The Daily Astro for July 31, 2013


The Daily Astro for July 31, 2013


by Valerie Sylvester



Today’s aspect pattern reminds me of DirecTV’s recent ad campaign, where an initial poor choice or impulsive reaction to a particular stimulus (usually choosing cable TV)  leads to a chain of bizarre and unexpected consequences.

 Hit the link for the “Don’t re-enact scenes from Platoon with Charlie Sheen!” version of this ad:

So in that spirit, here we go. The Moon leaves slow and steady Taurus and leapfrogs into airy Gemini at 11:42 AM EDT. When the Moon leaps into Gemini, we try to do a million things at once and get distracted. When we get distracted, we miss important details or space out.  When we space out, we’re in the realm of the Moon square Neptune (9:03 PM EDT). When we’re in Moon/Neptune cloud, we’re not always realistic about boundaries. When we’re not realistic about boundaries, we smash up against our limits and have to make adjustments (Moon inconjunct Saturn at 10:20 PM EDT). When we have to make adjustments, we get frustrated  about limits. We miss important messages related to pacing ourselves and our timing is off. When our timing is off, a split second of inattention can lead to accidents and all sorts of other strangely dangerous calamities (Mars square Uranus at 11:08 PM).  And oh yeah, it might not be a great idea to hang out with Charlie Sheen today.

That’s the short form, but you get the idea. Today’s key concept:  BE PRESENT & PAY ATTENTION !  The combination of Moon in Gemini square Neptune (there’s also a Mercury/Neptune aspect that adds to the general mental fuzziness), means we’re inclined to take our eye off the ball. Normally, that wouldn’t be such a big deal, but with Mars squaring Uranus and opposing Pluto, we have a very volatile T-square formation, with Mars jumping the shark to join the ongoing paradigm-shattering  Uranus/Pluto square. So if you take your eye off the ball, you might just get thwacked in the head.

Mars/Uranus relates  to mechanical difficulties or problems with planes, trains and automobiles. It’s considered an ACCIDENT signature. Weird things can and will happen. Be cautious when driving or operating anything mechanical. Don’t text or do anything but focus on the road while driving.  This combo = the need for speed, so something can happen in a split second that can change your life forever. Since Mars is close to Jupiter, this can expand the influence to blow-up or blow-out proportions. We might take on more than we’re really capable of handling, or have an unrealistic view of the challenges involved.  Or we may just be feeling extra-ornery and oppositional.

Mars and Jupiter are in Cancer, so be especially careful in your home or other familiar environments where you are apt to be running on “autopilot”.  Mars is also functions as a trigger, so anything that has been simmering or under pressure may explode today. People are going to have a hard time “keeping a lid on it.”  Don’t wander into questionable situations or argue with or incite people who seem to be on the edge. You may hear about major disasters, crashes, or violent explosions or bombings, or an increase in terrorism or warlike behavior.

Anyone who’s wandering around unconscious may not particularly enjoy this day, as we’re being asked to stop sleepwalking. Since Mars is also trine the North Node in Scorpio, if we channel these energies in an alternative way, we’re being shown a path to transformation. If we can see Mars as energy/action, Uranus as sudden awakening (the “eureka!” moment), and Pluto as the destroyer/leveler, it can actually be a great day to eliminate bad habits, remove all clinging barnacles, plow through obstacles, and reconnect with our inner strength.  We all have “hanging crud layers” that get in the way of smooth functioning and slow us down. This combination may cut to the bone, but once all the layers are removed we can see clearly what’s essential—who we really were meant to be. Pay attention to anyone new you meet today; they might just be your guardian angel–they can play an important part in your life or illustrate through example how to work through upcoming periods of change or disruption.


Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “Glass blowers .”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “ A lady elegantly dressed and bedecked with many jewels, standing before a mirror.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “ Deftness. ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “Reflection.”

Today’s Sabian Symbol reflects the Moon in Gemini (the delicate touch/being good with the hands). Since glass blowers work with high temperatures and shape and mold glass by breaking it down and molding it into the desired shape, it’s also an apt image for the Mars/Pluto opposition, which is all about being “forged in the fire”.  It requires artistic as well as technical skill, and also requires using the breath (more Gemini influence), which animates the piece and gives it life. Each item produced is unique, a product of the glassblower’s skill and vision. It’s important to work fast, too, or things go all lopsided.  What is your unique gift? What can you “breathe life into” ? What skills would you like to develop?

On the down side we see the negative side of today’s Moon/Neptune and Mercury/Neptune connections—exaggeration, twisting things to suit our fancy and all manner wobbly and non-functional  “through the funhouse mirror” distortions.

The Kozminsky Symbol is all about “smoke and mirrors”. There’s a lot of glass in today’s Symbols, isn’t there?  Obviously the theme of reflection (the Kozminsky Keyword) is in play. Kozminsky says “There’s two sides to this symbol, and both reflect”, so we’re channeling that double-your-money Gemini again.  This Symbol relates to both inner and outer beauty. The woman standing in front of the mirror has lavished much time, attention and money on achieving a certain effect and is proud of looking her best (the Sun is in Leo). This enables here to achieve or reflect a certain status in the outside world. The important thing is to expend as much effort cultivating inner beauty, (the other side of the mirror), which, as Kozminsky says “age cannot change nor time obliterate.”  The concept here is “a mirror to the soul”. What do you see when you look into the mirror?  Mirrors are connected to Venus (the themes of love, beauty and grace), also relates to values (as in what we value and how we value ourselves).

P.S.: Putting the two keywords together  = Deft/Reflection, so no doubt today will bring news of  “handlers” frantically trying to “spin” something unseemly that’s erupted about a political candidate or other prominent person. We’ve already seen quite a lot of that here in New York City with the slimy scenario coalescing around Anthony Weiner.


2 of Cups / The World

“Getting Together”.  Here’s a water card (2 of Cups, associated with the Moon and Cancer and/or Venus in Cancer), with a Saturn card, The World. We do have a Moon/Saturn astrological aspect in action today, one that requires adjustment. We’re trying to figure out how to get comfortable in the world, to unite disparate elements. This combination is about reconciliation and releasing judgment. It’s the end of duality,  with beginning and ending as an endless spiral. We’ve made all the adjustments, lived through the hard parts and found a delicate balance.  We meet the “other”, open our hearts and realize this is where we’re meant to be right now. Trust replaces fear; the cycle is complete. Trust that you are where you’re supposed to be. 


–July 31, 2013

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