The Daily Astro for October 21, 2013







The Daily Astro for October 21, 2013


 by Valerie Sylvester




Well, I slept most of  the day yesterday and woke up today to (drum roll) MERCURY RETROGRADE!  It’s at about 19 degrees Scorpio. I’ve been thinking about this retrograde, which lasts until either November 10 or November 15, depending upon whether you use a “Storm” period or not. I’ve noticed the usual Mercury retrograde fun and frolic is afoot–Facebook was down this morning, plans keep changing, people you haven’t heard from in eons show up or they suddenly pop into your head.  Since this retro is in Scorpio, the overarching theme seems to be “ESSENTIAL RENOVATIONS”.   Saturn’s also in Scorpio, pretty close to Mercury, so it’s “heads up” time.  I’ve been immersed in research (another Mercury in Scorpio retrograde activity), trying to locate contractors and repair people to fix things that didn’t get fixed last year due to having to spend all of our money on our feline population. So I’m going BACK to my files and papers to dig up the names I collected of people who could help out.  The repairs that are needed are serious and involve fun things like shoring up our basement so it doesn’t leak and/or the foundation doesn’t collapse.  This stuff isn’t “sexy”, but it must be done.  And it’s BIG stuff, as Mercury also trines Jupiter in Cancer. As in, you need to pay attention to this.

Take a look around and see if there’s anything you’ve put off that needs to be examined more closely before you mosey on down the road. Since the Sun’s set to enter Scorpio (2:10 AM EDT on Wednesday the 23rd), the light’s set to shine on some pretty dingy corners. We’re all growing a set of X-ray eyes, so take advantage.  It’s time to “weatherize” yourself against whatever storms may come, so clear the gunk out of your engine.  Clogs get plunged; sometimes it’s not pretty. We may realize we need to cut ties or end relationships that drain us or are no longer fulfilling. We start becoming more aware of our patterns and the ties we have to others (Scorpio’s the “merge and purge” sign).  Real connections will last; pseudo-relationships will collapse in a messy heap. Foundations are important now, because we’re rewriting our scripts and deciding how the story ends. We’re at the tail end of Libra, and when we hit the last degrees of a sign, issues related to that sign can flare up with great intensity. Since that Full Moon eclipse on the 18th that  I never got a chance to write about featured an Aries Moon (and thus the Sun in Libra), all things related to boundaries, parameters and the dance between “I can do it all myself” and “I don’t know, what do YOU want to do?”, are highlighted and we may see some parings go out with the proverbial bang.

The day starts with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio at 6:29 AM EDT, so here’s to a happy Monday to you all! Don’t rush, expect setbacks and twisty paths and you’ll be fine. The Moon’s in Taurus as the day begins and inconjuncts the Sun in Libra at 8:55 AM EDT. These two signs are Venus-ruled, so it probably took some time to get the motor running today. Either we were resistant to changing our routines, or maybe we couldn’t decide what to wear. In any case, we do not feel like being hurried. The Moon’s void of course until 12:14 PM EDT, so play catch-up this morning–toss some papers into files, do a little research, finish last week’s tasks.

Once the Moon’s in Gemini, we’re going to feel like bopping from one thing to another but will likely be frustrated by the rest of the day’s aspects. Here’s why: the Moon squares Neptune (4:33 PM EDT) and Mars (6:48 PM EDT), forming a mutable sign T-square. This configuration means people will probably say things in a confusing way that annoys someone else, who responds inappropriately. In other words, the classic clusterfuck scenario.  Since the Moon hooks up with Jupiter at 9:09 PM EDT, hyperinflation or unrealistic expectations can cause difficulties. This could be one of those days where the boss expects you get twice as much work done, despite computer breakdowns, co-worker meltdowns, and constant annoying interruptions.  Mercury parallels Pluto at 11:06 PM EDT; keen insights are likely if you don’t go off on obsessive tangents or turn paranoiac-in-training. Go play armchair detective or get to the core of some deep dark issues that need spelunking.



Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “Humanity seeking to bridge the span of knowledge.”    

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   An eclipse of the sun.”  (Influence is: SUN)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ RATIONALITY.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “FADING.” 

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol seems to reference our next big cosmic event, the Scorpio Solar Eclipse of November 3rd. Kozminsky’s old-school when it comes to eclipses, as he talks of difficulties in financial affairs, losses, and deaths among family and friends as manifestations of this symbol.  Eclipses are often times of letting go, and given that today’s degree is 29, at the end of the sign Libra, it can also manifest as the end or death of certain relationships or situations.  A severing of connections may be necessary as we learn to let things past their prime just fade away. The light has dimmed. We’re entering a new cycle of rebirth and regeneration, but may have to learn some painful lessons along the way.  Start practicing– go through your junk drawer, closet, or basement stash and throw something away today.

The Sabian Symbol is all about the quantum leap. How do we get from here to there? How do we connect things that seem to have no relationship? This Symbol is about recycling, finding new ways to solve problems by learning how to plan ahead. We can see opportunities in situations that seem to be in disarray. Hint: rethink (good keyword for Mercury retrograde) your assumptions and all your dogma.  The key is to see the value of the in-between, the gap between the synapses. Make the leap!  It’s time to use logic in a creative way. Work with others , reach out, find new communications channels, network. We’re all connected, part of the web. Don’t get discouraged if the connection fails the first time or you “can’t get through”. We’re learning a new language–it takes time. This Symbol can also relate to psychically channeling information from those deceased or in other realms (Mercury’s in Scorpio, retrograde, so we’re absorbing information in different ways–we’re on a new wavelength now.) 



Knight of Pentacles / 4 of Swords 

“The Still Center”

Both of these cards emphasize stillness. When the Page of Pentacles shows up, it means things will happen–in due time. All matures at its own pace. Our job now is to “hold the fort”, go within, be of service. It’s time to do the work. We may not be able to absorb messages or information arriving right now, but later we will understand. This pair can mean we’re in suspended animation in some way, or moving at a glacial pace.  Being in nature or quiet places where we can replenish the spirit is important. Find your “quiet place” and spend some time there every day. We’re resetting the clock to s-l-o-w.  Knocking on a closed door, arriving at an abandoned palace.  A prince or princess in exile. The Hermit in his cave. Be still and you will hear the answer. Perfecting the spirit. Renouncing the outside world in order to heal. Being healed by someone with knowledge of plants and herbs; natural healing methods.  Virgo stuff: go be useful to somebody, make things better–“you’re gonna have to serve somebody”.




–October 21, 2013

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