The Daily Astro for March 20, 2013


The Daily Astro for March 20, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester



Today’s one of my favorite days of the year. It’s the Vernal Equinox and the Sun enters Aries at 7:02 AM EDT. Disclaimer: I’m an Aries. I love Spring. My mood improves about 1,000% when I see the first crocus, get to de-hibernate and spend time outdoors!  Mars and Uranus are already in Aries; now, with the Sun in tandem with Mars, we figure out how to focus those nascent energies. Act from your core, don’t just flail around wildly. Direct your energies, don’t let them direct you. The asteroid Hygeia sits very close to the Sun; Hygeia relates to cleansing and purification, and in Aries so close to the Sun it’s time to “clean up our act” to get ready for a new start.

Today’s energy has a real back-and forth, advance/retreat feel to it, repeating the Equinox theme of equal forces lined up (we’re in balance today as the amount of light and dark hours in the day are now of equal length). Today’s combo is all about nurturing what’s about to be born, with the Sun in pioneering Aries and the Moon in protective Cancer.

The Moon squares the ruler of Aries, Mars at 3:32 AM EDT. I bet a lot of people woke up in the middle of the night with dreams about people yelling at them to get things done! Think about what wants to emerge in your life–what’s calling out to you with great intensity? What wakes you up or gets you going? Next, a Moon/Uranus square at 7:06 AM EDT blasts us with some cosmic caffeine (up and at ‘em!), though the sensitive Moon might have preferred to use the snooze button and wake gradually. With Saturn aspects to both the Moon and the asteroid Ceres, issues of self-worth may inhibit our ability to push forward or feel totally comfortable in our own skin today. Since Venus and Mars also tangle, the push-pull will probably play out  in relationships. The Moon opposes Pluto at 2:02 PM EDT. Power struggles, obsessive behavior and acting out may be the norm this afternoon as people’s emotional triggers are set off. Oversensitivity, defensiveness and outbursts may ensue and timing is defiinitely “off”. Just look at all of this as birth pangs and don’t let it throw you off.

The Moon is also Void-Course after the Moon/Pluto opposition, and it’s a long one, lasting until the Moon enters Leo at 2:50 AM EDT on Friday morning. This just continues today’s zig-zag theme. Don’t be surprised if things get unexpectedly intense and plans change due to the reactions of others or circumstances beyond your control. Try to roll with it. We’re still not fully out of the Mercury Retrograde period yet, either, it’s “officially” done, but there’s always a bit of the shadow to deal with on either end as it goes back and forth, so the retro-deja-vu rock-and-roll continues. We’re champing at the bit, prodded by all that Aries energy, but at the same time we’re pulled back into the past (the Moon’s in Cancer, after all). It’s like we really want to go out to dinner and try something new, but first we have to finish all the leftovers in the refrigerator. Try to be patient, finish old projects and plan for the future during this period. Baby yourself and your loved ones tonight!


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A woman rises out of water, a seal rises and embraces her. ”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A ball of fire bursting across a rainbow.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “REALIZATION.”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “ACTION.”

Both Symbols relate to birth, rebirth and manifestation. The Kozminsky Symbol is associated with Uranus, and a “ball of fire” is the perfect image for today’s trifecta of the Sun, Mars and Uranus in Aries. There’s a great deal of force in this image of space matter bursting through the skies, illuminating a rainbow. We’re being told that the time is now, so get ready to blast off. There’s always danger involved in bold and daring acts, but the rainbow reminds us there’s peace after a storm. “Action” is the keyword, and the best use of these energies is to get something moving and start something new.

The Sabian Symbol is also about birth, newness, and the first steps towards realization of our potential, all Sun Aries/Moon Cancer themes. It’s an image of integration of energies, similar to the rainbow in the Kozminsky Symbol. The woman is embraced by a seal, showing the merging of the inner emotional (Moon in Cancer) and outer, more active aspects (Sun in Aries). It speaks of new beginnings, change, adventure, and growth. It also reminds me of the selkie tales from Ireland, of a woman who transforms into a seal, bringing in a shamanic or shape-shifting feel. When we’re brand new, we can take any form and learn from being inside that skin. The down side of this Symbol is being hasty, making impetuous decisions, or jumping from one thing to another without considering the consequences–these are all “Aries overdrive” problems.


Ace of Swords / The World

“Alpha & Omega”. The eternal cycle, beginning anew at this Equinox as the Sun enters Aries. One season ends, another begins, through eternity. If we can visualize it, it can manifest. The Ace of Swords tells us there may be some conflict or struggle, but that’s how things are born into this world. It does take some effort! The seed breaks through the Earth (Saturn, associated with the World card) and grows toward the Sun. It’s all about the dance of life as we hurtle through the cosmos (like the ball of fire in the Kozminsky Symbol).

–March 20, 2013



















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