The Daily Astro for April 5, 2012

The Moon enters Libra at 11:32 AM EDT today.


The Daily Astro for April 5, 2012


The Moon enters Libra at 11:32 AM EDT today, putting the focus on relationships with others, and achieving a level of fairness and balance in our lives. Libra, an air sign, strives for clarity and detachment, but the Moon is making some stress aspects which indicate that may be hard to achieve–the Scales might be up one minute, down the next today. Venus in Gemini, looking for a little fun, squares Neptune in Pisces so everything can feel like it’s been sprinked with fairy dust, or it can mean that we’ve been bamboozled or misinterpreted and have indulged in a little too much wishful thinking. The combo of Moon in Libra trying to avoid conflict and Neptune in Pisces making everything a little fuzzy (Moon and Neptune form an adjustment aspect at 3:06 PM EDT) can lead us astray if we’re not careful. It’s all a learning experience and helps us clarify our vision by seeing ourselves as mirrored in our relationships with other people. Great insight is possible once we pass through the disillusionment and realize that we’ve been set free from flawed ideas.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “Two prim spinsters .”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A beautiful woman, richly dressed, reclining on a couch, with fruits and golden vessels around her. At her hand, on an ornate table of white marble, lies an opened book. ”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Divorcement ” and for the Kozminsky Symbol it’s “Luxury”.

These two symbols seem diametrically opposed, but also share a theme. The Sabian Symbol’s “spinsters” (now there’s a word you don’t hear much anymore!) keep to themselves by virtue of sharing a common status, and the word “prim” brings in a judgmental, fixed attitude. They isolate themselves to fend off the outside world that has no need of them, and they, being outside a societal “norm” have a certain amount of independence. It also implies a retreat from the world, and on some levels perhaps feeling that others don’t know the “right way” to behave. The Kozminsky Symbol also features a woman in retreat; however, in this Symbol it’s only one woman, and she’s surrounded by beauty, wears expensive clothes, lolls on a sofa and seems to have taken a break from reading a book. The isolation here seems more self-imposed–she could get up, but she’s not inclined to do so because she wants to finish her book, take a nap, or remain lost in her thoughts. This version is much “earthier” than the spinster sisters (see the tarot cards for today); however, there’s an implicit warning not to get trapped by an attachment to righteousness and austerity (the spinsters) or by a love of ease and comfort (the lounging lady).

Born on April 5:
Emperor Go-Fushumi (Japan), Thomas Hobbes, Elihu Yale (Founded Yale University), Jean-Honore Fragonard, Joseph Lister, Alexander Muir, Algernon Charles Swinburne, Booker T. Washington, Spencer Tracy, Melvyn Douglas, Bette Davis, Gregory Peck, Arthur Hailey, Gale Storm, Nguyen Van Thieu (President, South Vietnam), Judith Resnik (astronaut), Roger Corman, Joe Meek, Stanley Turrentine, Peter Grant, Colin Powell, David LaFlamme, Michael Moriarty, Allan Clarke (Hollies), Peter Greenaway, Nigel Hawthorne, Lana Clarkson, Dave Holland (Judas Priest), Peter T. King, Jane Asher, Agnetha Flatskog (ABBA), Christopher Reid (Kid ‘N Play), Pharrell Williams, Albert A. Broccoli, Paula Cole.

Tarot Enhancer/Antidote: Queen of Pentacles/King of Pentacles
Here’s a matched pair! Very earthy, very Taurus/Capricorn in nature, and very much in sync with each other. This alliance shows us the way to manifest things on earth, by harnessing our energies towards a practical end in order to create something solid or permanent. There’s an ability to enjoy the “pleasures of the flesh” that can be found in the Queen of Pentacles card (see the Kozminsky Symbol, above), but also a warning not to become fixated or stubborn in the pursuit of wealth, status, or things of this world, and on the flip side, not to be so busy and blinkered during the climb to achieve (King of Pentacles) that you repress or deny yourself too much (see the spinsters in the Sabian Symbol for today).


–Valerie Sylvester, April 5, 2012–

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