The Daily Astro for January 11, 2013


The Daily Astro for January 11, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester



It’s New Moon time (2:44 PM EST), and 22 degrees of Capricorn is highlighted.  

Those of you with planets or chart angles close to that degree may feel the pull of this New Moon more than others. If you know where 22 Capricorn falls in your chart, that house will be highlighted. There’s an opportunity for something new to manifest in that area of your life. With Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and the asteroid Juno all in Capricorn, there’s a huge emphasis on getting down to business, setting goals, planning, and stabilizing all of your affairs. The Venus/Juno/Pluto combo in Capricorn really stands out to me–I don’t think women are going to remain silent about institutionalized abuse, rape and being considered second-class citizens in many parts of the world. There may be more protests erupting related to women’s rights in response to the violence being perpetrated against them. There’s a sense of “we’re not going to take it anymore” building like magma in a volcano.

All this Capricorn emphasis is asking us to look at our relationship to external authorities, and we may have to deal with circumstances surrounding our position and “status” in life. We may be  confronted with issues of power and control related to dominance and submission, the pecking order, who gets-the-office-with-windows or nabs the larger departmental budget–everything’s up for review and nothing’s too small to escape notice. We may be asked to revise our definition of success and determine whether our goals are still appropriate for our new circumstances.

Today begins in a fog bank as the Moon connects with Neptune at 6:05 AM EST. Maybe you woke up feeling haunted by your dreams today? There may have been one image that really stood out–meditate on that as you go through the day.

After we finally wake up (it may take a while to re-enter earth’s atmosphere today), we may decide to sit down and make some plans as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Capricorn–or a least we’ll gab about them. Write down anything interesting that zips into your brain this morning. After that the Sun hooks up with Chiron (9:25 AM EST) and we may feel oddly exposed or be acutely aware of areas in our lives that need healing or restructuring. At 10:20 AM EST the Moon/Mars contact can put us in hyperdrive mode, so what the hell, down a few more cups of coffee and get cranking! This afternoon we’re in New Moon turf.

Since this New Moon  quickly lurches into a jangly aspect from Jupiter to that Sun/Moon combo, and Jupiter’s in Gemini, we may have big plans but wind up frittering away the day. We ‘re feeling expansive, but can wind up chattering with the person in the next cubicle or otherwise lurching off-track (buying books on Amazon or figuring out what movie we’re seeing this weekend can seem much more interesting than the task at hand. )  Advice? Make a list of what needs to be accomplished–and don’t overreach–keep it manageable. Then get to work! Finish as much as you can, ignore that blowhard guy pontificating at the water cooler (and don’t BE that guy), and by day’s end you might actually have achieved something.



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun & Moon: “A general accepting defeat gracefully.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A hawk standing on a square black rock bathed in the rays of the rising sun.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Expediency”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Renewing”.

Both of these Symbols emphasize wisdom, foresight, cunning and strategy.                                             The Sabian Symbol  is a “know when to hold ‘em/fold ‘em” image. Timing (a very Saturnian word–Saturn rules Capricorn, sign of today’s New Moon) is highlighted.  The general in the Sabian Symbol may know he’s been outgunned, or may be making a strategic move. He could be accepting a short-term loss in order to live to fight again. It also relates to seeing patterns in life and understanding when to make your move and when to hold back. There’s a sense of accepting the rules of engagement here, and acquiescing when you’ve been checkmated and there’s no other way out.

The Kozminsky Symbol features a hawk absorbing the rays of the rising sun. This is an image of preparing for a new day ahead, of gathering strength and momentum, renewing and refreshing in order to face the future strong and well-prepared. The hawk symbolizes strength and the ability to take a long-range view of all situations, of seeing the big picture and taking action accordingly. The square black rock illustrates that the foundation is solid and secure (this reminds me of the Emperor card in the tarot), and it’s black, the color of wisdom and mystery.  This is power + enlightenment. Combining these two Symbols we see a powerful being (hawk/General) who knows when to act and when to hold back, waiting until the time is right to achieve an aimed-for goal, thus ensuring ultimate success.



Since today’s a New Moon, I thought I’d try a new deck for the Daily Draw.
Today I’ve selected  The Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan (you can see the cards at ).

Our card of the day, #13, Follow the Moon, shows a huge moon in the background. A woman in the foreground holds the skirt of her flowing gown. The gown flows into an ocean beneath her feet and the image is of someone drawing the ocean waves to her. She is one with the waves and the water. She carries a wand with a crescent moon at the top. The color scheme is a muted blue and grey and seems to be enveloped in a magical mist.

The theme here is to be aware of the rhythms of life and the way it affects our activities and feelings. Pay attention to moon phases and see what happens in your life as the Moon goes through its changes. Remember the human body is primarily composed of water and take node of your own “tides”. Try to live in harmony with planetary cycles. Develop and trust your intuitive powers and be aware of your connection to the natural world. Spend more time at the ocean or near a body of water.
–January 11, 2012



















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