The Daily Astro for October 16, 2013


The Daily Astro for October 16, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester





I’m too dizzy (cue up the Tommy Roe song!) today  to do a regular Daily Astro, so here’s the short form. I have Eustachian tube problems and sometimes it all goes haywire, throwing me off balance. What Libra rising likes that, I ask you? Today’s a weird day anyway, as the Moon in Pisces goes Void of Course at 3:15 AM EDT and stays that way until entering Aries at 9:18 PM EDT. So it’s like double Twilight Zone time with that elusive Pisces Moon voided out until later in the day. Keep an eye out for Rod Serling, he may re-materialize. You never know with those Capricorns, especially as Pluto’s transiting his sign!

It’s a good day to travel under the radar. With the Moon, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, Mercury, Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Cancer, we’re dealing with the Watery Trinity, so emotions may be heightened, especially as we’re on the brink of a Full Moon Lunar eclipse (7:38 PM EDT on Friday, October 18).  It may seem that nothing’s being accomplished, but there’s a lot going on under the surface.  That “treading water” feeling is doubly emphasized as we feel the pull of the upcoming Mercury retrograde (October 21).  

Early in the day, a Moon/Saturn sesquiquadrate (3:38 PM EDT) tests our patience and can make us feel deflated or underappreciated, or maybe we just don’t feel there’s a safe venue in which to express our feelings. It’s followed by a Venus/Chiron square at 10:29 PM EDT, so we’re definitely in need of Love Potion #9 to get our mojo back.  If you’re not freaked out by confronting your weak spots, it’s a good time to “cauterize the wounds”. Who taught you that you weren’t good enough, worthy enough, or were too flawed to be truly happy?  Time to revise that script.

Another reason not to make any big plans for today arrives at 6:04 PM EDT as Venus in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries. Who knows what the hell you’ll be up to with this combination. Maybe you’ll fall in love with an alien and take off for his/her/its home planet.  This is a wild-n-crazy fire combination and can indicate falling in love with something totally unusual or very different from your “normal”.  Talk about dizzy–I’ll be right at home here! Set aside the rule books and see what shows up. This can be a sudden attraction that feels electric and  liberating.  Venus also is connected with values and finances, so a new opportunity could arise to make money doing something new.  It’s one of those days where you’re more inclined to take a chance or break free from restrictive environments that have kept you from reaching your potential. Uranus attractions can be short-term, but often snap the chains that were chafing us.

All this “new and improved” energy  is intensified when the Moon enters Aries at 9:18 PM EDT, which adds a snort of fire-breathing energy to the mix.  It ends the Void Moon period, too. We’re raring to go, but it’s probably best to hold that fire a bit as the Moon parallels Uranus at 11:01 PM EDT and then inconjuncts Mars (ruler of Aries) at 11:04 PM EDT.  These two are a real wild card combo.  Something funky and unexpected (Uranus keywords!) may show up, set us off, and incline us to bitch out all and sundry.  This is probably not a good idea at this point in the evening.  Sleep on it and see if you feel the same way tomorrow.


–October 16, 2013

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