the wildflowers in the Kozminsky Symbol, we’re valuable on our own merits, we don’t have to prove a thing. Just be. Don’t keep replaying the past; it’s gone. This is a wonderful combination for deep thinking, meditation, going on a spiritual retreat, vacationing alone, or taking some time for yourself and limiting outside interruptions. Spend some time outdoors in the woods, the wild, the mountains, by the sea–anywhere you can be alone with nature.

 –April 5, 2013



































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