The Daily Astro for November 21, 2012

The Daily Astro for November 21, 2012


The word of the day is “WOOZY”.  At 11:34 AM EST, the Moon in Pisces squares Jupiter in Gemini, so our inclination is to expand, enlarge and merge, aided and abetted by the Sun entering Sagittarius at 4:51 PM EST. Our eyes are on the horizon, we’re looking at that “big picture”, and with all this mutability (Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Pisces, Jupiter in Gemini) we can find ourselves scattered, trying to move in too many directions at once. It’s a head rush, for sure, and amplified by a Moon/Uranus aspect at 3:44 PM EST, which adds volatility to the mix. Venus enters Scorpio at 8:20 PM EST, so we have TWO major shifts taking place today, plus a void-of-course moon until tomorrow (Thanksgiving day) at around 8:12 PM EST. Add the Sun square Neptune at 2:11 AM EST and we may feel like our head’s going to explode! Just look at it as mind expansion. The period from this afternoon until tomorrow evening provides the perfect mix for a rich ferment of creativity IF we can avoid getting bogged down in mood swings, indecisiveness or dicey enterprises. Venus in Scorpio should help us determine what’s of value and who’s telling the truth, so we can step nimbly around any mirages that might pop up today.



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “The Halloween jester.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A hand coming out from the heavens holding a pair of perfectly balanced scales, the star Venus glittering beneath.”
Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “ SPONTANEOUSNESS. ”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “JUSTICE. ”

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol clearly represents the Venus/Libra principle, as it depicts a scale in balance, with Venus (ruler of Libra) shining underneath. Here’s a world where justice prevails, unconditional love streams forth, and there’s an intelligent order to the universe, with the “guiding star” showing us the way as a beacon of hope. This expansive scene also relates to the Sun moving to Sagittarius and the Moon/Jupiter aspect early today. We’re being asked to elevate our thoughts to a universal level (Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is the king of the gods and always does things in a big way!). We’re being asked to reconsider the way we look at the world, to elevate our thoughts and begin to understand how all things are connected.

Our Sabian Symbol is a bit of a wild card, incorporating the idea of the jester being the only one who can make fun of a king and point out truths that are more easily presented when wrapped within a joke. The jester is a very Uranian figure, someone who dares to say what others will not, sometimes shocking or scandalizing. This Symbol emphasizes a sense of humor, of being “jovial”. This word is derived from “Jove” or Jupiter, the king of the gods, who is, as noted before, the ruler of Sagittarius. As the Sun enters Sagittarius, we’re asked to lighten up a bit, to open up allow our playful side to emerge. On the down side, this warns against carrying a joke too far, of being cruel to others, or using humor or masquerade as a way to trick others or to divert others from seeing something you don’t want them to see. The Sagittarian/Uranian impulse towards freedom can lead to a sense of entitlement, megalomania, feeling you’re “beyond the law” or that you don’t have to do what “normal” people do because you’re “above” all that and somehow exempt.



John Ekels The Old (Dutch painter), Josiah Bartlett (physician/judge, signer of US Declaration of Independence), William Beaumont (father of gastric physiology), Victoria, Empress of Germany/Queen of Prussia, Benedict XV (258th Pope), Hussain Kamil (sultan of Egypt), Joao da Cruz (Brazilian poet), Mollie Steimer (anarchist), Victoria, Princess Royal (daughter of Victoria and Albert), Samuel Cunard (foudner of 1st regular Atlantic steamship line), Alice Calhoun (silent film actor), Foster Hewitt (Canadian radio pioneer), Jim Bishop (author), Anne Bolt (photojournalist/trade unionist), Eleanor Powell (actor), Roy Boulting (British film director), Ralph Meeker (actor), Vivian Blane (actor), Marilyn French (author), Henry Hartsfield Jr. (Astronaut), Joseph Campanella (actor), Lawrence Luckinbill (actor), Fairuz (Lebanese singer), Natalia Makarova (ballerina, defected from Russia), David Porter (songwriter), Tweety Bird (cartoon character, nemesis of Sylvester the Cat), Lonnie Jordan (keyboardist, War), Livingston Taylor (musician, brother of James Taylor), Tina Brown (publisher/journalist, Tatler, New Yorker), Rain Phoenix (singer, actor, sister of River Phoenix), Goldie Hawn (actor), Hetty Green (millionaire miser, “The Witch of Wall Street”), Harold Ramis (actor/director), Voltaire (philosopher/playwright–“Candide”), Bjork (Icelandic singer/songwriter), Stan Musial (baseball player, a/k/a “Stan the Man”), Troy Aikman (Dallas Cowboys football quarterback, 3 Super Bowl victories), Juliet Mills (Emmy-winning actor; sister of Hayley Mills), Marlo Thomas (actor, “That Girl”, daughter of Danny Thomas), Conor Maynard (English pop singer), Cherry Jones (actor), Coleman Hawkins (tenor saxophonist), Isaac Bashevis Singer (Yiddish writer, Nobel Prize in Literature 1978), Rene Magritte (Belgian surrealist painter), Nicollette Sheridan (actor, Knot’s Landing, Desperate Housewives), Dr. John (singer/songwriter), Michael Strahan (NY Giants football/talk show host), Anne de Xainctonge (French saint), Catharine Questiers (poet), Milton Black (astrologer), Jena Malone (actor), Ugo Beretta (industrialist, arms manufacturer), Ulla (spokesperson for French prostitutes), Lynda Hill (astrologer/author), Maria Casares (stage actor), Martin Frankel (financier, convicted for fraud/racketeering), Ken Griffey Jr. (Major League baseball home run king), Christine Vachon (independent film producer), Earl Monroe (“Earl the Pearl”, basketball pro), Michel Sleiman (President of Lebanon), Grahame Bond (actor/director), Brian Ritchie (bassist, Violent Femmes).



Empress/Ace of Wands

Venus (love/attractive principle) enters Scorpio (merging/the essence of sexuality/rebirth) today. The Empress is a Venus-related card, and the Ace of Wands is the essence of fire. Both cards relate to primal generative power (female version: Venus, male version: Ace of Wands), procreation, bringing something forth, and the core or cauldron of creation in all its mystery. Today as the Sun passes from Scorpio to Sagittarius we’re in the border zone where things coalesce into form. There’s a great deal of energy available now to call forth our creations. This is also a very magnetic combo, with great attractive power. Take some time to get serious about what you want to draw to you, what you want in your environment, because whatever you’re concentrating or focusing on is what you’re likely to bring into being–so make sure it’s something positive! As we move deeper into the dormant season here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re reminded that spring, and new growth (Empress/Ace of Wands as initiating new birth) will be here in due time.
—Valerie Sylvester, November 21, 2012–


















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