The Daily Astro for October 22, 2013


The Daily Astro for October 22, 2013


 by Valerie Sylvester





It’s a fog-shrouded start to the day as the Sun parallels Neptune at 3:51 AM EDT.  Many of us are sleeping at this time, and if so, may you all be immersed in lovely technicolor dreams! If you’re awake, it’d be a good time to meditate or ponder your place in the universe. How do you access your spiritual center? We may find things are hazy or unclear today as we try to grapple with the infinite. The Moon remains in Gemini, and inconjuncts Pluto at 6:18 AM EDT, so our minds may be running on the “hamster wheel” track today. Take a look at your thought patterns and closely examine any repetitive or obsessive tendencies. How do you talk to yourself? On the plus side, buried information may come to light today.


At 7:21 AM EDT the Moon  trines Uranus in Aries, so curiosity and an itching for excitement and new experiences fuels the early morning hours. Insights may flow rapidly or trail off into a ribbon of fleeting thoughts as we move to the next bright shiny object.  We thud back to reality as the Moon inconjuncts Saturn at 12:39 PM EDT.  It’s like the hall monitor caught us chatting with friends instead of going to our classes and dragged us back into the classroom to face a less-than-amused teacher. The Sun contraparallel Mars at 1:59 PM EDT and a Moon/Sun sesquisquare at 4:55 PM EDT seem to guarantee we’ll act up and get tossed into detention. Unfocused energy or anger looking for an outlet can cause problems; don’t deflect your frustrations or restlessness onto others.



The Moon in Gemini opposes Venus in Sagittarius at 8:35 PM EDT, giving us the urge to fly the coop and have some fun with simpatico types.  It’s not a bad idea, as it also  delineates the start of a Void-of-Course Moon period that extends until the Moon enters Cancer at 11:36 PM EDT tomorrow.  With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, and the Sun also moving into that sign at 2:10 AM EDT tomorrow, we may find the focus shifts. Get out your decoder ring, there may be a few mysteries left to solve. It’s zombie time, and not just because Halloween is around the corner. Issues you thought you’d dealt with may unbury themselves. It might be time to blast a stake through the heart of that vampire and lay the problem to rest for good. Unresolved issues have a tendency to pop up until you deal with them.  The Moon in Gemini inconjunct Mercury in Scorpio at 11:59 PM EDT means midnight’s the witching hour. Someone’s going to tell you a bedtime story–be sure to read between the lines. There’s more going on behind the scenes than you might think.






Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head.”    

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   A moping over his book in a schoolroom.”  (Influence is: MERCURY.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ PRESCIENCE.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “SLUGGISHNESS.” 

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol is similar to my example of the lollygagging boy I used above, in the aspects section. (And I didn’t even check the Symbol until after I’d written the aspect information). This is your wake-up call. If you’re not paying attention or putting enough energy into what you do, you’re going to wind up in the corner of the room wearing a dunce cap. Not literally, although those of you who have attended Catholic schools know that this was not outside the realm of possibility. Kozminsky says this symbol indicates a need to be careful and indicates someone who “allows others to take advantage of him, and he will suffer from deceit and unfairness.” Don’t delude yourself into thinking that doing nothing is OK. There’s still a lot to learn.  It can also indicate someone who won’t learn his lessons and may have to “repeat a grade” (work on karmic issues) in order to progress. 

The Sabian Symborefers to phrenology,  where bumps on the head were examined and measured in order to determine personality characteristics. The three bumps in the Sabian Symbol relate to various aspects of humanity (physical, emotional and intellectual levels).  It’s about integration and wise use of abilities.  The Symbol also relates to prophecy and intuition, so be open to all possibilities today. Phrenology was considered a science, and relied on exact measurements, so this is also a warning against being too rigid or hidebound or rigid in actions and thoughts. There can be a tendency to get too absorbed in methodology while missing the essence. Since we’re dealing with a philosopher’s head, maybe we’re being told to expand our horizons and be open to a new view of the world. Jupiter’s still trining Mercury, so higher-echelon info is heading our way!


The Wheel / Queen of Cups 

“The Expanding Heart”


The phrase that came to mind with this combination was “Universal Love”.  The Wheel is connected with Jupiter, the Queen of Cups to the water element (I generally hook her up with the Scorpio principle).  We’re at a turning point as the cycles spin. We’re in the hands of Lady Fate, who looks into our heart and gives the wheel another twist. Discovering the reason we’re here:  to open our heart and become the universal vessel. Strange twists and turns that lead us to our destined path.  Opening to our psychic and intuitive abilities. A crisis or shock that cracks us apart and heals us.  The beginning of the journey to the center of our soul.  The external changes may seem extreme, but they’re nothing compared to what’s cooking inside us. Fated relationships/unexpected connections. “Playing with the Queen of Hearts”. The mystery at the heart of the universe.  Our next incarnation is already in process.  A woman who changes the path of history.



–October 22, 2013

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