The Daily Astro for March 7, 2013

The Daily Astro for March 7, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester


We start out with the Moon in Capricorn, where it spends most of the day (it doesn’t move into Aquarius until 10:03 PM EST). There’s a Void of Course period from around 4:15 PM EST until that 10:03 Moon shift, so reserve the later part of the day for catch-up and clean-up operations rather than going gung-ho with new projects.

We wake up in SeriousLand as Mercury trines Saturn. We may be looking back or need to spend time shoring up the weak spots in projects begun some time ago. This aspect says “practical whimsy”, both magical and useful. Later in the early morning a Moon/Neptune alignment blurs the focus, but most are sleeping so that’s not such a bad thing. Then Mars jars Uranus and we’re rocket-in-the pocket,  jet-propelled, but it’s a very zig-zag route. This aspect can make us rush, neglect details or invite accidents through inattention, so be careful.  Then Mercury sextiles Pluto, which deepens our focus and leads to serious, transformative thinking. Venus is also in this zone, which ties into a Saturn-Pluto-Chiron triangle that’s ongoing during 2013. We’re being supported in our quest to change the way we relate to others (Venus) and the way we think (Mercury), which is being highlighted this week as Venus and Mercury slide into connection with this triangular set-up. We’re tinkering with the engine, basically, getting into optimum condition so we can hit the road cranking  on all cylinders.

As if the Mars/Uranus aspect earlier wasn’t enough, Mars tangles with Saturn at 7:02 AM EST and we feel like we’re stuck in a customs line with a particularly crabby inspector. Feelings of being thwarted or stuck ensue. Take things step-by-step and play by the rules (short cuts will just get you in trouble) and you’ll make it through. Fortunately Mars hooks up with Jupiter in Gemini around noon EST and we’ll find that the slowdown gave us time to rustle up some brilliant ideas that we can’t wait to implement. After this, Mars sextiles the Moon in Capricorn, giving us a boost. We feel like we can accomplish anything if we work hard.

When the Moon enters Aquarius at 10:03 PM EST,  the focus shifts and we’re in freedom-seeking mode, looking for connections with other like-minded souls. We’ll find it easier now to disconnect from the vexations of the day and see things from a broader perspective. We’re also under the spell of the Saturn/Pluto sextile, an ongoing aspect that’s related to streamlining our lives and making changes that take us forward/help us make an evolutionary leap. We are increasingly reminded that it’s time to toss whatever slows our momentum or no longer has relevance in our lives.


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A gigantic tent.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A spider seizing a fly caught in the web.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “APPORTIONMENT”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “TEMPTATION”.

Today’s Sabian Symbol relates to a circus or religious revival meeting tent. (Revivals were popular in rural areas in the early years of the 20th century.) Since the tent forms a circle, we’re being clued in that this Symbol deals with wholeness, coming together as one, and continuity. People come together to share an experience that is different from their day-to-day lives. The circus or itinerant preacher came to town, pitched a tent, and provided a change of pace, entertainment, or spiritual advice and prayer for the locals. It was like another holiday, as the locals, curious and excited, flocked into the tent.

Since it requires a great deal of effort to set up a tent or tent city, this Symbol also relates to the ability to quickly organize and bring something into manifestation. Group effort and group participation are highlighted. Both the circus and traveling revival groups brought new and unknown people to town, some with good intent, and others more focused on fleecing or misleading the local population with various forms of “snake oil”. So this Symbol also contains a warning that those who put on the best show aren’t always sincere. Our emotions may be manipulated in a crowd as the “mass mind” is more easily swayed.

This Symbol reminds me of some of today’s Mars aspects, where we’re walking the tightrope yet need to be intensely focused on details in order to avoid taking a tumble. Remember to set up the safety net! Even the most daring performers have had to practice their craft in order to avoid disaster. The Moon in Aquarius also relates to groups and mass gatherings, especially those that feature unusual or unique people or performances that shock or enlighten.

The Kozminsky Symbol relates to some of today’s Mercury aspects. Strategic thinking is necessary in order to attain our goals. This Symbol relates to the development of beneficial survival skills If you’re the spider, you don’t sit around hoping for a meal, you get busy and construct an intricate trap to snag your future dinner. If you’re the fly, you need to look before you leap (this brings in today’s Mars aspects) and avoid situations that ensnare. Something in the environment may be tantalizing but deadly. We may be tempted to do something that leads to our downfall. Today’s Symbol contains a warning, so be careful who you trust, who you tell your secrets to, and who you get “tangled up with”. Looking at the today’s two Symbols together makes me wonder if we’ll hear about some very flashy type who’s drawn a lot of attention in the past, but now experiences a shocking downfall as his/her deception is uncovered.


6 of Pentacles / 4 of Pentacles

“Charity begins at home”. Two Pentacle cards today, that’s  double Earth, related to the Moon in Capricorn for most of the day. What’s the flaw in the character, the fly in the ointment? Here’s the dichotomy between holding on too tight to something for fear it will be taken away and opening up and letting it flow.  If you can’t be generous with yourself, you really don’t know how to give to others.  There’s a fear we will give away too much, or be reduced by what we give. A balance needs to be achieved between giving and receiving–the equation is “off”. We also may need to look at our real motivations for donating our money, time or energy. We need to release anger and whatever is blocking us from action (note the comments above on today’s Mars aspects). We’re holding too much rage inside, bottling up too much. We have so much to give that it’s worth the risk to take a chance.

Moon in Capricorn is a self-protecting position, very controlled, but if carried too far there’s difficulty in letting anyone get close, as barriers are constructed to protect and repel. There’s also a feeling of not deserving or being worthy of love or the good things in life, and feeling blocked in our ability to express love. Right now the door is opening–it’s time to walk through. This combination can also indicate someone being generous to others in their time of need or trying to assist with a difficult situation where someone feels stuck or abandoned.

–March 7, 2013

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