Full Moon, 8 Degrees Virgo, February 25, 2013

Full Moon, 8 Degrees Virgo

February 25, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester

Today started like a 5-alarm fire, with everything going off at once. That’s not particularly surprising since today we’re in the Full Moon Zone. At 3:26 PM EST there’s a Full Moon at 8 degrees Virgo (which means that the Sun is currently at 8 degrees Pisces). The Moon officially entered Virgo at 1:52 AM EST, so we’ve left the high-octane fire and drama of Leo behind. The workweek begins–now!  We’re ushered into quiet, efficient world of Virgo. Think of a nurse making her rounds, moving quietly through the wards in her white rubber-soled shoes.  She’s dedicated to serving the needs of all her patients and performing the healing rituals that make them feel better, all the while juggling the myriad details that form the basis of her day.

Since Neptune and Chiron are aligned with the Sun today, this Full Moon will bring in themes of health and the healing of wounds both physical and spiritual.  There are so many planets in Pisces right now (5, with Venus teetering at the last degree of Aquarius, set to enter Pisces at 9:03 PM EST), that the Moon will act as something of a fulcrum point for concentrating and funneling through all of those Piscean energies. We need to figure out how to get the thread through the tiny hole in the needle, even if it seems impossible to fit so much through such a narrow space. We must find a way to ground and focus all those astonishing feelings of peace, love and understanding and implement all those big plans and dreams that are currently shimmering in the distance.

Since Jupiter, a co-ruler of Pisces, is squaring both the Sun and Moon, it forms the focal point of a T-square, with the “release point” at around 8 degrees Sagittarius. Jupiter’s in Gemini, so there’s probably something we need to communicate to the wider world, something that’s we need to push forth or disseminate. Feelings may also be amplified under the influence of Jupiter, so if you are waterlogged or overwhelmed or in danger of overflowing your borders, just see it as a manifestation of the current energies.  For now, with Mercury (ruler of the Virgo Moon) retrograde, it may feel like everything’s slushing around inside us looking for an outlet or at least a port in the storm. Since Saturn in Scorpio is in favorable aspect to some of the “Pisces Gang” of planets, we may be able to muster the emotional discipline necessary to process our feelings and use this intense energy as a force for regeneration and renewal. With Mercury aspecting the North and South Nodes, we may finally discover the missing link  between thoughts and manifestation or truly have an “A-ha!” moment related to the way we attract things into our lives by the shape of our thoughts.

This Full Moon is very “out there” on one hand and very grounded on the other, so we’re dealing with energy integration and, as in all Full Moons, we must balance opposites in order to achieve a synthesis. With Uranus in Aries giving the Jupiter fulcrum of our above-mentioned T-square a little jolt, this might just be the spark that brings everything to life, a zap of electricity that jump-starts all the action.

Those of you with planets or chart points around 8 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) are likely to be most affected by this Full Moon or find that it triggers something in your life.  It can show the area of your life that needs some work.

If  it falls in your 1st  house, work on yourself, your self image or presentation.

In the  2nd house, take a look at your values, finances, money, resources, or whatever you call stability.

In the 3rd house, focus on what’s happening  in your immediate area with friends, neighbors and day-to-day interactions or short-distance travel. How are you communicating?

In the 4th house, your foundations, home life, the underpinnings of your existence may need some rearranging (and it’s half of the parental axis so may be related to one or both of your parents).

In the 5th house, issues relating to children, leisure time, the things you do for fun, hobbies and of course your love life may be highlighted.

In the 6th house, the natural house of Virgo, your day-to-day work environment, tasks, how you are of service, and the needs of small animals or pets may come into focus.

In the 7th house, it’s marriage, open enemies, partnerships and any relationship that requires give and take.

In the 8th house, the famous death, sex, and taxes house, and those areas, yes, but there’s also the whole “merge and purge” idea, and shared resources may be highlighted in some way.

The 9th house may require extra focus on higher education, philosophy, travel, and the way you expand your mind.

The 1oth house puts the emphasis on your destiny, career, fame or how you are exposed to the public. It’s the other end of the parental axis, so again foundations, where you came from, and parents are in the high beams.

The 11th house brings in concerns that relate to group consciousness, associations/organizations, friends, community, hopes/wishes and goals.

The 12th house relates to the subconscious, all things hidden, institutions, the collective unconscious, altered states, secrets, sacrifice and self sacrifice, and the workings of karma.

This Full Moon favors meditation and allowing yourself space, but the restlessness inherent here along with the goal-orientation of a Virgo Moon indicates that we need to find a way to make ourselves useful or provide some sort of service to others.  Tuning into nature,caring for animals,  gardening /distributing food or supplies, or doing small tasks for neighbors in need are all good ways to funnel this energy, especially after the Full Moon official “hits”. Start small, but keep going. The key here is to bring something into manifestation, even if it doesn’t seem like much at first.

At 10:05 PM EST the Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn and sextiles Saturn in Scorpio, so whatever is swirling around in the void, half-formed, is beginning to coalesce into something that can provide the foundation for future activities. Serious thoughts may intrude this evening; pay attention, as you’re being given divine direction related to the structure (or restructuring) of your life!

—February 25, 2013 

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