The Daily Astro for June 21, 2013


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The Daily Astro for June 21, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester




The Summer Solstice officially begins at 1:04 AM EDT as the Sun enters Cancer. The Moon shifts today, too, moving to Sagittarius at 4:31 AM EDT. This combination urges us to open up emotionally, to take “one step beyond” our usual boundaries. It’s important to feel comfortable in our own lairs now, which gives us confidence and a feeling of security. Take steps to remedy anything in your home environment that causes discomfort or holds you back. With Jupiter moving into Cancer to conjunct the Sun, thus entering the Water Grand Trine Zone (Neptune’s in Pisces and Saturn’s in Scorpio), the floodgates are ready to open. Six planets in water signs tell us that people will be responding from an emotional place, so if you want to reach people this summer stress Sun/Jupiter in Cancer themes of comfort, protection, being the “king or queen of the castle”, security, and anything nostalgic or past-oriented. This summer may find more people purchasing homes, taking vacations by the water, or visiting old friends and relatives or going back to places that hold positive memories.

With Mercury, then Saturn, set to go retrograde, many will be rethinking their ideas of security and what makes them feel at home. With the Uranus-Pluto square still in effect, we find that unpredictable events cause people to reassess their lives or create enough stress that they’re forced to make changes. All those water planets plus Uranus/Pluto do call forth the word “inundation”. Earth changes related to water may be extreme, and people may feel overwhelmed. Some may wig out completely—irrational behavior will no doubt be on the rise this summer.

So much change happens so fast that we feel we can’t keep up. Some may retreat into an idealized version of the past, but realistically, that’s gone forever (if it ever existed in the first place). Tension may build, people may act out. We’re being told to seek new sources of stability, to find a new way to live in the world—the current system’s on “tilt” and we can’t find security there. These are only a few themes for the Summer Solstice period—the Full Moon this Sunday ushers in several more.

Today features quite a few Moon aspects and Venus square the asteroid Eris, so emotional upheaval is probable. Women’s issues or concerns, or offenses or abuses directed against women may make the news today. We may witness a clash between “old-school” ideas of women’s roles and more progressive views.

Early today, a Moon/Saturn aspect has us doing a cost-benefit analysis on our emotions. We want to break free but still huddle in remain in our safety zone, isn’t particularly comfortable!  After that, the Moon squares Neptune (1:05 PM EDT) and then forms sesquiquadrate aspects with Mercury and Venus (4:12 PM EDT and 5:15 PM EDT) and a parallel to Pluto (6:11 PM EDT), which throw our relationships into the awkward zone. What we think we’re communicating might not be received the way we intended.  People may be touchy, so that throw-away comment that’s no big deal to you could really piss someone off.

Later this evening, Venus and Mars hook up (8:40 PM EDT) and help right the topsy-turviness of this afternoon. Not too bad for a date night, especially as the Moon also connects with Pluto (9:25 PM EDT) and trines Uranus (12:09 AM). OK, maybe the Moon with these two outer planets tends toward the intensely weird, but that’s what we’re in the mood for tonight—the outer limits. This combo reminds me of “Born to Be Wild”:  “Looking for excitement/and whatever comes our way.”  Just remember to wear your crash helmet!




The Sabian Symbol for Today’s Sun:  “A furled and unfurled flag displayed from a vessel.”

KEYWORD:  “Adaptability”


The Kozminsky Symbol for Today’s Sun:  ” A curious ring set with a large hear of white onyx.”

KEYWORD: “Compassion.”


The Kozminsky Symbol brings to mind Jupiter’s move to Cancer and the Moon’s shift to Sagittarius. We’re being urged to take a new perspective and broaden our sense of family to include not only those very close to us, but all humanity. It’s about the journey of the heart and the realizing that all beings here on planet earth are part of one family. The “curious ring” is set with white onyx, a grounding stone that helps connect the 1st and 7th chakras, and since it’s in the shape of a heart, it’s all about healing and opening closed chakras, bringing them into alignment. This “ring of power” represents “occult learning”, according to Kozminsky, and by practicing compassion, the possessor of the ring heals him/her self in turn. We learn to channel our power constructively and use it to help others.

We’re at a turning point right now, as the season changes, and the Sabian Symbol is also about a turning point. The flags in the vessel relate to a change in views, alliegance or position. We may remove ourselves from previous commitments in order to pursue other interests. This marks the time of life when we make radical changes in habits, lifestyle, orientation, or belief systems.  Here’s where we get serious and decide to change direction in order to be in harmony with our current and future goals. It can indicate we’ve outgrown earlier alliances and it’s time to move on. This reiterates the message of the Moon in Sagittarius–it’s time to look towards the future, not the past.

This Symbol also relates to timing, understanding when to make a move or major change. We must be able to adapt to change even if it requires that we constant adjust to the new situations. On the down side it can indicate someone who takes the path of least resistance or sticks with what’s familiar due to laziness or fear of change. It can also indicate someone who doesn’t let go in time, but stays in a negative situation for too long due to misplaced loyalty.



Death / Hanged Man


“Waiting for the Other Shoe To Drop”.  This is a chrysalis combination, an in-betweener, a state of gestation.  A period of stasis. The need to let go of former attachments or to completely change our viewpoint. Karmic consequences of our actions. Getting ready to be reborn. The interval between lives. Limboland.

Let go of the past, obliterate your ego. Be still and listen. One cycle ends, another has not yet begun. Changing of the Ages. Feeling that you need to change or you will die. Releasing fear of death or separation. Clarity emerges from calamity. The calm after the storm. It may seem nothing is happening but a great transformation is underway. Giving up our attachment to suffering. The end of the Piscean age.


—June 21, 2013


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