The Daily Astro for March 6, 2013

The Daily Astro for March 6, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester

Here’s some advice for today, courtesy of “West Side Story”: stay cool!

The Moon in stone cold sober Capricorn intersects with many planets during the course of the day, which can lead to multiple ups-and-downs unless we make a concerted effort to cool down and stay focused on a goal. The day begins with the Moon square Uranus at 7:28 AM EST. Don’t get dragged into early-morning dust-ups and avoid people who get off on fighting or confrontations. Today’s a day for accomplishment, so take advantage of it and don’t get drawn into erratic or dead-end interactions. A Moon/Jupiter connection at 9:20 AM EST may also drag us off track; keep that focus. Remember what’s important and stick with it. Let the rest go!

Next up, the Moon sextiles Venus and Saturn and conjuncts Pluto. This brings on the serious! Connections with older people or those in positions of authority can prove beneficial or rewarding. People will notice that you’ve got skills and know how to use them.  Again, stay cool–people will respond to the conservative approach today, so if you fly off the handle or blurt your guts out at inappropriate times, it won’t be well-received. Use this energy to purge or eliminate whatever keeps you from operating at top efficiency. What isn’t working anymore? It may be time to streamline, downsize, or renovate. Things can get jangly around 2:36 PM EST with a Mars/Uranus aspect, so be sure to slow down to avoid accidents and again, cool your jets or take a time out if necessary to make like a well-oiled machine.  Acting out and explosive outbursts won’t get you anywhere today.

Today’s a good day to solidify relationships, renew old connections, and make plans for the future. Establishing or re-establishing structural integrity is very important, not just for today but as a foundation for years to come. You may reconnect with old friends or with people who were important to you in the past. Think about what these people represent to you and how they fit into your life stream.  You may be getting a little “karma kickback” today. It’s meant to remind you of unfinished business and/or that you need to go back and investigate this type of relationship (Mercury is retrograde!) again. You’ll likely learn or re-remember something very important if you get into the wayback machine today.

Venus sextiles Pluto and trines Saturn (9:03 PM and 10:07 PM EST) so everyone is looking for things that last. Long-term relationships are important, and whatever you create or build, you want it to stand the test of time. Take some time to delve deep today–what powers you, motivates you, makes you want to get up in the morning/ makes it all worth it? That’s the direction to follow. Throw your heart, soul and guts into whatever you do (the last might be a bit messy, but Saturn/Pluto doesn’t let a little gooey stuff bother ‘em).

The day ends with the Moon sextile the Sun and Mercury conjunct Venus, so take a break late tonight to spend time with friends, work on a creative project, or sit and talk with someone you love or admire. It’s a good time for work that requires cooperation or inspiration, and creative flow is in high gear. You may be hit with a late-night brainstorm, so if you’re suddenly inclined to paint, draw, write, film something or redecorate the house, let it rip!


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “An Easter promenade.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A gaudily dressed officer holding aloft a spear of gold.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “CELEBRATION”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “ANNOUNCEMENT”.
Both of today’s Symbols are front and center, and just call attention to themselves, don’t they? One features an Easter parade and the other highlights a sharp-dressed soldier with a shiny spear. They’re both celebratory images, reflecting a moment in time when something is commemorated. People dress in their finest for the Easter parade, based on a tradition that goes back centuries; an officer marking a victory wears his dress uniform and cleans and shines his weapon as he knows it will be on display. Both emphasize being noticed or standing out in some way, or pointing out unique and worthwhile qualities. Presenting a good image is key; it’s a way to telegraph our intentions.

The Sabian Symbol focuses on Easter, so the message is one of rebirth and renewal, a chance to begin again (Easter eggs are just one symbol of this theme). Spring is a time of new growth and promise for the future, a time of resurrection and hope. The down side of this Symbol is trying so hard to be different or stand out that you attract negative attention. Showing off and coming across as vain are also indicated. Today may be a day when people do almost anything to get attention. It’s a day to be on your toes, look your best and be ready for anything.

There’s an undertone of self-improvement, or of learning skills in order to show someone else our progress. Combined with the serious astrological tone of the day, this can relate to impressing management types with abilities or making them aware of our potential.

The Kozminsky Symbol,  featuring an officer with a gold spear held high, is a symbol of celebrating a victory with a certain amount of “pomp and circumstance”. This is an ambitious person who has achieved a major goal and wants people to know about it (the keyword is “announcement”). He’s inviting people to celebrate with him. The officer is dressed to impress and draws others to his cause through sheer force of personality and recognition of his bravery in the face of opposition. This relates to throwing ourselves into something wholeheartedly and reflects commitment to a cause greater than ourselves. A certain amount of sacrifice is required, and thinking long-term is necessary. This echoes today’s aspects and the emphasis on keeping cool and adopting a strategy of “live to fight another day”. We may hear news today about a great victory or success relating to a prominent and charismatic individual.



5 of Cups / Devil

Here’s our Capricorn card, the Devil, showing up as the Moon is in Capricorn. Add the 5 of Cups and we’re being told that in times of breakdown, crisis or betrayal we discover who we truly are, once  the defenses are torn away. We’re called upon to look at the things we want to avoid the most. This combination relates to opening up those festering areas where we feel ashamed, devalued and abused. It can also indicate coming to terms with obsessions, addictions, anxiety or other “underground” conditions that have somehow taken over our lives. This can be triggered by a traumatic event or loss. As difficult as it may seem, it’s the first step to releasing the chains.

Major change is at hand as we look at our negative patterning and how we’ve been enslaved by our fears, desires or compulsions. All is lost/all is gained. We need to get comfortable in our own skin–we’re feeling pretty itchy right now!  We’re choking on our history; we’ve been dining on deception. So here’s where we meet our demons and discover how we got into the condition our condition’s in! The blinders are off and we see the cold, stark truth. Nothing less than total honesty will do. We’re challenged to acknowledge every part of ourselves, especially the gunk we really don’t want to own up to. We’re given the opportunity to see things with detachment, cold sober and clear-eyed, and release illusions at last, which is a gift and a challenge at the same time.

–March 6, 2013



















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