The Daily Astro for February 14, 2012




The Daily Astro for February 14, 2012      

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces overnight may have brought us some sweet romantic dreams and Moon in Scorpio trine Mars in Virgo ups the ardor level earlier in the day. Today also brings us to the Last Quarter Sun/Moon phase, so be sure to finish up anything initiated at the end of January.  The evening is a mixed bag–the Moon enters Sagittarius at 7:56 PM EST and squares Neptune and Mercury in Pisces, so optimism increases, but the “I’m a happy wanderer/Babe, I gotta roam” attitude may not cut it when it comes to assuring your partners that you truly care.  Be clear about your feelings, as misunderstandings are possible. This will avoid tearful endings to this Valentine’s Day!  Small gifts or tokens of affection may mean a lot today. Use the uplifting Jupiter/Chiron trine to soothe and heal any rifts.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun:  “A hydrometer.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun:  “Three fires blazing above three triangular hills, a cross sword floating in the air above.”

Both Symbols invoke the idea of forces of nature in all their mystery and glory, their interrelationships and the way their workings keep the universe spinning. The Sabian Symbol features an instrument created to measure these forces and analyze them to help gain a greater understanding of “how things work”; the Kozminsky Symbol focuses on the ultimate enigma of the forces that shape our world and the way we are “called” to service by our contemplation of these larger patterns.

“The Sabian Symbol keyword is “Efficiency ” and the Kozminsky Symbol keyword is “ Service”.

Born on February 14:

Henry II (Bavaria), Thomas Malthus, Margaret Knight, George Jean Nathan, Jack Benny, Nigel Bruce, Fritz Zwicky, Ray “Crash” Corrigan, Thema Ritter, Woody Hayes, Edward Platt, Murray the K, Jimmy Hoffa, Mel Allen, Teller (of Penn & Teller), Roger Fisher, Tim Buckley, Paul Tsongas, Leone Battista Alberti, Vic Morrow, Phyllis McGuire, Florence Henderson, Mickey Wright, Fanne Foxe, Magic Sam, Donna Shalala, Carl Bernstein, Gregory Hines, Vic Briggs, Jackie Martling, JoJo Starbuck, Maceo Parker,  Ken Wahl, Renee Fleming, Meg Tilly, Kevyn Aucoin, Simon Pegg, Michael Bloomberg, Jim Kelly, Anna Shaw, Nathan Osmond, Rob Thomas, Zach Galligan, Alan Parker

Enhancer/Antidote:  Queen of Cups/8 of Wands (Don’t forget to rush out and send a note, card, message, or call someone you love today!)


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