Weekend Astro for January 12-13, 2013

Weekend Astro for January 12-13, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester


Well, I’m a little late catching up with this weekend! Life, alas, has a tendency to intervene pretty strenuously as I work a full-time job and have to catch up on errands and housework-y stuff over the weekend, but here’s a mini-Astro for what’s left of this weekend!

The Moon’s zig-zagged into Aquarius (Saturday at 4:01 AM EST), so we’ve had the Aquarian experience for the whole weekend–quick, somebody start singing “Hair”! As the Moon also sextiled Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) and  connected with Jupiter on Saturday, it probably amped up interest in group ventures, accenting all things wild & wacky. You may also have connected with like-minded types near and far (especially far, as Aquarius tends toward detachment) or generally just got down with your bad self, at least until around 9pm, when a Moon/Saturn square followed by a Venus/Uranus square took things down a notch or twelve.  Hopefully, you channeled the energy generated from all that inspiration earlier in the day and didn’t get  rattled if others weren’t  feeling so free and easy. Maybe their idea of relationships isn’t the same as yours or there’s a clash of value systems going on. Let’s say your idea of an “open relationship” ain’t exactly their cup of chai, or their sense of propriety and “the right thing to do” doesn’t jibe with yours.

Sunday’s highlight is the Moon in Aquarius in conjunction with Mars at 3:37 AM EST, which is still pretty lively, although with the Moon void of course and parallel Neptune it may feel like we’re driving fast through the fog.  There was a huge layer of fog earlier today in the area where I live, and it lasted for much longer than usual, so the prudent thing to do was to take it slow even though there weren’t that many people on the road early Sunday AM.  You get the idea.

There aren’t any other major aspects the rest of the day, but the Moon does manage to contact Uranus and Venus (people may be acting erratically and relationship matters might be a little off-and-on, or you push the wrong buttons, continuing our theme from yesterday.), After that, the Moon migrates to aspect Mercury, so talking things out might help the situation, and finally it collides with Pluto, so maybe all that talk didn’t help that much–they’re still suspicious of your motives. Oh, well. It’s a good day for burning off some of that excess energy after you finally shake off the sleep vibes, going on a mad cleaning spree around the house and catching up on things that have been neglected.  Or just take a nap and make this a “time out” day.


I’m still using The Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan that I started with at the New Moon (you can see the cards at http://www.blueangelonline.com/messenger_oracle.htm).

The card for this weekend is #50, You Were Born to Create.
This card features a dragon holding an egg which pulsates with light and energy.
The theme of this card is that we all are creative in a unique way and we’re all here to bring something new into the world, an apt theme for a Moon in Aquarius weekend. You’ve been given a great gift. Figure out what you can create and unleash the power of your imagination! Don’t compare yourself to others or put limits on yourself. Something is ready to be born. Maybe the world really needs what you can contribute, but you’ll never know until you give it a whirl.
–January 13, 2013

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