The Daily Astro for July 30 2013





The Daily Astro for July 30, 2013


by Valerie Sylvester



The Moon has moved on out from an exact tie-in with the Grand Sextile formation, but remains in Taurus today. It’s probably a good idea to crank it out early today as the Moon goes Void-of-Course at 11:58 AM EDT until it enters Gemini tomorrow at 11:42 AM EDT.  So that’s a long void period, almost a whole day. Today would be a good day to get a massage, pamper yourself, slow down, and in general take it easy—it’s a “time out” day. Type “A” personalities may not enjoy this, thinking that they’re descending into sloth, but it’s not really the ideal time to initiate, anyway.  If there’s “boring” tasks to be done that you don’t normally get to, take a swat at those today. Then reward yourself for finishing them. An ice cream cone will do nicely (unless your lactose-intolerant, of course!)

Taurus’ ruler, Venus, is in Virgo and trines Pluto in Capricorn at 8:52 AM EDT. Financial matters may be on your mind today. You may need to sit down and sort out investments or banking matters,  or figure out a way to increase your day-to-day cash flow. Is there anything you can eliminate to save money?  If you need advice, don’t hesitate to contact an advisor. You may feel a need to get things under control if you’ve neglected this area of your life. A change of circumstance or values may lead you to reassess what’s important.

The Venus/Pluto trine can be quite intense, so we may feel it’s “do or die” time, especially in the emotional realm. It’s a passionate combination, but fortunately in earth signs it’s more grounded, so it’s not as likely you’ll come off as a stalker if you pursue a love interest!   The same process noted above related to finances may be going on with relationships: what’s the cost/benefit ratio?  The things you haven’t talked about may loom large today. Maybe it’s time to take the relationship to the next level. Venus/Pluto = love’s lie detector.

The Moon sextiles Mercury at 11:58 AM EDT, so a heartfelt talk may be on the agenda today. Take some time to find out what a loved one is thinking. Maybe there’s something they need to hear you say. Try and understand what they’re feeling.  Listen for the emotion underneath the words. Someone may need to be reassured.

The North Node inconjunct Uranus in Aries is the cosmic wild card today, introducing a “whatever it is, I’m against it” impulse. You might run into someone who feels the need to rebel against the rules and regulations of society, or whatever is deemed “normal”. This may be unexpected, disruptive or exciting—it all depends upon your point of view.


Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A Bolshevik propagandist.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “Two lovers walking in a forest glade. Before them are two doves and a brilliantly coloured butterfly.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Leaven. ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “Affection.”

So today’s about love and revolution, it seems! The Kozminsky Symbol is all lovey-dovey poetry and hand-in-hand walks in the forest. Kozminsky says this Symbol is under the influence of the planet Venus, ruler of Taurus, the sign of today’s Moon. Pay some attention to your significant other today. If you don’t have an “other”, be nice to yourself. Take a breather from the rush & bustle of the world. Today’s Venus trine Pluto aspect is mirrored in Kozminsky’s “brilliantly coloured butterfly”: this image couples love with the process of transformation. Creative impulses abound; we’re inspired by the beauty of the world around us.

The Sabian Symbol brings in the Uranus/North Node aspect. Maybe it’s your destiny to be an agent of change. Uranus is associated with the future, revolution, group activities for the public good, breaking the mold, and the germination of shocking new ideas that lead us into the future. The revolutionary in today’s Sabian Symbol is dedicated to the cause and is trying to disseminate his/her ideas to the general public. This gadfly approach may win them new adherents or bring down the wrath of the “powers that be”.  This Symbol also relates to utopian ideas, modernization, proselytizing, being a “true believer”, going to extremes, advocating anarchy, trying to convert people to a cause, and uprisings of all kinds. It can also relate to constant complaining, turning into a “crank”, advocating extreme violence or destruction to achieve goals, or attempting to brainwash or bully others into seeing things your way.


Judgment / King of Cups

“Tribunal.”  Here comes the Judge! On the mundane level, this combination makes me wonder if some powerful water sign leader will be called to justice for crimes committed during his tenure in office. For those of us who aren’t in charge of nation-states, kingdoms or huge enterprises, this combination asks us to take a look at our emotional scars and review our past actions in order to make sense of what’s happened in our lives. This one can also be “the sins of the fathers” or family karma as it impacts our lives. Even if this is a burden, it’s time to release guilt and shame now. The first step to healing is in being aware of your own habitual patterns. We’re often our own harshest judge.  Look at it this way: whatever you’ve been through has given you a well of experience to draw from and helps us heal others. If you’ve been out of touch with your own feelings, a breakthrough is at hand. Learn to trust the process.  Maybe you have to “go underground” in order to find a solution.

This combination ties in with the Venus/Pluto trine—the time for manipulation and secretive behavior is over. It’s time to excavate your heart and open yourself to the possibility of transformative love.

–July 30, 2013

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