After the Oscars, February 25, 2013

After the Oscars, February 25, 2013 

by Valerie Sylvester 

Yesterday I posted a few ruminations about the Academy Awards ceremony. I speculated that it was going to be a good night for Ben Affleck (and winning Best Picture is pretty decent), and for Jennifer Lawrence (Best Actress isn’t too shabby either), and that I was waiting for Lawrence to say or do something unusual.  She fell on the steps while walking to accept her award, but picked herself right up with no assistance and proceeded to give her speech. Mercury retrograde and those Uranus aspects will bring on the unexpected every time!

I guessed that styles would have that Leo Moon sparkle and bling,and many of the female attendees wore gold, glittery, or sequin-bedecked styles. Dame Shirley Bassey also belted out “Goldfinger” wearing a shiny gold gown. When interviewed, the actresses often said they “felt like princesses” in their gowns, which sounds Leo-regal to me.

Big Leo hair was in evidence, too, especially on some of the male winners of the technical awards!  I expected to see pastel colors, but thought they’d be more in the blue-green vein. Instead I noticed a lot of pale pinks and corals. As I’d suspected, retro looks abounded, with 30s deco styles and streamlined column dresses proving quite popular. There were also many women wearing 50s strapless styles and more than a few 70s halter dresses were on display. I noticed a few Rudi Gernreich-style “futuristic” dresses, the most notable a silver glitter number worn by Naomi Watts.

My tarot reading for the show turned out to actually make some sense. I pulled the 2 of Pentacles and the 4 of Cups. Host Seth MacFarlane did a “split intro”, snarking it up with edgy jokes, then having William Shatner descend, deus ex machina, to show him what the next day’s reviews of his hosting capabilities would be if he didn’t change his act. This back-and-forth “2 things at once” struck me as very 2 of Pentacles. Checking the reviews today, it seems many people weren’t too happy with MacFarlane’s hosting skills or were disappointed with the show for one reason or another, so the 4 of Cups makes sense. There certainly is a lot of talk and gossip about the show (another 4 of Cups attribute)! Oh yeah, MacFarlane did a little ditty called “Losers” with Kristin Chenowith to close out the show.  It was dedicated to all the disappointed nominees, which is uber-4 of Cuppy.

Note:  People with planets in late degrees of fixed signs did well last night. Late-degree Leos Jennifer Lawrence and Ben Affleck won big, as did Aries Quentin Tarantino (who has Venus in late degrees of Aquarius). Ang Lee, who won for Best Director, has Venus in late degrees of Scorpio and Pluto in late Leo. Christolph Walz, Best Supporting Actor (Sun and Moon in Libra), has his Venus in late-degrees of  Leo.  Walz was a bit of a surprise, as he’s already won in this category, but with both his Sun and Moon not far from an opposition to Uranus in Aries, he was definitely the “wild card” nominee this year. He also has three planets at 29 degrees of their sign, with two of them in fixed signs!

—February 25, 2013


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