The Daily Astro for April 18, 2012


The Moon enters Aries at 11:59 AM EDT today.

The Moon enters Aries at 11:59 AM EDT today.


The Daily Astro for April 18, 2012



The day begins with a Void of Course Moon “hangover” until 11:59 AM EDT (see yesterday’s Daily Astro for more information). Enjoy the relative quiet of this pre-noon period, because after the Moon enters Aries, joins Mercury in Aries, and later in the day connects with Mars and Uranus, things suddenly go into warp speed! Fast talking and thinking are the norm here, and this reminds me: today is smart guy/motor-mouth James Woods’ birthday!  With Uranus in the mix, anything can happen–and it probably won’t be anything expected or prepared for, either.  Sometimes a shock to the system is necessary to reignite the “engines”–but it isn’t always comfortable. It’s not a relaxing day, but it can be a good time to put yourself and your ideas “out there–take a chance, try something new, discuss unusual ideas with like-minded types.
Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A celestial choir singing.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “An artist laying a mosaic pavement in a large public building. He works slowly and with great patience. ”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Veneration ” and for the Kozminsky Symbol it’s “Development ”.

These two Symbols both feature something larger (a choir, a mosaic pavement) that is composed of a number of disparate elements (singers in the choir; tiles or other materials for each individual portion of the mosaic.) The parts combine their energy, strength and beauty to form a cohesive whole, and to achieve more together than they could have done alone, or seen in isolation. Harmony is found through blending and combination. Both Symbols also remind us of the need for art, beauty, and spiritual uplift as an inspiration to others on the path (literally, in the case of the mosaic pavement).

Born on April 18:
Thomas Middleton, Kathy Acker, James Woods, Jim Ellison (Material Issue), Alexander “Skip” Spence (Moby Grape), Ali Khameni (Iran), Lenny Baker (Sha Na Na), James Drury, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Henry Hyde, Barbara Hale, Eric McCormack, Leopold Stokowski, Miklos Rozsa, Suri Cruise, Kourtney Kardashian, Jean Roger Ducasse, Max Weber, Andre Bazin, George Henry Lewes, America Ferrara, Jeff Dunham, Melissa Joan Hart, Christian Slater, Maria Bello, Adolphe Thiers (French President), Conan O’Brien, Jane Leeves, Lee Pattinson (Echo & the Bunnymen), Eric Roberts, Rick Moranis, Lucretia Borgia, Ahmed I (Sultan of Turkey), Glenn Hardin.

Tarot Enhancer/Antidote: King of Wands/Temperance
A great fire combination here; it’s Aries/Sagittarius all the way and if we’re speaking of timing, deals with the time from Aries (now, although we’re almost at the end of Aries’ reign) through early December, when the Sun is in Sagittarius. During this time we’re called to begin our adventure, to go far afield, whether it’s physically or just in our mind–moving and traveling is the key concept, and using that knowledge to help balance the heart. (The mosaic pavement in the Kozminsky Symbols today reminds me of “The Yellow Brick Road” in this context). This combo involves being able to initiate but also to disseminate; to teach what we’ve learned to help heal others. (And here’s where that Celestial Choir from the Sabian Symbols comes into play–healing through sound and color are called forth from the deep wisdom of the Temperance card.)

–Valerie Sylvester, April 18, 2012–


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