The Daily Astro for September 26, 2013


The Daily Astro for September 26, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester





The Moon’s in Gemini as the day begins, and it’s Void-of-Course from 7:21 AM EDT until 3:24 PM EDT when it enters its home sign, Cancer. We’ll likely  find ourselves playing catch-up as the day begins. We’ve been trying to keep up with obligations and the daily whirr, but it’s hard to stay on track.  Every two minutes someone pops up with yet another request, or they want to chat, or they have a relationship question they urgently need advice about.  A Sun/Mars semi-square at 3:15 AM EDT sets the tone of the day as we try to find the midpoint between self-assertion and dealing with other people’s needs.

A Moon/Mercury trine at 7:21 AM EDT means communication flows and others will be receptive to your ideas, if they’re presented with wit and charm. Moon in Gemini trine Mercury in Libra’s the “ad executive” aspect. You might not even figure out what you’re being sold until much later!

When the Moon arrives in Cancer at 3:24 PM, you’ll notice a mood shift, especially since Venus trines Jupiter shortly thereafter (5:02 PM EDT). It’s like the center of gravity just dropped from the brain to the heart and guts. Moon and Jupiter in Cancer and Venus in Scorpio take it primal.  Everyone’s looking for the pleasure zone now–but it’s a private garden of delights, as water energy surges inward.  Emotional bonding reigns supreme. People are looking for family, soulmates, kindred souls. This is amplified by a Moon/Venus connection at 9:39 PM EDT when it all comes gushing out. Key phrase: Try a little tenderness. The Moon trines Neptune at 9:51 PM EDT, reminding us that we’re all family and need to express compassion for all beings.

Things get prickly at 11:17 PM EDT as the Moon semi-squares Mars.  People may be overstimulated or irritated and lash out. Crabbiness reigns. With all the water energy, it’s like trying to function when the humidity level is jacked to 300%.  We’re in the Last Quarter Moon zone tonight (11:57 PM EDT). With the Sun square the Moon, we hit a speedbump and must take action to stay on the path. A Moon/Venus contraparallel at 12:27 PM EDT tells us to hone those people skills in order to make connections.  Here’s where you’re sitting across the table from someone who’s polite but  has their arms and legs crossed. They’re not in the mood to cooperate right now because they feel vulnerable or don’t want to reveal something. This will likely solidify tomorrow–looks like battle lines are being drawn and the only thing that works is being balanced, rational and excessively patient.   A Mercury-Pluto quintile at 12:47 PM EDT means the late-night hours can be used productively by investigating all things mysterious or delving into depth psychology. Words can heal if used properly, or you may find you’re magic with the masses right now. People want to listen to you, especially on subjects you’re passionate about.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A group around a campfire.”   

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   A broken wedding-ring lying on a table.” 

 (Influence is VENUS. )

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “AMIABILITY.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: ISOLATION.” 

We’re playing off opposites today. The Sabian Symbol pictures a congenial group enjoying a night under the stars, while the Kozminsky Symbol features someone whose connections with another is broken. The Sabian Symbol’s fire relates to light, enlightenment, and warmth in the process of pursuing a common goal.  It’s about learning to cooperate and work together in a harmonious way and to respect others. This is very much the province of Libra and its ruler, Venus. This is a symbol of optimism and hope. By banding together, the group can accomplish more than an individual could manage on his/her own.  It’s also related to our mission in life, being the “keeper of the flame” (like the Olympic torch) or “keeping the home fires burning”. This Symbol can indicate sudden enlightenment or understand or a flash of insight that clarifies.   Take time to reflect and evaluate; seek input from others if necessary. The down side is losing hope (the flame burns down), and a failure to reflect or appreciate how the past informs the present.

The Kozminsky Symbol shows hopes dashed – a failure to connect.  True love and understanding are absent. Kozminsky says: “The experiences of the native will force him to understand the purpose of life.”  It’s a time out period, a time for reflection in order to analyze what happened and what part you played in the situation. Some suffering may be involved in the path to enlightenment. We need to learn about relationships (another Venus/Libra area of expertise). Something’s over or irretrievably damaged and we must pick up the pieces and begin again. A period of loneliness or depression as we mourn the loss of love.  Hmmn…sounds like a Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry song.  Mr. Ferry was born today (September 26, 1945) and he has Sun in Libra and Moon in Gemini (just like the earlier part of the day). Scorpio rising and a loaded 8th house make him a prime articulator of that yearning/burning feeling of love gained, love lost and hopes dashed–until we’re ready to enter the fray again.



King of Wands / 7 of Swords 


“Your Cheatin’ Heart”


Here’s a fire and air combo that’s incendiary–the air just fans the flames. King of Wands has charisma to spare, an upbeat attitude, and a fiery spirit. This pulls in Mars energy: the boss, the master salesperson,  a leader who’s outgoing and in charge. There’s a great ability to manifest, to bring a vision to fruition. The King of Wands is dramatic, colorful, decisive, brilliant and commanding on the high side or with positive cards following it.  Then we see the 7 of Swords, uh oh.  Someone has secrets they don’t want to reveal. You might just be in the presence of a flim-flam artist.   This can indicate dirty deeds done behind your back. Someone who’s unhappily married and has affairs but doesn’t leave the marriage.  Here’s the master con artist.

Information is being withheld. Players, mind-gamers, stalkers, liars and unfaithful lovers of all stripes appear on the horizon.  Don’t reveal too much or it may be used against you. Narcissists who love you to death, then use your secrets against you. Backstabbers who smile in your face.  If this combo comes up during a difficult business deal or tricky personal situation, the meaning may shift.  Throw a couple more cards for a deeper understanding of the underlying motivations.  It’s the poker face that doesn’t reveal the strategy since the aim is to win the game.  Strategic thinking, plans, the art of war, Machiavellian-style diplomacy, reading the fine print, not exposing yourself to others or revealing the end game.  Secret agents, diplomats, the King trumps all.

–September 26, 2013

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