The Daily Astro for February 26, 2013

The Daily Astro for February 26, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester


Yesterday’s Full Moon was a zinger, wasn’t it?  That Pisces/Virgo polarity kinda sneaks up on you. It’s unassuming, but it packs a wallop! Today’s Distribution Day, when we release the built-up energy and send it on its merry way out to the big wide world.

The Moon remains in Virgo today. The day begins with a Mercury/Mars union in Pisces at 4:09 AM EST, which is a nice combination for those of you who hear voices or get messages psychically or in a dream/trance state. Pay attention to any unusual symbolism or one voice that’s louder or more insistent than the others. Pisces works sub/un/super-consciously, from the inside out, so it may take a while for the information to propel itself to the surface. Mercury retrograde in Pisces only increases the likelihood that our mental processes will be in “will it go round in circles?” mode, so don’t expect everything to immediately make sense or proceed in a linear fashion.

The rest of today’s major aspects occur at mid-day, with the Moon in Virgo opposite Mercury in Pisces at 12:22 PM EST  and opposite Mars at 1:13 PM EST. After that we have a Void-of-Course period until 8:02 AM EST, when the Moon enters Libra. This is like “The Princess and the Pea” drama. We’re feeling sensitive; there’s something nagging at us, but it takes a while to figure out what’s causing the pain. We may find we react to subtle things we normally wouldn’t notice, or small things irritate us unduly and we need to bitch about it for a while. Minor health problems may also be an issue or get in our way today. People may be ornery and prone to hyper-critical responses to minor issues, or may want to argue about things that are important to them but mean nothing to you (and you can’t figure out why in hell they care about them in the first place).

It’s probably best to take things slow today and pause before speaking so what you mean to say is actually what comes out. It may help prevent misunderstandings and alleviate the general confusion! Given that Uranus also aspects the Moon and Mercury today, for some it may be “blurt-o-rama” time–the most amazing things fly out of their minds, through their mouths and out into the ether.  If you feel you’re just spinning your wheels today, call a moratorium on the issue(s) until after the Void Moon period. It is a good day to give yourself some TLC, take care of small problems that have been bothering you, take steps towards improving your health, nutrition and general well-being.  Try not to become too immersed in other people’s drama and make a hasty retreat if someone tries to appoint you as curator of their Museum of Woe.



Today’s Sabian Symbol :  “A jockey.”

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol: “Venus and Cupid, metamorphosed as two fishes, swimming from a giant who stands on a rock.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol: “PRACTICE”.

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol: “TRANSMUTATION”.

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol, featuring the love goddess Venus, reflects yesterday’s movement of the planet Venus into the sign of the two fishes, Pisces. Venus in Pisces brings sensitivity, an awareness that we’re all connected/ are all “one”, the ability to love on all levels and to open ourselves to loving all of humanity.without judgment. Venus in Pisces is considered to be in its exaltation, or purest state, where the energy flow is not impeded. The “giant on the rock” is symbolic of more unevolved forms of love and lust which attempt to gain a foothold. The keyword “transmutation” indicates that challenges will be met and we will begin to understand the truth about the nature of love–in all its forms and variations. The more we extend ourselves to others, the more we expand our ability to love.

Today’s Sabian Symbol brings in some of today’s Mars energy. The image of a jockey brings to mind the idea of both competition and honing skills or talents in order to work in tandem with another. This requires a great deal of training and practice (the keyword for this Symbol). Jockeys are usually small, light in weight and extremely agile, so this Symbol is telling us we need to be nimble and coordinate our efforts. The down side of this Symbol is taking foolish rather than calculated risks, being too much of a gambler, or expending all of your energy before the race is half-over. One lesson here is the need for strategic planning based on assessing the field of contestants. A jockey also has to know the horse and all its strengths and weaknesses.  Some fine-tuning may be necessary and small things like a loose horseshoe or a minor distraction on the track can cause the race to be lost.



Page of Cups / 7 of Cups

Two water cards today, and with six planets plus Chiron in water signs, it’s more than appropriate that Cups pop up. This combination urges us to create an honest relationship with ourselves. The Page shows we’re absolute beginners and are going through a period where we need to start nurturing ourselves. One way we can do this is by making necessary choices and not trying to be all things to all people. This combination can signify someone who gives too much away because they don’t see themselves clearly, or  are too involved in wishful thinking or fantasy scenarios.

This pair screams to me of emotional or sensory overload or not wanting to choose when so many interesting visions tantalize. It also can mean becoming too involved in the emotional dramas of others or feeling we need to take on their psychic overload.  It’s a good combination for the beginning of a new creative activity, with writing or story-telling favored.  Make it personal, write or talk about something close to your heart. Something started now may reach a crossroads or choice point in July.

—February 26, 2013 

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