The Daily Astro for October 17, 2013


The Daily Astro for October 17, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester




Holy hell! What a day!  It’s like discovering a truckload of explosives sitting on your front lawn. Where’d they come from? What’s the phone number for the Bomb Squad?  Most of today’s aspects are…er…”challenging”. The day starts off with the Moon (in ants-in-yer-pants Aries) forming a sesquiquadrate aspect with Mercury in Scorpio at 1:29 AM EDT. The common denominator here is Mars, ruler (Aries) or co-ruler (Scorpio) of our planetary actors. Mars is pretty feisty. If you say something nasty to someone, expect blowback. They’ll lob that grenade right back through your window. The Moon just happens to be falling into the “hot zone” of the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square that I like to jabber about, and at 1:37 PM EDT the Moon squares Pluto, then conjuncts Uranus at 3:01 PM EDT.  It might be a smart idea to back away from that volcano before the lava starts spewing.  We’re likely to unearth something shocking today–this crew packs an emotional depth charge can cause an unanticipated chain reaction. People are going “scorched earth policy” today.  Moon/Pluto is the charge, Uranus is that weird thing you never saw coming. We’re all “masters of disaster” today.  Something’s gotta give, I suppose, like that court stenographer on the House floor.

A Sun/Chiron connection at 4:17 PM EDT  hints that there’s something essential in us that needs healing. What’s pushing your buttons right now? Mercury parallels Pluto at 4:28 PM EDT, sharpening our detective skills, so it’s “whodunnit” time. Try not to be too paranoid, though.  Not everyone’s an ax murderer or Snidely Whiplash. Fortunately, the Moon trines Venus at 4:56 PM EDT, giving everyone a chance to calm down, make nice (well, as nice as a Moon in Aries can stand to be) and find some common ground.  Take a road trip to a coffee shop, but go easy on the caffeine intake. At 6:32 PM EDT the Moon inconjuncts Saturn, so even if we’re still pissed off, the wise course of action is to “stifle it” rather than scream at someone or punch them in the nose. Even if they deserve it.


Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A third wing on the left side of a butterfly.”    

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:  A whirlwind scattering a mass of papers into the air.”  (Influence is: MERCURY.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ DISTINCTIVENESS.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “ENTRAPPING.” 

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol is about reading the fine print and taking note of details. It’s connected to Mercury, currently in Scorpio moving towards its retrograde phase. Sometimes it’s the little things that trip you up, the telling detail. Pay attention or you’ll find it’ll all be gone with the wind. It’s also a warning to avoid obsessive thinking; don’t get trapped in repeating thought patterns. Pay attention to the way you think and how your mind spins. Mercury in Scorpio can also relate to “messages from the underground”, so stay tuned for important information that may arrive in an unorthodox way.  Another theme: don’t scatter your energies. Keep focused on your goals.  Don’t get distracted or fall through any mental trapdoors.

The Sabian Symbol presents us with a butterfly, symbol of the soul. The key thought here: uniqueness, which falls into the realm of Uranus. A butterfly with a third wing on the left side is also shorthand for something unusual, beautiful, and distinctive. This butterfly doesn’t look like the rest; it’s mutated, taken on a new look. Something about it is different and catches our attention and imagination. Access the power of Uranus–be an original, the one and only you. Go avant garde. Exult in your “weirdness”; don’t let anyone shame you into drabness. Blaze your colors like that butterfly with a third wing. It’s the only way you’ll really be able to take off into the stratosphere. Today’s the kind of day where we discover something strange, bizarre, or shocking that rocks our world for a while. Don’t discount something or someone because you think it’s outside your parameters. The warning here: don’t overdo the “Rebel without a Cause” routine or become obsessed with wackiness for its own sake.



2 of Wands / 8 of Wands

“The Journey Begins”

Two Wands (fire) cards, which tie in well with our fire (Aries) Moon. This is a passionate quest, and things are going to start moving very fast– once you decide to take that first step. The 2 of Wands is the “birthright” card in the Mythic Tarot, where you discover something shocking or surprising that changes your destiny. It’s time to begin the journey. Something’s been jarred loose, but it sets you free. Discovering your essential nature. A need to lose your bearings and all familiar landmarks, in order to progress. The receipt of a message that sets you on fire. We’ve got a “burning yearning”. You pick up momentum as you move. Action is required; it’s no time to sit placidly.  Being a channel for inspiration. My image for this pair:  A whirling dervish.


–October 17, 2013


  1. Val,
    Just came across your website through Twitter. You sure leave me behind in the astrology. Not worried about a reading, now. My dog mystery is resolved, she likes potatoes now! I was thinking about Sophie Bloomfield lately, and remembering how you always used to get songs when you did readings! LOL

    • Hi Sandy: So glad the pup is ok, I’ve had Eustachian tube problems lately & have been too dizzy to keep up with everything (can’t be on the computer as much when this hits).
      I was thinking about Sophie Bloomfield recently too! I know, songs always popped into my head, didn’t they? Still do.

      • Now my cat has crystal problems. Between trying to make the dog eat, and getting the cat to drink, they’ve got me exhausted! Had to pull the “magic food” trick today. You know, the cat won’t eat his food, so you mix it with a spoon and say, “Magic magic magic food” (You have to say it 3 times), and then he’ll eat it.

      • Already took him to the vet. His bladder was empty, there was no blockage. He’s been on a med for straining, and an antibiotic. He was never straining, just acted like he had the urge to go, even though his bladder was empty. He kept trying to pee every 10 minutes. A few hours of that, and I had him at the vet. He’s been fine now. I make him cat food “soup”. He seems to like it, and it forces him to drink more.

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