The Daily Astro for May 11, 2012

The Moon enters Aquarius at 1:03 AM EDT.

The Moon enters Aquarius at 1:03 AM EDT.

The Daily Astro for May 11, 2012

The Moon enters Aquarius at 1:03 AM EDT today. As it aspects Mercury and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius), we’re dealing with both “higher mind” and “lower mind” issues and in learning how to integrate the two. It might make some of us a bit jittery as we try to process this information, as we may feel overloaded. Also, don’t be surprised if people say or do unusual things today. Detachment is key. Saturn aspects Chiron, which is almost guaranteed to make us feel vulnerable in what we feel are our weak areas, we may feel exposed or inadequate, but this process is necessary right now. There’s also a Chiron/Pluto aspect heading our way, and the Sun also aspects Chiron, so the theme is deep healing and confronting the areas of our lives that hurt the most or that we find it hard to face. If we can combine the Aquarian/Uranian ability to look into the future while keeping our emotions in check and look for root causes and patterns behind our feelings, it will help us better understand our deepest motivations, both conscious and unconscious. When the Moon connects with Mars at around 2:55 PM EDT today, this could create a trigger point for all this material to come spewing forth, so don’t be surprised if others (or you!) let ‘er rip when the pressure becomes too much. Sometimes we just have to clear the decks prior to the advent of a new journey.
Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “White dove over troubled waters .”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “Hand holding a torch amidst the darkness .”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol:  “Guidance”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol: “Directorship”

These Symbols dovetail (sorry, couldn’t resist) nicely in that both illustrate the concept of peace and clarity in the midst of turbulence. Both of these point to the need to rise above fear and problems and use our inner vison to guide us. The torch and the dove both symbolize higher knowledge, intuition, guidance and spirituality. They tell us to be alert to signs, symbols and flashes of insight. With the Moon in Aquarius aspecting Mercury and its ruler Uranus today, pay attention to anything odd or unusual that comes up during the day and be alert for synchronicities that lead you in new directions. With Chiron also active, we can access the healing powers represented in these Symbols as well. Groups or associations may provide us with comfort and some of the direction we seek.

Born on May 11:
Salvador Dali, Eric Burdon, Louis Farrakhan, Irving Berlin, Harriet Quimby (first woman to fly across English Channel), Natasha Richardson, Foster Brooks, Jacqueline Cochran (1st woman pilot to make a blind landing), Martha Graham, Mort Sahl, James Haven, Martha Quinn, Mark Herndon (Alabama), Boyd Gaines, Joao Botelho, Carla Bley, Jim Jeffords, Valentino (the designer), Stanley L. Elkin, Richard P. Feynman, Phil Silvers, Terry McAuliffe, Henry Morgenthau Jr., Nicky Katt, Bernard Fox, Mike Lupica, Lordon Gordon “Gordy” White, Chang & Eng Bunker (Siamese twins), Shohreh Aghdashloo, Christoph Schneider (Rammstein), Tim Blake Nelson, Christian Brando, Frances Fisher, Doug Mc Clure, Dame Margaret Rutherford, Camilo Jose Cela, Les Chadwick (Gerry & the Pacemakers), J. J. Jeczalik (Art of Noice), Jeffery Donovan, Katie Wagner, Warren Littlefield, Butch Trucks (Allman Brothers Band), David Gest, Perttu Kirilaasko (Apocalyptica), Charlier Gehringer (Baseball Hall of Fame).
Tarot Enhancer/Antidote: The Hermit/The High Priestess
Here’s a double dose of wisdom! Both of these Major Arcana cards highlight the themes of the day as shown in the astrological aspects and the Symbols (see above). The theme is guidance through insight and intuition, going within for the answers, and taking time off to meditate, ruminate, think and look for answers. This combination also indicates plugging into ancient, hidden wisdom from our elders, the past or from our past lives. There’s an “open circuit” today that leads to healing and being able to travel through space and time to connect with the source. Maybe it’s time to go out and explore!
–Valerie Sylvester, May 11, 2012–

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