The Daily Astro for February 13, 2013


The Daily Astro for February 13, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester


WAKE UP!  Just in case any of you were still snoozing, here’s my rise & shine yodel to alert you that this morning is full of potential. The Moon in Aries cojoins Uranus at 8:06 AM EST, then sextiles Jupiter in Gemini at 9:01 AM EST. The early hours of the day inspire “out of the box” thinking.  (Well, maybe even “out of this solar system” thinking, to be more precise.) We’re raring to go, and may take a risk or three, but our instincts are good. Areas of emphasis: publishing, big business, technology and computing, machinery, any and all things virtual, travel and anything foreign or involving foreigners. We all should be humming “Born to Be Wild” this morning as we “head out on the highway”. We’ve got a burning yearning for freedom and excitement and want to cross beyond all borders. Pay attention to your instincts and intuition for clues to the new direction.

Later in the day the balloon deflates a bit as the Moon squares Pluto at 4:35 PM EST and then forms an adjustment aspect with Saturn.  Downer, man! We’re definitely going to feel like someone’s trying to bum us out. We may run into resistance from “The Man” or someone who shuts down our plans and/or imposes too many restrictions so we can’t run wild, run free. Don’t get discouraged, just shift focus. If you’re blocked in one direction, use the limitations as a jumping-off point. The creative mojo is strong. You’ll brainstorm a way out! Also consider: roadblocks can be a warning that you’re heading too fast along a dangerous route and need to switch gears.



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A hydrometer.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “Three fires blazing above three triangular hills, a cross sword floating in the air above.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “EFFICIENCY”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “SERVICE”.

Combining the themes of these two Symbols, we find a balanced combination of passion and fire (Kozminsky indicates that today’s symbol is connected with the planet Mars, ruler of Aries, where today’s Moon is located) with a rather scientific approach which seeks the “big picture” in terms of patterns. So here’s force and energy harnessed towards higher goals, one of today’s themes.

A hydrometer, the totem of today’s Sabian Symbol, measures the specific gravity of liquids-it’s a tool to assess changes and differences. By doing this we are able to make certain predictions based on analysis of the situation. In the midst of today’s highly charged environment, remember to step back and take an objective approach in order to zero in on the underlying patterns at work. Remember your ultimate goal and don’t be knocked off balance by any upswings or downturns you may encounter today.

The Kozminsky Symbol is in sync with today’s Warrior Moon in Aries. It features blazing fires and swords. Aries, a fire sign, is ruled by Mars, associated with battle, wars, and conflicts, so this Symbol could be the Aries family crest!  There’s an awareness of higher forces (the 3 fires and 3 hills/The Trinity/The Fates) which sets things in motion and sends us on our quest. This requires, as Kozminsky states, “intelligence, force, and bravery, with a strong will” . It indicates someone who is in service to a higher power yet maintains his/her equilibrium and is not possessed by outside forces, but maintains an independent fighting spirit.



King of Swords / 6 of Cups

Here’s our  Top Dog using his formidable intellect and skills in service and protection, which suggests today’s Kozminsky Symbol. I felt when I saw this pair that there may be some news today relating to laws enacted to protect children from abusive situations. I’m also wondering if we’ll hear any more news about the backstory behind the Pope’s resignation.

The strength of this King is in his ability to align a strong will with a sympathetic inner core and to remember his days as a vulnerable child. The 6 is a number that often relates to families and family responsibilities, so this can also indicate not shirking your obligations to family and those who depend upon you for survival.

This combination also can mean taking a hard look at whether background influences from your family and childhood are cutting you off from fully expressing yourself emotionally. This combination mirrors some of the astrological aspects this afternoon, where we may feel that those with power are “shutting us down”. Take a look at what feelings arise and how this may relate to your past in order to avoid overreacting to the situation. And if you’re the one in the position of power and are feeling stressed, a little nostalgia break may be in order at this time. Go back to a period in your childhood when you felt fulfilled and happy, and take those memories with you to the present to soothe the rough edges.

–February 13, 2013













































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