The Daily Astro for November 27, 2012

The Daily Astro for November 27, 2012

Word for the day: “Juggernaut”. There’s a tremendous amount of energy available today. The question  is, how will you use it? The Moon makes stress aspects to Mars and Pluto, and Mars and Pluto are churning in tandem in a conjunction aspect in the sign of Capricorn. The Moon is in “I-won’t-back-down” Taurus until 7:59 PM EST.  If you’re fighting hard in order to overcome an obstacle or achieve a long-sought goal, these do-or-die aspects will provide fuel for your fire. (Make plans, figure out strategic moves–it’s time to work on the “battle plan”!) These are transformative aspects, so if you’re trying to squelch negative patterns or habitual behaviors that have held you back,  it’s a great time to harness this energy. If you’re playing power and control games or trying to steamroll others while obsessively pursuing your desires, you may find that it all collapses around you or nothing comes of your plans, especially since the Moon is void of course until 7:59 PM, when it enters Gemini.  This mutable Moon lightens the mood, and we may find ourselves a little scattered as we enter the Twilight Zone (after the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces at 8:52 PM). We’ll be very “absorbent” and receptive to new ideas this evening, but as the Moon later aspects Saturn, the key concept is once these ideas are pulled from the either, the next step is to give them shape and form. These energies remind me of a sculptor working with a chunk of stone, releasing its inherent beauty.


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A game of cricket.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A man in a black robe carrying a black rod on the top of which is a hand, the thumb held beneath the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn, whilst the fingers of Sun and Mercury are pointing upwards.”
Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “ SPORTSMANSHIP. ”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “VALOUR.”

Today’s Sabian Symbol is essentially about playing by the rules –“playing fair”. We should act with integrity and not be tempted by shortcuts or exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior, as “it isn’t cricket!” This Symbol ties in with the Mars/Pluto aspects, which when used incorrectly, can lead to a win-at-any-cost mentality. The focus is on channeling this power and energy towards a higher or collective goal. The bar is high here, and we’re being tested to see if we can stand up to the pressure, if we’re up to the challenge. Can we take the raw materials and combine them to produce something that’s even stronger and more durable than each element on its own?

The Kozminsky Symbol looks like today’s astrological aspects. The day starts somberly (black robe), with an emphasis on power/control and struggles for mastery and rulership (black rod, thumb under the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn).  Kozminsky is throwing in a bit of palmistry here, too, using symbolism for the thumb and the two fingers ruled by Jupiter and Saturn.

As the day proceeds, the Moon moves to Gemini (Mercury, one of the planets mentioned in today’s Symbol,  rules Gemini) and things begin to look up (“Here comes the Sun”–another planet mentioned today). This Symbol tells us to persevere even if powerful opposing forces stand in our way or attempt to break us (Mars/Pluto as breakdown or oppressive use of power). The power of a new idea (Sun/Mercury) is such that once it is communicated and released into the larger world, it percolates and permeates through society and lives forever, transforming (Mars/Pluto) as it progresses.


Anders Celsius (scientist/inventor of centigrade temperature scale), Francoise d’ Aubigne, Marquise de Maintenon (wife of Louis XIV of France), Increase Sumner (5th governor of Massachusetts), Fanny Kemble (Shakespearean actress), Roger Toothaker (victim of Salem witch trials, died in jail), Henri Francois d’ Aguesseau (Three-time Chancellor of France, 1717-1750), Cornelius Vanderbilt (businessman), Bill Nye (“The Science Guy” on TV), Samantha Bond (actor in James Bond films), James Avery (actor, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”), Gail Sheehy (author/journalist), Chick Hearn (Los Angeles Lakers announcer 1965-2002), James Agee (film critic, novelist, screenwriter), Vito Genovese (head of Genovese crime family), Bruce Lee (martial arts expert/actor), Jimi Hendrix (innovative guitarist), Kathryn Bigelow (1st woman to win Best Director Academy Award), Jaleel White (actor, played uber-nerd “Urkel” on “Family Matters”), Caroline Kennedy (attorney, philanthropist, daughter of US President John F. Kennedy), Robin Givens (actor, ex-wife of boxer Mike Tyson), “Buffalo Bob” Smith (host of Howdy Doody TV program), Steve Oedekerk (comedian/producer/writer), Serge Sandberg (film producer and writer), Pino Lancetti (fashion designer), Randy Brecker (trumpeter/flugelhornist), Jean Senac (poet; murdered 1973), Alan Simpson (screenwriter, “Steptoe & Son”), Claude Lanzmann (filmmaker, “Shoah”), Eero Heinonen (musician, The Rasmus), Harivansh Rai Bachchan (Hindi poet), Vladimir Mashkov (actor), Twista (hip-hop emcee), Tadanobu Asano (actor), Laura del Sol (flamenco dancer/actor), Michele Puccini (composer), Vera Fisher (Brazilian actor), Daniel Ducruet (bodybuilder, married briefly to Monaco’s Princess Stephanie), Yulia Tymoshenko (Ukranian politician), Ismail Omar Guelleh (President of Djibouti), Laurent Desire Kabila (President of Congo 1997-2011; assassinated), Billy Nair (South African union/SACP leader, 20 years in prison), Ernie wise (comedian, Morecambe & Wise), Alexander Dubcek (headed Czech Communist party 1968-69), Ole Sarvig (Danish writer), Leon Barzin (conductor, New York City Ballet, 1948-1958), Forrest Shaklee (founded Shaklee Products), Juho Kusti-Paasikivi (President of Finland), Victoria Gotti (daughter of crime boss John Gotti, reality TV star), Frank Boeoen (singer, Frank Boeoen Group), Dave Winthrop (saxophonist, Supertramp), Martin Corbett (gay activist), Al Jackson Jr. (drummer, Booker T & the Mgs), Floyd Cramer (pianist, involved with “Nashville Sound”), William Fichtner (actor), Charlie Burchill (guitarist, Simple Minds), Kevin Henkes (children’s writer/illustrator), Calvin Hayes (musician, Johnny Hates Jazz), Charlie Benante (drummer, Anthrax), Fiachna O’ Braonain (guitarist, Hothouse Flowers), Eric Menendez (accused, with his brother, of killing his parents), Les Blank (documentary filmmaker), Manolo Blahnik (shoe designer), Randy Brecher (musician, Blood, Sweat & Tears), Kevin Kavanaugh (musician, Asbury Jukes), Boris Grebenshchikov (singer, Aquarium), Elizabeth Stride (victim of Jack the Ripper), Chaim Weizmann (1st President of Israel), Amphilochius of Pochayiv (Ukranian Orthodox saint), David Merrick (Broadway producer), William Simon (U.S. Secretary of Treasury), Benigno Aquino Jr. (Philippine opposition leader; assassinated), Michael Vartan (actor, “Alias”), Fisher Stevens (actor), Michael Rispoli (actor, played “Jackie April, Sr.” on “The Sopranos”), Curtis Armstrong (actor in “Revenge of the Nerds” film series),


8 of Wands/The Fool

Things move fast today, especially after the Moon enters Gemini. We may finally get the message, email, letter or phone call we’ve been waiting for. The wait is over, it’s time to get moving. Both cards are like a breath of fresh air that shakes things up and takes us in a new direction. This combo is about the journey to healing, a protected journey of regeneration (echoing today’s Mars/Pluto conjunction). There’s a feeling of release and a new burst of creative energy as we get “closer to the source” by tossing out all our emotional baggage. This combination can indicate travel of all kinds, of feeling the need to explore a new world, or being suddenly called away. Surprising or unexpected information may take us in a new direction as we begin to find the missing pieces to our own personal puzzle.
—Valerie Sylvester, November 27, 2012–

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