The Daily Astro for October 9, 2012

The Daily Astro for October 9, 2012

Today is slam-bang-ish-ly full of aspects, from early in the day until after 9:00 PM EDT. The Moon migrates from Cancer into Leo at 7:55 AM today, ending the long void-of-course period that engulfed large parts of yesterday. Love & money planet Venus is very busy today, trining Pluto (check your investments, look for ways to expand). It may also bring into your life people you feel a deep connection with. Moon and Venus in stress aspect to Saturn today may leave you stymied and  wondering about essential values in relationship–a “what’s it all about?” mode which may, however, make you get real serious about your ties and connections. The initial feeling is foot-on-the-brake, though.

When the Moon enters warmhearted Leo, things heat up, but lunar aspects to Saturn and Neptune bring in the chill of confusion up to around 11:00 AM EDT. After that, we’re raring to go, but we aren’t so sure where.  The Sun/Mars connection ups the ante–we’re restless but the energy may not flow exactly where we’re trying to direct it! Mercury aspects Uranus in a challenging way, so while we may have brilliant ideas, they could be a little too bizarre to take flight–-yet. Take notes and save it for later. This is echoed by Moon/Uranus and Moon/Mercury aspects later in the evening, which skitter, jitter and jolt.  Try to avoid picking fights with other people just for something to do, and avoid being stubborn and self-righteous. There’s some trickster energy afoot; in certain instances, being contrary will work (reversing ourselves or taking a different path can jar things loose), but in other areas we’ll fall flat.
Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A retired sea captain.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A beautifully formed foot rising from a haze of colour-waves”.
Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Relaxation.”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “ Sensibility.”

Both our Symbols for today relate to the sea (the unconscious and psychic realsm) in some way. The Sabian Symbol tells us to go with the flow, take things as they come, and allow ourselves time for reflection. The background is that we’ve done well, accomplished things (the image of a boat boss-man retired from his career) and now is the time to enjoy the benefits. It can also indicate an ending, a transition or change or environment or life cycle. The warning here is to avoid being stuck in the past, reliving our glory days, or else getting worked up over what “coulda, shoulda” happened.

There’s a new cycle beginning; it’s time to explore what that new energy brings into our lives. The Sabian Symbol picks up on some of the Moon/Neptune energy–the idea of a sea (Neptune) captain with his cache of memories (Moon in Cancer as the day starts), that warm his heart (Moon into Leo) and take him to another place and time (more Neptune). Avoid delusional states and wasting too much time in dreamland (negative Moon/Neptune) or being trapped by the sirens of memory–those are the seaweed-snares here.

The Kozminsky Symbol is more abstract, representing the power of art and beauty in our lives. It relates to the blending of the material with the spiritual, the world of beauty and inspiration. The key is to create something both useful and beautiful. This Symbol reminds me of the Venus/Saturn connection today. Love unites with limits or necessity and something beautiful is born from the friction of that combination. The idea:  you need to learn the rules first before you can break them in order to create something unique.  Lay down the framework or form, then proceed.  The Mercury/Uranus aspect signifies the inventor, one who brings in new ideas before anyone else, seemingly channeling them from the ether. This is another aspect of creation–the original spark or inspiration behind the invention or the work of art.

Born on October 9:

King Peter I of Cyprus, Miguel de Cervantes (writer), Charles X (King of France, deposed), Dionysius (“The Justified”, King of Portugal), Robert de Sorbon (founded the Sorbonne University, France), Alfred Dreyfus (Jewish artillery officer tried for treason, known as “The Dreyfus Affair”),John Lennon and son Sean Ono Lennon, Joe Pepitone (NY Yankees), Peter Tosh (reggae musician, The Wailers), Leopold Sedar Senghor (poet/theorist, 1st President of Senegal), Alaistair Sims (actor, “A Christmas Carol”), E. Howard Hunt (CIA /spy/Watergate), Fyvush Finkel (actor), Brian Blessed (actor), Mary Ann Shadd Cary (first black newspaper publisher in US), Jacques Tati (director, wrote/starred in “Mr. Hulot’s Holiday”), Yuri Usachyov (cosmonaut), Robert Wuhl (comedian/actor), Dave Samuels (musician, Spyro Gyra), Jeannie C. Riley (singer, “Harper Valley P.T.A.”), Trent Lott (Mississippi politician), O.V. Wright (singer, “That’s How Strong My Love Is”), “Swami Beyondananda” A/K/A  Steve Bhaerman (comedian/humorist), Charles Jayne (astrologer), Rocky Aoki (wrestler, founded Benihana steakhouse chain), Tony Booth (actor, father of Cherie, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair), Spencer Grammer (daughter of actor Kelsey Grammer), Joseph Melnich (epidemiologist, did research on the spread of polio), Sanseverino (French singer/guitarist), Michel Boisrond (French film director), Karl Schwarzchild (astronomer), Irving Cummings (silent film star), Lee Wiley (jazz singer), John Stompanato (crime figure, boyfriend of Lana Turner, supposedly killed by Turner’s daughter), Pat Burke (musician, Foundations), Scott Bakula (actor, “Quantum Leap”), Sharon Osborne (manager of husband Ozzy Osborne of Black Sabbath, TV personality), Steve Burns (original host of “Blue’s Clues”), Brandon Routh (played Superman in “Superman Returns”), Jon Entwistle (bass player, The Who), Aimee Semple McPherson (evangelist, radio preacher), Jackson Browne (singer/songwriter), Guillermo Del Toro (director, “Pan’s Labyrinth”), Brian Lambe (CEO/founder of C-Span), Bruce Catton (historian, specialty US Civil War), P.J. Harvey (musician), David Cameron (leader of Conservative Party in UK), Horst Wessel (German Nazi activist, “The Horst Wessel Song” became the Nazi party anthem), Jody Williams (1997 Nobel Peace Prize-landmine issues), Aaron Cooper (Worlds Apart boy band singer), Edward Bok (editor/author, won Pulitzer Prize), Orion (astrologer), Danielle Delorme (actor/producer).
Today’s Card Draw:

Today’s Oracle Deck is “The Mythic Oracle” by Carisa Mellado and Michele-Lee Phelan.
You can see some of the cards, including today’s card, at Aeclectic Tarot’s site:

The official website for the cards is:

Today’s Card is: IRIS

Keyword for this card is: HARMONY


Iris, in Greek mythology, was the daughter of a sea god and a nymph. She’s a messenger, one who travels between worlds. The book accompanying the Mythic Oracle deck says that she “is said to provide water to the clouds, and she carries a pitcher of water from the river Styx”, water which has magical powers. She’s a link between “god and humankind, heaven and earth”, harmonizing and keeping the lines of communication humming between realms.

The Mythic Oracle book says if this card is drawn we need to examine our feelings and that this is “a time for restoring harmony, first to yourself, then to the world around you” and that it’s essentially about “harmony of the heart”. Take time out to nurture yourself; remember to be kind to yourself. The key is that harmony within will balance and bring harmony in the outer life as well. The key symbol of Iris, the rainbow, is a bridger of worlds, intact within itself, containing all colors, that reaches from the earth to the clouds. Iris is shown on the Temperance card of the Mythic Tarot, with a similar meaning–the balanced heart, healing from the inside out, finding all the “pieces of the puzzle”, one who connects or brings together opposites, being kind and merciful without ego-involvement or sentimentality, learning to cooperate and achieve harmony, one who is the conveyor of information, the connection/conduit between conscious and unconscious. Iris is connected with the fire sign Sagittarius and the god Hermes (like Iris, a messenger god who can travel with souls to the realm of Hades).

The magic and mystery of Iris and her skills as go-between are reflected in today’s aspects, as the Moon (the unconscious, the nether realms) connects with so many planets, allowing the flow of psychic energy to infiltrate all aspects of our lives. The Mercury/Uranus aspect shows the spark of inspiration and unique forms of communication that Iris brings (and literally, at times, messages from beyond). Her messages are not of this earth, they’re transported from other realms. We must find a way to integrate these jolts from the eternal into our daily life. The Venus/Saturn aspect speaks of balance, of practical integration, of healing practices, another key attribute of Iris. With the Moon in Leo (Leo is related to the heart), the balanced heart is the totem symbol for today. As Iris is connected with Sagittarius the Archer, it’s what we should aim for.


—Valerie Sylvester, October 9, 2012-


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