The Full Moon of January 8-9, 2012

   “Mama, Weer All Crazee Now”    


Back in 1972, the British glam band Slade had a hit with the song that forms the title of this blog post. With the Full Moon in Cancer (the archetypal “Mama” sign) tending to make us all a little “crazee” now, especially those of us with planets or important chart points at around 18-19 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), I dredged this song up from my “glam unconscious” (I still like glitter socks, I must confess) and slapped it on top to illuminate some of the issues around this Full Moon.

So–the Moon is extra-strong in her home turf of Cancer (the Moon rules the sign Cancer), and we might all be feeling a huge blast from the past that sometimes seems more like an undertow at times. It can bring up concerns relating to home, family, our ancestral past, and all those skeletons in the closet we thought we’d gotten rid of (anybody still have a pair of platform shoes lurking in the depths of their wardrobe?) In polarity with Capricorn, its opposite sign, which astrologically concerns the 4th and 10th houses, we’re dealing with the relationship between our inner and outer selves, what we feel deep within versus the image we project to the outside world. It’s the Mother/Father axis, too, so anything unresolved in those areas is emphasized during this Full Moon. It can express literally, with parents or parental figures, or we can find ourselves reacting to others as if we were on auto-pilot, because something they said or did reminded us of things that authority figures or parents did in the distant past and we react from a primal place.

These eruptions can take us by surprise as they can sometimes seem disconnected from who we are now, or maybe we thought we’d “gotten over” that particular hurt or disappointment, only to see it emerge full-force in the present. We may feel the need to retreat or to go to our “safe place” but some of the astrological aspects & symbology around this Full Moon tell us we need to push past these intense feelings in order to progress. There are no planets retrograde at this Full Moon, which enables forward motion and “clears the path”, and with Uranus just back in Aries, there’s a drive, an urge to make breakthroughs that lead to new beginnings.

Mars in Virgo aligns with the Sun in Capricorn to give us the stamina and “push” to do the work that ushers in the changes we are seeking. And with Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and making aspects to the outer planets, we’re being told that part of the work is to change the way we think, communicate, and understand the outer world, to transform from the inside out (the outer planets can be seen as similar to the Major Arcana in the tarot–as larger than life influences that often begin to manifest from internal promptings.)

Let’s take a look at the Sabian Symbols for the Sun and Moon degrees:

19 degrees Cancer (Moon): “A priest performing a marriage ceremony; the ritualization of productive interpersonal relationships.”

19 degrees Capricorn (Sun): “A five-year-old-child carrying a bag filled with groceries; rising to the occasion when asked to assume social responsibilities ahead of one’s normal development.”

This is a combination that tells us it may be time to look at our relationships and responsibilities and how they work for us. Using the Cancer/Capricorn matrix, how does the outer world reflect our inner world & how does that particular marriage work? Have we gotten ourselves stuck in hollow relationships or rituals, or have we learned how to transform and reanimate the form itself? How do we relate to those closest to us; what to we need to change or let go of to open things up? Are we taking on too many responsibilities (how full is that grocery bag?) Or do we need to rise to the occasion and take on a larger load in relationships and in the world and push ourselves to new levels? How do we join with others to manifest change in the world? With the Jupiter/Saturn opposition in force, this is a question we’ll be concerned with this year on both the personal level and in the world.

If you feel the need during this Full Moon to “cry me a river”, let loose and let go. It’ll clear the decks for the changes ahead. Some may have been holding on to a great deal of sadness and tension that needs to be expressed. We can become emotional over small things and others might not understand. I’ve been very keyed up this week over the apparent disappearance of one of the stray cats that we feed and care for. Fortunately he returned to our house yesterday after having gone missing for several days. I can’t tell you how relieved we were to see him chowing down on his food on the front porch again!

And remember to nurture yourself; take care of yourself as well as others. Any kind of water or immersion in water is particularly healing at this time, reflecting the Moon in Cancer. Taking small steps to achievement will also make you feel better, so do just one small thing towards a goal. It doesn’t have to be much, but make it practical and useful and let it stand as a signpost directing you to further goals in the future.
Bach’s flower essence “Rescue Remedy” is something everyone should have on hand for Full Moon periods. If you like crystals, Moonstone, selenite, angelite, celestite or quartz crystals (especially those with lots of inclusions, the ones that look like crystal balls) and the grounding stones like obsidian, jet, and onyx, would be useful companions for the next day or two.

Oh yeah, here’s the Slade song on YouTube:


    • Stacy,
      Sounds like this Full Moon & aspects is really setting all their timers off. There’s quite a bit going on with security issues and what “feeds” us & it’s time to take a look at what kind of “nutrition” we’re getting & giving!


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