The Daily Astro for February 11, 2013


The Daily Astro for February 11, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester



You might think that after the New Moon in the “space: the final frontier” sign Aquarius, it’d be all rocket ships and lasers, but given today’s aspects, we’re definitely swimming in the Pisces zone. Today’s Moon in Pisces conjuncts Mars, Chiron, and Mercury in the same sign (and Neptune isn’t far away, either), so we have a real Piscean pile-up! AND the Moon is Void-of Course from just after noon today through 2:15 PM EST tomorrow, which emphasizes the “Twilight Zone” mood. It may feel like we’re wandering around inside an Impressionist painting, but the shift in focus can give us a different perspective. Oh, and Mercury in Pisces (where else?) is moving towards retrograde (it’s “officially” retrograde on February 23rd), which means we really may have a hard time dealing with daily details.

The day starts off with Venus square Saturn at 1:43 AM EST, followed by a Moon/Uranus aspect and a Moon/Jupiter aspect. Since most of us in this time zone are snoozing, our biggest freak-out will be having dreams where giant aliens are being mean to us on some weird planet. After that, the Moon’s hookup trifecta with above-noted Mars, Chiron and Mercury can make this one of those “heal through pain & suffering” times. What’s needed is a new approach. This is part of an ongoing pattern over the next month or so–we’ll have time to get  the hang of it!  We just need to get out of our comfort zone, as the spaces in between things are where the action is!

As the moon continues on during the day to aspect Pluto and Saturn, things get more serious. This will help stabilize the everywhere-at-once Pisces Moon and give us some needed grounding. We may feel the need for some emotional housecleaning today or may have an urge to get moving in some area of our life that we’ve put on hold.

Keep your antennae up to pick up all the signals today. Some are decidedly mixed, and it will be a challenge to decipher what’s meant. What’s being said is not as important as what’s not being verbalized. There’s a lot percolating in the undercurrents today. We may need to tend to others’ hurt feelings; just being there for them will help them heal. We may feel responsible for keeping others on an even keel, or need to take time out from our day to comfort others.

Once we get moving today, it’s ideal for artistic or creative work and anything involving charities or assisting others in need, whether individually or through group efforts. The Moon/Uranus aspect at 5:36 PM EST can make us feel wired, but if you’re awake for the Mercury/Pluto sextile at around 1 AM EST, try to channel some of that energy and open to inspiration. Power up those antennae! This is a “deep thoughts” aspect. You just may come up with a few profound insights and observations.



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A man turning his back on his passions and teaching from his experience.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A woman neatly attired, with her hand on a tomb, looking sorrowfully on a flower-covered grave.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “SERENITY”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “TRIBUTE”.

Both of today’s Symbols have a theme of controlling the emotions or passions and channeling them in a new direction. The Kozminsky Symbol features a “neatly attired” woman–she’s keeping it together by presenting a controlled and graceful appearance to the world. She’s obviously going through a sad period in her life, is attached (her hand on the tomb), and will remember (the flowers on the grave), but will also endure. Kozminsky says here: “Passion is not apart from this degree, but passion leads to pain, whilst subjugation leads to mastery.” This encapsulates the themes of today’s Moon in Pisces lineup as it connects with Saturn and Pluto. Saturn helps with the subjugation/mastery part and Pluto helps us transform the pain and move to the next phase of life.

The Sabian Symbol features someone who has changed his path due to experiencing negative results as a result of his actions, obsessions or habits. He’s trying to be an example to others who may be floundering on the same path. This ties in with our emphasis on the sympathetic and charitable side of Pisces. The image for this Symbol reminds me of Alcoholics Anonymous, where new members have mentors who try to help them overcome their addiction. Real change can result as we move away from things that harm us (we want to be the Pisces fish swimming in a positive direction, incorporating what we’ve learned from swimming in a negative one!) On the plus side, there’s much to be said for learning from someone who has had experience in the area or field you’re interested in. Learning self-control is a key issue here, and leaving behind whatever is taking us in the wrong direction.

The down side of this Symbol is related to the “new convert” syndrome. We’ve all had the experience of running into someone who recently converted to a new religion, lifestyle, or diet plan. All you hear from them is how fantastic the new thing is and why we should all do what they are doing. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to run in the opposite direction when they come towards me, eyes burning with fervor!


5 of Wands / 9 of Pentacles

Here we’re in the midst of an internal struggle; we’re right in the center of the bullseye,  the eye of the hurricane. The 5s are cards of conflict, and this one shows that change is needed, but first we have to see things in a new way. Painful events can point out the areas that need to be changed. We’re being tested through struggles, confrontations and a collision with our own inner demons. The aftermath of this struggle is a feeling of peace and security. We’re finally comfortable in our own skin and don’t need to define ourselves through the reactions of others. We learn to build our lives on a solid foundation.

This combination reflects both of today’s Symbols, showing the “before and after” of someone who has successfully dealt with difficult situations, personal weaknesses or addictions, and pain. It’s about processing, learning from the experience, and being able to reinvent themselves in order to face the future from a position of wisdom and strength.

 –February 11, 2013



















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