The Daily Astro for October 28, 2013


The Daily Astro for October 28, 2013


 by Valerie Sylvester





Since there are few aspects, it might be easy to write today off as a ho-hum kind of day. However, we’re in the “set-up zone” for this week’s more dramatic events now, so even if the earthquake hasn’t hit, we’re still feeling the preliminary rumblings underfoot. Even though the Moon’s in Leo as the days starts, the lion’s roar will be somewhat muted as after 8:26 AM EDT the Moon is void (until 11:45 PM EDT when the Moon enters Virgo).  It may be hard to assert ourselves or make progress in creative endeavors, romance, leisure activities and anything related to children and young people’s concerns.  A lack of attention to detail or a reckless attitude can torpedo domestic life, even with a pleasant Moon/Venus trine at 8:26 AM EDT that adds a note of creative wanderlust to the mix.  Relationships may be particularly tricky as Venus in Sagittarius squares Vesta in Virgo at 4:15 AM EDT.  Somebody’s not feeling like keeping those home fires burning. It reminds me of the “runaway bride” scenario!  Venus also semi-squares the North Node, so it’s time to  look at the way our value system and philosophy of life block us from taking the high road to our true path in life. What outdated beliefs motivate your actions more than you’d like to admit?


Today’s main theme is announced by the first major aspect (6:55 AM EDT): Chiron in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Since Pluto’s in an earth Grand Trine (flowing configuration) with Mars in Virgo and the South Node in Taurus, we may be feeling intensifying pressure (Mars & Pluto are crack demolition experts, and the South Node points to areas where we’ve gotten stuck or continue in repetitive patterns to avoid the “shock of the new”). It’s time to pry the fingers from the death-grip that binds us to habits, places, people and situations that need to evolve. We must take a cold, hard look at the ways these attachments have held us back from making progress.  Where do you feel haunted by ancient voodoo?  Any small practical action we can take to break free can prove to be the conduit for much more dramatic changes later on. The Moon’s sesquiquadrate both Pluto (12:44 AM EDT) and Uranus (1:09 AM EDT), echoing the approaching “next hit” of the Uranus/Pluto square (coming up November 1st). Something’s gotta give!  There’s quite a bit of pressure building–we’re just about at the point of no return, so decide what’s not going with you on the next revolution of the wheel.  The upcoming New Moon eclipse (November 3) only intensifies this feeling.  The best use of the  Moon into Virgo late tonight is seeing it as a purification period, where we sweat out the toxins in order to enable the entire system to function properly. If you can’t figure out where the flaw is, break things down into their component parts–it’ll be easier to see. Little things DO matter now.  Be careful with details that can trip you up. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio tells us we can go back, discover what’s malfunctioning, and hit the “delete” button.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “The ideals of a man abundantly crystallized.”   

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   An eagle with a snake in its beak.”  (Influence is: JUPITER.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ PERSONIFICATION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “WATCHFULNESS.” 

The Sabian Symbol emphasizes crystallization. I’d correlate this to the fixed signs in astrology (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). There’s a great deal of power concentrated in fixed signs, and Scorpio is particularly emphasized right now, with three planets and the North Node in that sign. Scorpio time is a period of release, when leaves fall, crops have been harvested, and the veil between worlds is thin. The process of crystallization gathers energy, which then needs to be released and disseminated. If this doesn’t happen, we land in the negative zone of crystallization, where we wind up trapped like ancient insects in amber. This symbol is also about manifestation, gathering and growing your resources. We draw to us the situations we need in order to define ourselves and expand our boundaries. On the down side, it can indicate an inability to move on or a feeling of being trapped. Don’t allow anger to crystallize inside you.

The Kozminsky Symbol, an eagle carrying a snake, vibrates on the Scorpio wavelength. The eagle is considered one of the higher manifestations of the Scorpio nature, in that it can attack like a scorpion, but since it’s not earthbound, can see from a higher perspective. The snake is also a Scorpio symbol that relates to change and transformation (it sheds its skin). So the eagle flies high, carrying the badge of transformative energy in its beak.  The snake also relates to deception, lies and underhanded behavior, so we’re learning to recognize negative patterns and swoop down on them in a search and destroy mission. Stay alert. Don’t be afraid to call people on their bullshit. Or, as Kozminsky says, “A hater of deceit and mean actions, he silences the deception by crushing the deceiver”.  P.S.:  Don’t try to get away with things you wouldn’t tolerate in others.



The Emperor/9 of Wands


“The Limits of Control”



Emperor is a fire (Aries) card, and the 9 of Wands also emphasizes fire energy. The Emperor is the master builder, able to channel this energy into manifestation. With the 9 of Swords, it’s about a long-term struggle that’s in its death throes. The Emperor has great strength and is willing to go the extra mile to maintain the kingdom. This combo is like the end of the Austro-Hungarian empire or some other great dynasty–the memory of power is there, but exhaustion and inertia are setting in. It’s time to realize there are things outside our control. The storm is sweeping in from outside the borders and we need time to determine a strategy. It’s the last battle in the last war, and we’ll hang in there until the very end.  


Other ideas: an elderly king gets ready to hand over the crown.  It’s time to lash ourselves to the mast in order to weather the storm. A last burst of energy at the end of the marathon pushes us to the finish line.  A fire that keeps burning in all kinds of weather.  Keeping our spirits up in difficult times.  Don’t be too proud to ask for help–call on your allies. Being challenged by the gods. A revelation of the truth inspires us and keeps us going. A changing of the guard. Old laws and customs die out; new ones struggle to be born.






–October 28, 2013

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