The Daily Astro for August 1, 2013



The Daily Astro for August 1, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester



The Moon remains in Gemini, but since it’s Void-of-Course after 12:48 PM EDT, it’s probably better for editing (“get me rewrite!”), course-correction and reorganization than for blazing new trails. This is intensified because most of today’s aspects are inconjuncts and squares so jumping through hoops, work-arounds and adjustments are themes of the day. Fortunately, the Moon in Gemini spins a mean hula hoop (and can keep several of those ovoids going at once).

The day starts with two inconjuncts, Moon/Pluto at 7:00 AM EDT and Sun/Pluto at 12:06 PM EDT.  Here’s the scenario: Friday afternoon, late summer. The Sun in Leo, busy planning social activities for the weekend, and the Moon in Gemini, furiously multitasking while updating its Facebook status and shopping for stationery products, are interrupted at the office by some management type with some project that needs to be done right away. Huh? It’s Friday afternoon! Serious readjustment is necessary; Leo feels like management is pulling rank and power struggles may ensue. Gemini gets distracted but then starts working on a plan to zip through the work.  If Leo can set aside the wounded pride and Gemini gets focused, the two of them might just be able to tackle the work and still leave on time to enjoy the weekend.

The Moon square Venus at 12:17 PM EDT sets two Mercury-ruled signs, Gemini and Virgo, at odds.  They’re not speaking the same language, yet they do understand each other on a deep level. It may be a challenge to find common ground at first, though.

Helpful hint: Keep the snarky, critical comments to yourself today, even if you feel they’re more than deserved.

Next at bat is the Moon sextile Uranus at 1:46 PM EDT, so maybe today’s round of  “squirmishing”, something new is sparked from the friction. Sudden inspiration can strike—pay attention. Today’s final major aspects, Mars in Cancer trine Chiron in Pisces at 3:48 PM EDT and Venus in Virgo inconjunct Uranus in Aries at 5:28 PM EDT, let us know that a small shift in perception or perspective can lead to major healing. Something gets chipped open and that small entrance opens a world of possibilities. I’m not saying that the experience is necessarily 100% comfortable, but it’s necessary to get you to knock on the right door. Hands-on healing of all kinds is favored under these aspects, as in chiropractic “adjustments”.  One small maneuver can bring great rewards. Of course, it could also be hands-on something else…this might be a pretty sizzling combo for tantric sex!

Note:  I was looking at the chart for today and noticed that the asteroid Hygeia is quite close to the South Node in Taurus. I hadn’t really been paying attention to it before, but it stood out today. Hygeia was named after the goddess of health, so this one screams “clean up your act!” If you’ve been stubbornly hanging on to bad habits, be aware that they may prevent you from moving forward. If you’re encrusted in crud, it’s gonna clog up the works at some point!


Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “Early morning dew .”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A soldier rescuing a wounded comrade on a field of battle—a dark, sinister figure rising behind him.  ”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “Rejuvenation. ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “Daring .”

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol relates to loyalty, compassion, and bravery in the midst of chaos. The soldier doesn’t leave his comrade behind, even in dangerous situations. It’s about putting the needs of others ahead of your own needs and ignoring or combating any negativity directed at you.  (“You knew this job was dangerous when you took it.”)  Living up to your commitments or vows. Daring rescues or escapes from perilous situations. This reflects today’s Mars in Cancer trine Chiron in Pisces aspect (action taken related to a wound; taking care of the vulnerable and moving them to a place of safety). Charitable behavior without self-interest.  Taking a hit for the team.  Being conscious of the need to “get there first” before something really bad happens.  Rescuers, first responders and heroic behavior.

The Sabian Symbol relates to cycles. Dew is found as a new day dawns, so there’s a feeling of hope allied to this symbol. It shows up—like magic—every morning as a gift from nature. Issues of faith, hopefulness, “a new dawn” and being rejuvenated or restored are allied with this Symbol. Look for help from an unusual source. Get “back to nature”.   Don’t overlook opportunities or miss the magic that’s happening right in front of you. “Tomorrow is another day”.  This Symbol reminds me of the Star card in the Tarot and the idea of never giving up hope, no matter the circumstances.  “Always look on the bright side.”

On the not-so-bright side, it can indicate giving up too soon, seeing only the negative, or being stuck in the past, endlessly recycling stale energy.


Empress / Knight of Swords

“The Knight and the Lady.”   Something that had its genesis in the early Gemini period (mid-to-end of May).  Something that’s been gestating is now ready to go out into the world. The older woman/younger man dynamic, or the mother-son dynamic. Stirring things up.  Breaking away from something that has become stagnant.  Flying into battle for a cause—the code of chivalry.  (See the Kozminsky Symbol, above.) Change of cycles or seasons; a feeling that time has now “speeded up”.  Writing from experience; telling your story. Eco-warriors or those who act to protect the planet.


–August 1, 2013

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