The Daily Astro for March 28, 2013



The Daily Astro for March 28, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester




There’s a lot of volatility still in the air as the energy from yesterday’s Full Moon disperses. People may still be “wired” or on edge and in “shift/release” mode. The ground was shifting yesterday too, as an earthquake shook Taiwan and landslides tore away parts of the coastline of Whidbey Island in Washington state.

Today starts off with Mercury in Pisces square Saturn in Scorpio at 5: 49 AM EDT. This water sign square-off can make us magnetic and charismatic (in a very serious, and seriously appealing) way. The combination of whimsy melded with rock solid content intrigues, making difficult concepts easy to understand. During the day, scads of ideas may be roiling around in our heads; after the Moon enters Scorpio this evening (8:53 PM EDT) we figure out how to mesh and meld them into something deeply resonant.

The Moon is void, making no major aspects until 8:54 PM EDT, (when it enters Scorpio). All the action today involves the Sun, Uranus and Venus. At 1:05 PM EDT, Venus conjuncts the Sun in Aries, at 7:01 PM EDT Venus conjuncts Uranus and finally, at 8:38 PM EDT, the Sun conjuncts Uranus. This combination of planets and energies reminds me of a huge petri dish bubbling away madly. Something completely new and unique is being born here. I wonder if it will have something to do with women or women’s rights, with crusading Venus in Aries connected to Uranus and the Sun (shining a light on the issues). It could even involve some revolutionary form of birth control that gives women more autonomy. Whatever it is, it’s going to be exciting and new, or something that is revolutionary in some way and takes us to another level. All this brain-fire should help us jump an evolutionary level! Since’s the Moon’s void, it could be something that’s currently off our radar, behind the scenes, or chugging away in some sort of super-futuristic think tank.

On a more mundane level, these aspects can indicate unstable situations related to women. I also heard on the news last night that yet another female teacher was assassinated in Afghanistan for daring to bring knowledge to the local girls. She’d been teaching in another area and was relocated due to threats to her safety. In addition to what I mentioned in the previous paragraph, another thing these aspects can usher in an infusion of love, universal compassion, and a desire to inspire and excite others with visions of the future. These teachers understand that in today’s climate in the areas where they live, they’ve put themselves in a dangerous and unpredictable situation by venturing out to educate young women. But their love of learning, desire for progress and love for the students they teach motivates them to move past their fears and work towards a future in which women are regarded as equals.



Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “ Three old masters hanging in an art gallery.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A Roman general gaudily appareled receiving a wreath of flowers from an empress.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “ ACCORD.”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “GAINING.”

Both of today’s symbols do the rewind and take us back to the past in some way. The Old Masters hanging in the gallery reflect the highest standards of creativity, skill and beauty achieved by previous generations (they are OLD Masters, after all), and the Kozminsky Symbol reminds us of “the glory of Rome”. Put the two together and you have the flowering of a society that is able to create wealth and beauty because its boundaries are secure and people have the freedom to grow and express themselves. The Kozminsky Symbol brings in the Mars/Venus combo (the general ties into all the planets in Aries, especially Mars in Aries), and the Empress with the floral wreath key allies with the Venus theme of wealth, value, bounty, and the beauty of the natural world. The Old Masters of the Sabian Symbol show the power of art (Sun/Venus) to inspire (fire or Aries energy). This combination of Symbols reminds me of the cultural explosion that was the Renaissance period. Given today’s astrological aspects, it seems that there’s something new and unusual brewing that may well lead us to a new Renaissance, despite the fact that sometimes it seems we’re being hauled back to the Dark Ages.

The Sabian Symbol, with its emphasis on 3 paintings, also alludes to the three souls of Plato, according to most commentaries: Mind/Intellect, Feeling/Emotion and Habit/Instinct. The fact that they’re hanging together suggests integration (and harmony) has been achieved. This also signifies an appreciation of the value of our ancestors and our heritage. There’s also a karmic connection here, emphasizing that we are who we are due to our linkage to those who came before us.

It can also indicate presenting a “unified front” and learning how to work with others for the best outcome (today’s Sun/Venus conjunction echoes this aspect of the Symbol). The down side here is turning life into a “paint-by-numbers” project as we go through the motions or insist upon doing everything as it’s always been done in the past. Museums are like tombs, in a sense, as the art is removed from its original context, separated, put behind glass and alarmed so that it loses its direct connection to its source. Today’s Sun-Venus-Uranus aspects remind us it’s time to invent our own style, shocking as it may seem to the traditional crew. Impressionism, abstract painting and pop art freaked people out when they burst upon the scene, but as it was their time to emerge, they showed up for the party!

As both of today’s Symbols relate to rewards or honors for achievement, take some time to reflect upon what you value, what you’d like to leave behind for posterity and what you honor or what honors you. Where do you shine? What’s your recipe for creative alchemy?


Knight of Cups / 3 of Pentacles

“What’s Your Mission?” Inspiration and a search for your own personal Holy Grail combine with love for the work you’re meant to do. These two cards ask the question: “What were you put here on earth to do?” Are you known for a particular skill or talent, or are you still trying to figure out what your soul goal is? Think about what lights your fire (there’s a lot of planets in Aries now!). The 3 Pentacles mirror the 3 paintings in the Sabian Symbol. The skilled craftsperson in this card is hard at work as others are shown appreciating the effort, looking at the work in the same way museum-goers check out paintings. Find something you love to do–and then keep doing it! Pour your energy into what you love (Sun-Venus in Aries). Maybe it’s a long and winding road with eccentric twists and turns (here comes Uranus!) but that’s the nature of a quest. Think about what you want to be known for and what you want to leave behind as a legacy.


–March 28, 2013



















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