The Daily Astro for February 15, 2012

The Moon is in Sagittarius today.

The Daily Astro for February 15, 2012    

The Moon’s in Sagittarius, so you might think things would be bright and breezy, but with Mercury connecting with Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune, Mars aspecting Jupiter, not to mention Venus square Pluto, we may be struggling to maintain our inner fire and optimism today.  It’s probably not a good idea to get in someone’s face today–you may feel you’re jittery or uber-stressed, but believe me, so are they!  We can mouth off or act up due to feeling ignored or undervalued, but what comes out of our mouths might not be exactly what we intended and the response from others may not be very enthusiastic.  Avoid power struggles with others an defer the big decisions to later.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “An ancient pottery bowl filled with violets.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun:  “A man of strong build locking securities in a great iron safe in the turret-room of an old castle.”

Both of these symbols reflect the need for security and continuity in life, and the desire to protect or nurture things to that end.  A castle, a safe and an ancient bowl all are containers of some sort, to hold and protect what is valuable.  The violets remind us that life continues and is not static and that we must be careful not to let an excessive emphasis on tradition and guarding become stagnant–there needs to be room for growth. Use your well-established foundations to enable you to confidently take the next step forward; don’t get caught up in stasis or fear of change.

“The Sabian Symbol keyword is “ Tradition” and the Kozminsky Symbol keyword is “ Stewardship”.

Born on February 15:

Galileo Galilei, Louis XV(France), Abraham Clark, Michael Praetorius, Sigismund (Holy Roman Empire), Nero (famous fiddler), Jeremy Bentham, Henry E. Steinway (piano man), Harold Arlen, Roger Chaffee (Apollo astronaut), Marisa Berenson, Darrell Green, Melissa Manchester, Ali Campbell, Conor Oberst, Chris Farley, Jane Seymour, Jane Child, Brandon Boyd, Alex Borstein, Janice Dickinson, Joseph Gannascoli, Kevin Mc Carthy, Ian Ballentine (Ballantine Books), Alan Arbus, Herman Kahn, Harvey Korman, Claire Bloom, Adolfo, Susan Brownmiller, Mick Avory, Art Spiegelman, Susan B. Anthony, Charles Lewis Tiffany, Alexander Stuart Webb, Alfred North Whitehead, Ernest Shackleton, John Barrymore, Sax Rohmer “Fu Manchu”), James Forrenthal, Gale Sondergard, Cesar Romero, Brian Holland, Mikey Craig (Culture Club), James R. Schlesinger, Graham Hill, Matt Groening.

Enhancer/Antidote:   7 of Wands/Ace of Cups (The struggle outside mirrors the struggle within; learn to love and accept yourself and you will cease flailing at shadows and open yourself to emotional cleansing.)

7 of Wands, Ace of Cups

The deck used is The Illuminated Tarot by Carol Herzer. You can see more of the deck here:



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