The Daily Astro for September 18, 2013








The Daily Astro for September 18, 2013


 by Valerie Sylvester





I remarked earlier today on twitter that I felt like I was remembering someone else’s past life. The Moon’s in Pisces, moving steadily to Full Moon phase tomorrow at 7;13 AM EDT, and Pluto is stationing, inexorably shifting from retrograde to direct motion (Friday, September 19th at 11:29 AM EDT.) Venus is in Scorpio and conjunct Saturn (4:54 PM EDT) and the North Node.  This trio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn.  This combination reminds me of those intricately plotted novels of centuries past that reach a crescendo while the main characters are gracefully performing very intricate dances. Each step, each tiny gesture, is fraught with meaning.  Usually a secret is unearthed that advances the plot and clears obstacles (when it’s not revealing perfidious behavior)!  You may be surprised at some of the “plot twists” you’ll discover this week.  Whatever was veiled may be revealed. Old wounds reopen, or we feel a sense of deja vu. Feeling the need for a “secret retreat”. Venus/Saturn/Pluto/North Node = serious or seemingly fated connections. With Chiron in the mix  (it trines the Saturn/Venus/North Node crew), we may discover the “key” that opens the door and moves us closer to our goal.  


Today’s early hours set the tone: The Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio at 12:33 AM EDT, followed by the sextile to Pluto at 1:04 AM EDT and a conjunction with Chiron at 4:03 AM EDT.  We may wake with a desire to set something straight or unravel a mystery that’s been plaguing us. We’re in detective mode, looking for the missing pieces. Don’t block whatever is flowing up from the depths, even if it seems odd or creepy. Like I said, I woke up this morning feeling like I was wandering among the ruins of someone else’s past life!  With the Moon inconjunct Mars at 8:47 AM EDT, watch what you step into–don’t get so distracted you’re an easy target.  The Moon/Mercury inconjunct at 10:51 AM EDT and the Sun/Moon contraparallel at 1:34 PM EDT can leave us feeling jangly, with that “crossed wires” out-of-sync craziness, but just shake it off and keep moving. A Moon/Jupiter trine at 2:16 PM EDT smooths over the rough edges. Look for ways to provide “soul comfort” for others; kindness increases awareness and the blessings of the spirit. The energies are intense right now. Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto  formed a Grand Square (also known as a Grand Cross) on September  13th-14th (I’m glad I had time off to relax on those days), which is still in force. This configuration is a real squeeze play, forming something of a “closed loop” that forces us to action in order to relieve the pressure.  This one can manifest via complusive thoughts and behaviors that we can’t seem to stop,  “sputtery” or sporadic communications, “shut-downs” of all kinds, bizarre news that changes our plans, or the feeling that we’re communing with the dead or having some sort of bleed-through of past lives (I alluded to that at the beginning of the blog.) We may even feel like we’re being brainwashed by powerful aliens, that’s how weird this pattern can be.  Before you freak out, take a look at anything that seems to be repeating or disrupting endlessly. There’s where the message lies. Right before you get to the breakthrough point, you usually have to enter the breakdown zone.  When things can’t go on the way they have anymore, they shudder to a halt and give you the space to tinker around. Take advantage of any changes in routine no matter how disruptive.


As for the rest of the day, Venus and Saturn go all Mata Hari in Scorpio at 3;54 PM EDT. We’re aware of the value and ultimate cost of our pleasures and relationships now. Lines may be drawn. We try and figure out the best use of our resources. We’re interested in the rate of return. There are bad investments in romance as well as in the stock market; it’s time to do a “cost-benefit analysis” and start learning from experience. Ask for advice from someone who’s older and presumably wiser if you get stuck. Venus is trine Neptune and also sextiles Pluto at 8:48 PM EDT, so we’re ready for revelations. and the lifting of veils.  We get to the bottom of the mystery. Here’s where the heroine of the novel discovers that the man she’s been hankering after spends too much time (and money) at the gaming tables in the company of a crew of debauched characters. We may have to reassess our situation based on something that’s been uncovered. Maybe it’s time to let go of some baggage in order to travel unencumbered. 






Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN “A boy with a censer.”  

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “An antique temple of the Muses built on a rock, over which flows an enchanting fall of clear sparkling water.  (Influence is MERCURY.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “RAPTURE.

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is:CULTIVATION.” 


Today’s Sabian Symbol keys into the Moon in Pisces vibe, as it features a boy holding a censer full of aromatic incense that wafts an exotic, sweet scent that fills the consciousness. That veil of smoke evokes the spirit and leads us into new realms. This symbol is connected to inspiration, summoning the spirit, and the power of faith. Smoke = prayers rising into the ether that transport us to an altered state (note the key word is “rapture”). We feel we’re in the presence of a higher power. Another key word is “invoking”. This symbol is also about taking the first step “into the mystic”.  It can also mean consecrating or dedicating ourselves to something we’re devoted to. On the down side, it can mean an overemphasis on empty rituals, robotic behavior, being a creature of habit, superstition, or “doing it by rote” because it’s what we’re expected to do.


The Kozminsky Symbol relates to the Venus/Saturn in Scorpio connection. The temple is antique (old = Saturn) and built on rock (stable, secure = Saturn), but is dedicated to the Muses (Venus).  This symbol shows a devotion to the arts and all those things that inspire humanity. It relates to looking for the ideal, standing strong in your beliefs, and developing your talents to the highest degree. How do you honor your gods? Where’s your “sacred temple”?  I like the connection with past lives that’s hinted at here–the old forms (rock) are constantly refreshed by the flow of the new (water flowing over the rock).  It’s about what we consider sacred (similar to today’s Sabian Symbol).  It’s also about reanimation–reusing or reinventing old forms or styles, infusing the old with new energy.   





“King of Pentacles / 4 of Pentacles” 



“King Midas in Reverse”.  This combination reminded me of the Hollies’ song, so I went with it!  Here’s the Midas Man, in all his power and glory. Two Pentacle cards (Earth), so it may be temporal power and tons of money, but things don’t seem to have worked out quite the way he planned. Everything he touches now turns to dust.  There’s a fatal flaw; the mechanism isn’t working properly, even though he keeps cranking it up. He’s gone overboard from prudence into greed.  He’s holding on with a death grip. Maybe he’s stopped taking risks or is afraid of change. Turning to stone. Holding back, being jealous or fearing something will be taken from you if you “give in”. 4s relate to building solid structures and foundations, and as noted above, in the astrological realm we’re dealing with a Grand Cross, which has 4 corners. It can mean pressure is building that needs to be released. Looking for a way out. It can also indicate explosive anger, calcification or blocks in the physical body, Insecurity.  Bunker mentality. Unable to lend a hand to others because you’re holding on so tight to what you’re afraid to lose.  Obsessions, compulsions, anal-retentive behavior or the need to keep repeating something over and over to create a feeling of security. Emotional blocks, fear of letting go.  Low self-esteem,  like wearing nothing but expensive designer clothes to telegraph your worth.  Stubbornness, suspicious nature or a fear “it” will all be taken away from you– so you have to hold on extra-tight. 


–September 18, 2013

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