January 6, 2012

The Daily Astro for 1/6/12:

The Moon’s in Gemini so today’s all about communications of all kinds, short trips (in your own “turf” or neighborhood), writing/conveying information and hopping quickly from one thing to another. We’re gearing up for a Full Moon, so things may start to feel a little queasy and unsettled, especially later today. Several aspects late this evening point to possible misunderstandings in relationships, particularly when Venus in Aquarius aspects Mars in Virgo: the energies are very different and can cause irritation or squabbles. We don’t really “get where the other person is coming from” at this time. My advice? Go to bed early (the aspects peak around & after midnight EST) & avoid most of the hassles, then start over again tomorrow!
Antidote/Enhancer: 2 of Wands/The Moon

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