The Daily Astro for September 19, 2013: Full Moon at 27 Degrees Pisces


The Daily Astro for September 19, 2013


Full Moon at 27 Degrees Pisces 


 by Valerie Sylvester




Today the Full Moon occurs at 7:13 AM EDT at 26 degrees and 40 minutes of Pisces (27 degrees if you round it up).  The Sun is at 26 degrees and 40 minutes of Virgo. This Full Moon is also considered the Harvest Moon, as it occurs at “reaping time” for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Pisces is the “last” sign of the zodiac, its natural home the 12th house. We’re at the end of the cycle here, wading through the detritus of this life, our past lives, and whatever other flotsam and jetsam we’ve collected in our travels. Pisces and Virgo are both, on some level, related to “information processing”, although each processes data in their own specialized way. Pisces, powered by Neptune, when it’s “in the zone” has an innate dowsing system, coupled with superior intuitive abilities, that allow them to retrieve what they need  from the rushing waves of information pollution that are considered normal in the modern world. . Mercury-ruled Virgo is like a giant mental colander…the important stuff stays in, all the rest drains away. Both of these processes simplify our lives by showing us what’s truly important. We need these skills more than ever now, as we’re being inundated, bombarded by far more than we can ever take in.  Pisces is a water sign, so the process is emotion/intuition based, and Virgo is an earth sign, so its process leans more to practical or step-by-step application of mental constructs.  Since every Full Moon involves the opposition aspect, we’re dealing with issues of balance and integration. Pisces and Virgo each have their own internal GPS sytems, but if you’ve ever used a GPS in your car, you know that it sometimes takes you places you don’t want to go . There are built-in errors based on the way the system processes information.  A Pisces with a faulty GPS can lose its way through an inability to isolate and discriminate, and a Virgo can become too routinized to the point where all the mystery and wonder have been drained out of life. This Full Moon asks us to consider both the “big picture” AND the individual brushstrokes.  You may have noticed that during the days leading up to this Full Moon you’ve felt tired out, overwhelmed and flooded with information, while at the same time you may have been obsessed with your “to do” lists or getting your daily routines in order. It’s like being stalked by a herd of obsessive ghosts.  You can’t see them clearly, but they’re bitching at you because you forgot to buy their damn yogurt on that trip to the grocery store!

Since a Full Moon in general is a time of release, this one’s the Harvest Moon and it happens in the Scorpio decanate of Pisces, we’re dealing with an “end of the line” theme. Take a look at where 27 degrees Pisces falls in your chart–that’s the area where the need for change will be most evident. Anyone with planets or chart angles at 27 degrees of the mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini) will be feeling the power of this Full Moon. Go back and read what I wrote in yesterday’s blog post, as it’s also relevant to this Full Moon. Virgo/Pisces is considered the service axis, so questions related to who and what we serve will arise.  The good news is that if we’ve been enslaving ourselves, becoming too enmeshed, taking on other people’s problems or being so busy “fixing” other people’s lives that we’ve neglected our own growth, that pattern is ending.   With the Saturn/Venus/North Node pileup in Scorpio, we find it easier to cut the ties and walk away.  Some relationships will dissolve or end, especially if you’ve been hanging out with users, losers and energy vampires. There’s something better out there, destiny calls (Saturn/Venus/North Node)  and we want to free some space to manifest it.  We may feel a strange sense of past-life bleed through, or feel we’re living several lives at once as doors swing open.

Since we’re dealing with Scorpio, loss/death issues are involved or invoked. Maybe we’re just sick of shitty relationships. Whatever the reason, we want to devote our time, energy and love where it’s reciprocated, appreciated or truly benefits someone.  It’s easier to walk away now. Remember, you are losing something, yes, but you’re leaving that behind for something that reflects who you are right now.  Pluto/Scorpio energies remove the deadwood, so what goes was impeding the new growth, anyway. Commit fully to the new; that’s your focus now. What’s over is REALLY over.

To re-emphasize our theme, Pluto turns direct tomorrow, and it’s sextiling that Saturn in Scorpio noted above.  The KarmaTime Twins are on the move. Blast through outdated structures and strictures. It’s shape-shifting time. There’s massive detox going on now, and probably equally massive resistance on some level. If you’re experiencing power struggles, anxiety or fear blasts, it means you’re making progress. Avoid any temptation to regress into addictive or avoidance behavior patterns in order to mask the problem. It’s just not going to work.  No more secrets and lies–they’re apt to be exposed, anyway, when Pluto switches gears. At least you’ll finally be able to figure out who you can trust!  One more thing: don’t beat yourself up over little things (a Virgo specialty) or try to erase yourself off the planet (that’s Pisces).

Today’s aspects and aspect patterns include a funky Thor’s Hammer (Finger of God) with the Moon, the North Node/Venus/Saturn trio, and Mars. Since the Moon is the focal point, this Full Moon may feel oddly intense. The themes discussed above may be intensified as we try to figure out how to escape from the traps we’re wriggling in. This isn’t hugely comfortable energy, especially since Mars and Saturn are involved.  Overreaction due to feeling thwarted can lead to a minefield. Step lightly.

The Moon is Void of Course until it moves into Aries at 12:58 PM EDT, giving us time to marinate in the energies for a while. Once the Moon’s in Aries we may be more inspired to take action, especially since a Moon/Uranus parallel at 4:59 PM EDT provides the rocket fuel jitter-jangle that keeps us on the high wire. It’s a good time to take a walk or get some exercise, but don’t get carried away. Taking a break from familiar surrounds may also jar the creative mind.

We take it down a notch after 6:46 PM EDT when the Moon and Neptune connect–time to wind down, relax and release the tensions of the day. Focus your energies on the needs of others in order to feed your soul. Mercury squares Jupiter at 10:21 PM EDT, which means someone may be promising something they can’t deliver, or else they’re just in motormouth mode.  The signal-to–noise ratio may be skewed. Go Virgo and scrutinize all details to see if they add up. This is part of a larger configuration, so this theme may continue for some time.





Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN “Grande dames at tea.”  

Sabian Symbol for today’s MOON:  “A Harvest Moon”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A newspaper critic seated in a theatre  watching a performance.”  (Influence is MERCURY.)

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s MOON: “A horse running, with flames issuing from his nostrils.” (Influence is JUPITER.)

The Keywords for the Sabian Symbols are:  “APLOMB.” (SUN) and “BENEDICTION” (MOON).

The Keywords for the Kozminsky Symbols are: “KEENNESS” (SUN) and .” DIRECTING” (MOON).

Our Kozminsky Symbols bring in the Full Moon polarity. The Sun Symbol of a newspaper critic shows the Virgo impulse at work. A critic is a keen observer who possesses the ability to detach from the situation and communicate (Mercury, ruler of Virgo) the essentials of the experience (Virgo is good at winnowing) to masses of art appreciators (Moon = the masses, and Neptune-ruled Pisces is connected with acting and artistic expression).  The Moon Symbol is connected to Jupiter, co-ruler of Pisces. Kozminsky says that “receiving and recording spiritual impressions” is an important aspect of this Symbol. The fluid movement of a wild horse, unhindered by humans, on fire with passion, is an image of the human spirit unencumbered. The energy directs itself naturally towards the proper channels. There’s a feeling of haste, a need to get moving, a “burning desire” to reach a goal.

The Sabian Symbols are associated with rituals and patterns. Since this Moon is considered the Harvest Moon, the Symbol for the Moon is apt. The Harvest Moon relates to completion, the end of the growing season, reaping and sowing (karma), finishing up, and ripening.  It also relates to timing, or working with nature for the best results. Hard work and planning have led to a positive result. Learning from experience.  Putting away something for the future–saving, investing. Something may be coming to an end. One cycle ends and another begins. Seeds taken from last year’s crop provide for next year’s harvest. On the down side, working too hard for too little return, fixating on the past or what you haven’t done,  Being profligate, wasting energy or resources. Poor planning, lack of skills, bad timing.  The ladies at tea featured in the Sabian Symbol for the Sun show another version of the “time is ripe” scenario.  This Symbol alludes to the passing of time and the peak of a cycle. These ladies represent the pull of  tradition and the passing of cultural norms and practices to the next generation. The tea ritual stands for all the things that make a society what it is–it’s about heritage and a larger legacy that is passed down through generations.  It can also relate to meetings or gatherings related to passing on information or responsibilities to the “new management” or heirs. Precision and deliberate actions rule the day. A gathering of the elders. Social norms that form the backbone of society. Quiet composure, grace, and formality. On the down side, feeling better than others by virtue of status or background, “lording it over” others, social exclusion or restriction, taking advantage in order to get what you want. The end of an era. Clinging to antiquated ideas about life.




4 of Wands/ 8 of Wands



“Moving Out of the Comfort Zone.”

 Two Wands (Fire) cards tell us the spirit is restless and ready to move. Spirit is stirring. We’ve taken some time to sort things out in a protected cocoon. The initial work is done, but there’s more to come. Now it’s time to find the people who are meant to journey with you and build your strength. After a period of inaction, a message arrives. The 4 of Wands is a card of reaping or harvest (fitting for our Full Moon), but once that is past, new worlds await. The 8 of Wands is the news that transforms. It’s about healing old wounds, moving on, traveling far from home. A protected journey, the reach of our imagination. Release of tension as creativity bursts forth. There is movement after a delay. Time to clean up and clear out. A feeling of security. It’s time to go home. Moving to a new house. Starting a new business in a new location. Resolving a situation that’s been stagnant or stuck. Striding forth on your own, separating from the herd. Accepting the challenge. Assessing the situation and realizing it’s time for a change. Removing blockages through action. Getting back to work after a break or vacation. 



–September 18, 2013

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